Has someone offered you a huge sum of money or a valuable consignment? It's a 419 or advance fee fraud - find out how they work, and what to do to be safe.
#10343 by Ralph Sun Jun 07, 2009 1:57 am
Not exactly a financial analyst, thief is much more accurate

This email is so badly written that is was making me dizzy so I gave up on reading it after the first paragraph, I have no idea what its about except that it is a scam email.

You will be promised a lot of money but you will have to pay money first, again and again you will be asked for fees but the money they promise will never arrive, it doesn't exist

You will find evidence of the scam with a search on the email address Click Here

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Lan Sergey <[email protected]>
Sent: Friday, June 5, 2009 6:32:09 PM
Subject: From Lan Sergey

Dear Benefactor,

My name is Lan Sergey a Financial analyst by profession. I have never met you before and I dont think we know eachother before now. I have made serveral attempts to reach you about your payment which I happen to know
through a reference filed with the custodian bank of your funds. Your associate who has been representing your interest abroad have passed on for over 2months now through a surgery that wasn't successful . I don't know if
you received my past mails to you based on notifications that was received from your associate's lawyer and to the Oversea bank. From my best understanding, your project goal with your associate has been pursued on a confidential basis in the past because I am begining to wonder why a project with this value of money was not disclosed to an Independent auditors who
can faciliate your transaction to the bank and ensure that your interest will always be protected from third party circumvention. It should have been a proper thing to do since you are the intended receipt of this fund. Based on my knowledge about your payment information I have decided to reach you and inform you about what needs to be done to validate you towards the receipt of this payment now.

First of all, You must discontinue communication with anybody or entity that in the past have acted as an alliance in this project. For some reason, I do not believe they are working for your best interest and they will not assist you achieve your goal. In the present filing for your payment I am privileged to review your file through the payment/reconcilatory committee of the bank and your name is not on the list for payment. Let me use this opportunity to ask you again, Is your name: Mr.Mark Dansby? There has been different changes at different times on the name/names recorded on the Bank's Out-going wire transfer and because of this reason the bank suspended your funds from payment. I felt it is a wise thing to do by notifying the person whose email address was first filed for this payment. Though it is a breach of confidentaility in my work
agreement with the Bank,but I feel it is a proper thing to do towards putting a stop to the numerous spam letters sent by fraudsters and also enabling the right beneficiary of funds to receive their money without being deceived. Contrary to this reason, I will not contact you with such privy information because I have my professional ethics to abide by. Had it been
that your associate partners including their lawyers are doing well in your favor, why haven't you received your funds? I believe the lawyers intend to claim this money away from you. Let me also use this avenue to mention that my intention of contacting you is only an act of sincerity and concern.

Although I will ask you to treat this insight with a great deal of anonymity on my part, I also want you to note that your current move will be a sure and lasting solution towards you receiving your money. Secondly, With the present financial crisis around the world and most especially with some American banks been acquired by UK counterparts, The domicile bank here in UK were your project sum was lodged is working out modalities to appoint an American bank through which all Dollar related
projects/transactions would be settled by them. Presently all backlog financial statements scheduled for payment are been resolved through the American bank for reconcilation and payment. Have you received any notification from any bank in your Country about your payment ? Because after serveral attempts to reach you I finally attention the payment review
department here in UK with your contact mail as a sure means of reaching you. I will like to know if I have taking the right action towards your ordeal and hoping that you are making effort to receive your funds.

If you finally receive this mail contact me

Lan Sergey
T: 44-703 197 2023,

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