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#12220 by Jillian Sat Aug 01, 2009 10:39 pm
Welcome to the pictures forum at ScamWarners.

Every Passport, ID, or picture posted in this forum has been used by scammers to commit fraud. Every check, document or certificate is a fake.
Scammers do steal many images and pictures from the internet and use them in the scams. Any pictures of individuals here are most likely not the scammers themselves but pictures of innocent people the scammers are using for their scams. This may also be true for ID's and Passports, but in most cases the scammers alter those to fit their scams.

Guidelines for posting pictures at ScamWarners:

  • The first step is to make sure that all images you want to post here are marked as "FAKE" or "Used by scammer". When marking pictures, please make sure to mark them in a way that scammers can't copy them from here, easily remove your marking and re-use them for scamming. We don't want to be a resource for them.

  • The next step is to make sure the images are the correct size for our forum. To prevent the image from exceeding the regular width of our forum, please make sure that pictures are no more than 600 pixels wide. To find the width of a picture, right click on it and view "properties". In the information that pops up you will see the image dimensions. To easily resize an image that is too large we recommend

  • To post images here you must first host them elsewhere online. Some photo hosting sites are:

  • Once you have the image hosted online, you will have a link (URL) for the image. Copy that URL and enclose it in the [img] tags here on the forum.
    A sample of the format needed for image tags
    Code: Select all[img][/img]

  • If you need assistance posting your images, please contact anyone on the support team or moderator team, we are glad to help.

Please ensure that any photos that you upload are suitable for family viewing - no nudity (that includes topless and see-through clothing), no sexually explicit photos and no scenes of violence.

Please do not post any photographs with children in, unless their faces are obscured.
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