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Dearest one,

Permit me to inform you of my mind,however I am writing to let you know that
there is something very much important which I will like us to discuss with
you to honour against your will. I am MISS NADEGE NATCHIAERIC and the only
daugther of my late parents Mr and Mrs KONATE. My late father was a highly
reputable business merchant in a cocoa who operated in the capital of Ivory
Coast during his days.

Unfortunately I lost him mysteriously died in France during one ofhis
business trips abroad octomber 2008 his sudden death was linked or rather
suspected to have been masterminded by an uncle of his who travelled with
him at that time.

But God knows the truth.Before his death on Octomber 10th/2008 he called the
secretary who accompanied him in
hospital and told him to call me, on my arrival to the hospital my father
told me that he deposited the sumof($9.5 Million Dollars)with a bank here He
further told me that he deposited the money in his name.

and I as the next of kin and finally issued a instruction to his lawyer whom
he said is in written possession of all the necessary legal document to all
his properties. and a University undergraduate and really don't know what to

Now I want an account overseas where I can transfer this funds. This is
because I have suffered a lot of set back as a result of family enemity and
incessant political crisis here in Ivory coast.Please,

Your suggestions and ideas will be highly regarded.
3.what percentage of the total amount in question

My sincere regards,


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