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From Mr John Thomas.

Dear Sir,

My Name is Mr. John Thomas; I am Head of Operation/Credit Control Dept banker with Barclays Bank Plc London. My contact information is: my Private Telephone number (+44 703 59 82565) my working address is Barclays Bank (UK) Plc, Hammersmith Branch - United Kingdom.I am seeking for your consent in a business proposal which was originated from South Africa which involves the Finance Minister of South Africa, the Accountant General and the Project management / Contract Award Committee Chairman of South Africa. This top Government officials over budgeted funds which the government want to use to pay a particular foreign contractors who executed contract with the Government in building one of the Stadium for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.I was approached by this top Government officials to seek for a reliable company or person who will be fronted as the beneficiary of the over invoiced funds (over budgeted funds) because my department manage the South Africa Oil Sales Reserve Account h!
ere with Barclays bank Plc, London

Solid arrangement has been made to prepare documents in favor of the company or person as the bono fide contractor with South African Government, all the parties involved are well protected and it is a 100% risk free transaction, and the top government officials involved are solely responsible for preparing all the legal documents that will back your company as the bono fide beneficiary of the fund.The amount involved is US $15M (FIFTEEN MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS) and you will be entitling of 30% of the fund while 70% is for me and top Government officials involved. I am the coordinator between you and the SA groups as I consulted you for this transaction at the end of the business you will compensate me with whatever percentage you deem wise to offer to me from your 30%.it have also been resolved that the 70% of the SA Government officials will be with you for a period of Three years (3yrs) which is the period all the concerned in this transaction will be due for retire!
ment, you are to invest their own

Your responsibility in this transaction is to provide a company name or personal address which will be used to prepare the back up documents and to operate account with our bank as an offshore account with your name where the fund will be deposit first before transferring it to your various accounts as you will operate these offshore account with us through (ATM MASTERCARD) which has a multiple functions, Note: It is very important you send to me your direct telephone number where I will be reaching you from time to time; please don’t give me number that you are not always reached. This transaction is 100% real only a trial will convince you.

I look forward to hear from you either by phone or e-mail
I wait urgently to hear from you.

Mr. John Thomas
Head of operations / Credit Control Dept
Barclays Bank Plc London.
Private : 44 703 59 82565.
E-mail :- [email protected]

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