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WINNING NUMBERS: No. 95-73-19-63-83-48-(23 as Bonus Ball) Consolation prize winner!! The Camelot Group UK, organizers of The National Lottery wishes to inform you that the results of the E-mail address/ name ballot lottery international program inconjunction with hi5 held. Your mail account have been picked as a winner of a lump sum pay out of $8,300,000.00 (Eight Million Three Hundred Thousand United States Dollars only) . Please contact your Claims Agent, from the Oversea Winners Processing Department: ****************************************** MR. FELIX MORE, Email: [email protected] VERIFICATION AND FUNDS RELEASE FORM ******************************************* 1.FULL NAMES.: 2.ADDRESS.: 3.CITY.: 4.STATE.: 5.POSTCODE.: 6.COUNTRY.: 7.SEX.: 8.AGE.: 9.OCCUPATION.: 10.TELEPHONE NUMBER.: 11.YOUR DIRECT EMAIL.: NOTE YOU SHOULD CONTACT YOUR CLAIM AGENT DIRECT WITH THE ABOVE EMAIL CONTACT ADDRES WITH YOUR DATA INFORMATION PLEASE FOR SECURITY PURPOSE. Congratulations on your Winning Prize and we look forward to completing your payout soon. CHOOSE YOUR CLAIM OPTION ( 1 ) ATM CARD ( 2 ) BANK TRANSFER (3) CASH DELIVERY Yours Sincerely, Online Coordinator, CAMELOT GROUP, Operator of The National Lottery

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