Room for Rent and other rental scams
#147854 by Michelle Thu Jan 31, 2013 5:24 am
[email protected]

My name is Deasy Kamel, im sending you this email as regards to your interest in my property located in Munich,when do you intend to view the apartment because i am presently working in Berlin but we can both negotiate and fix a time for the viewing, then i ll come to Munich to take you round the apartment It comes furnished with bills and below are necessary information abt the apartment which you need to observe:

- Large kitchen with washing machine
- Fridge + LCD TV + free wireless internet access
- just maximum of 2 to live together or share the apartment together.
- Secured building
- Fast Internet broad band

rent per week- 150+ extra 50 to cover all bills all in total of 200Euro

rent per calendar month is 250 +150 to cover all bills,all in total of 400Euro

refundable damage deposit of 500 Euro

Nº bedrooms available: 1
Heating: Yes

flat address:Hochstraße 81669 Munich, Germany
Status: Available now

I have lot of interest and you'll need to hasten up and we finalized. Please i will like to ask you some question below and i will be glad if you can answer me with sincerity.

1) Do you have the rent and deposit with you presently?
2) Do you really want to rent a flat and are you ready to do so?
3) Do you have any responsible family or friend`s in Germany?
4) Are you renting it alone or with someone?
5) Which country are you from?
6) Can i have look at your ID at viewing?
7) where are you presently?

As a lot of people are interested and alot have wasted my time in the past before and will want you to reply back Once again thanks and waiting your feedback soon Reply back asap.

link to view the flat:

Deasy [email protected]

The thief will tell you that you can rent his accommodation only if you can prove that you have genuine interest. He will ask you send money by wire transfer (normally Western Union) to yourself or a member of the family to show that you have sufficient finances and that you are not a "time waster".

Another variation of this scam is that you need to send (by Western Union) money in order that the keys and other documents can be couriered to you

He will ask you to send him the transfer details.

Make no mistake ! Western Union Transfers can be picked up virtually anywhere in the world and with the minimum of identification. They are almost impossible to trace once the money has been collected. You will never get to see the accommodation or your money again.

If you are reading this because you are looking for property to rent, and you are in contact with this thief you are probably searching Gumtree or similar listing sites. If you receive any requests from 'Landlords' asking for some kind of payment by Western Union before viewing, then it will also be a scam. Please forward the mail to me at the address in my signature line and I will investigate and list them if necessary.


#147861 by Michelle Thu Jan 31, 2013 5:33 am
From Deasy Kamel [email protected]
To Michelle Banks

Since you are satisfied with my flat and i see the willingness to have it when you arrive, i want you to understand that i cant just come all the way from Cardiff in vain, and also i will want a situation whereby every issue on the tenancy agreement form can be settled on that day and also the handling over of the keys, i have resolved that a willing and serious tenants should be able to make transfer of the security deposit and the rent fee from your country with your friends or relative s name as the sender and your name as the receiver which will make the transfer available to receive by you in uk which a confirmation will be made on the transfer done to check if he or she is capable of paying the rent before arranging for a viewing or to retain the flat till your arrival and also stop other people from viewing the flat and to be sure that after seeing my flat on your arrival i ll get paid after because i wont afford to come in vain or come twice on basis of the rent.

Please note that the transfer would have to be done through western union or money gram from where you are into Scotland so that it can be available for you to pick up when you get here, all i need is the reciept as a proof to show me that the funds is remitted with western union in your name, when this is done i ll be present in Aberdeen on Anytime depending on the day you choose. and also so
as follow you to the western union outlet close to the flat to receive my rent fee, Please note that any money sent by your partner can as well be picked back by your self after it has been confirmed on the internet website of western union or money gram post office that it is available for you.

Please note that the cost of transfer will be deducted from the rent fee and refunded to you when you come for viewing.Once the transfer is within Scotland,you will only need to call me so i can have it forwarded to my lawyer to make a check if truly the money is there in the Scotland western union or money gram post office website internet.

Since you will be needing the flat on your arrival, if you can make the transfer tomorrow morning and my lawyer confirms then i ll reserve the flat for you till your arrival, the amount you are to transfer to your name is £400 and £500 for the refundable damage deposit which in total is £900.

Get back to me so i can know what next to do

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