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#15284 by The Enchantress Thu Oct 22, 2009 1:45 pm

Liar and romance scammer

Claims to live and work as a voluntary nurse at a hospital at Cape Town, South Africa

Fake travel agency information given by scammer;

agency is [email protected]

Contact phone , +27 - 786 - 697 - 442. Name Mr Hearths

Mail address used [email protected]



How are you doing today? Thanks for the mail and the photos. I believe a couple should therefore be up front with each other at the beginning to determine whether or not our respective values coincide.

I think that one advantage of the Internet is that we are able to compare value systems immediately without the interference of physical or emotional contact. Too many couples I know fell in love (or maybe lust) based only on attraction only to regret the marriage later because they discovered too late that they had no shared values.

There is no doubt that we agree on the essentials although I think we should not establish such a rigid profile as to make it impossible for anyone to measure up. That is why I have chosen "potential" as an essential determining criteria.

You are in search of a loving lady for marriage as I am in search of a loving man. I have not wrote to you just for entertainment, but I have written you in hopes that we will be good for each other as husband and wife. However, since we live in different cultures, I am interested in learning about you and your way of life. I think that it's important for me to learn how you have grown up and what are your likes and dislikes. I want you to be happy in your new life with me if that should happen. What the customs are in your country I do not know, so I am sorry if I give you the impression that I am interested in something other than marriage.

Marriage is a big step with a lot of adjustment and changes in our lives. So it has to be taken very seriously.

OK. So where does this leave us? After all, all of the intellectual knowledge in the world will do us no good if we do not relate it to "us".

Perhaps we can take this one step further by sharing values on specific topics. For example:

1. Religion
2. Health
3. Money
4. Family
5. Relationships
6. Problem solving

Ok, this is my questions for you, please answer me.

What do you think are probably your three best qualities?
What do you think are probably your three worst qualities?
What are your most sacred, or cherished, dreams and goals?
What are the three worst things a wife can do to her husband in a marriage and husband to his wife?
What are the three most important guidelines or rules in your ideal marriage?
What do you think are your weaknesses?
What reason are you looking outside of your country for a relationship?
Well, that's it. I hope you don't mind answering these questions? Hope to hear from you real soon.

I'm really delighted to know u my dear

Bye for now,

My dear ,

I have been at my granny's house all day. My spaghetti was ready and it was good.
Oh ! How I wish you were here now to hold me close. I need you to hold me so close that I would feel so warm and comforted. I want you to hold me, not talk, just listen to each other's heart beats. It has been so long. I want you to sing really quiet in my ear. I need this so much.

Yours ever,


dear xxxxx

I've been thinking about you all day. Is it really possible that we can be together and happy? Please tell me what you feel.

If I took you to me, it would be forever. There could never be anyone else for either of us. This is my chance at happiness. My chance at a normal life. My chance at love. It's got to be right. Please , please tell me if you think it is right and good. Tell me the secrets of your heart. No one but me will ever know. I need to hear it from your heart. Tell me straight from your heart what you want. What you feel, what you need. Tell me what kind of girl you want me to be. Tell me what kind of girl you think I would be.

I'm beginning to reach for you. And if I jump, it will be by faith. And if it is by faith, you must catch me. You must catch me. Or I will fall and be a broken lady forever.

I will be quiet and listen now to all you have to say. I promise. Give me your wisdom. I'm sure you have it. I need to try to see things through your eyes.


My dear xxxxx,

If you are not careful, I will fall deeply in love with you. ( smile ) I tell myself that there is no way you can be bad for me. Only good.

Ever since I started writing to you, my spirit feels more calm, more secure,and much warmer. My health improves, my appetite comes back, my mind thinks clearer, and my heart does not hurt. The way you write to me, the words you use, touch me as no one has ever before. How is it possible? How is it that you are able to heal me ? I have seen and known men in my life, but never have I known anyone like you with this strange power to reach me. What do you have that the others don't have?

What mystery surrounds you? How is it that you are able to feel what I feel as if you are a part of my body? I don't understand these things, but I know them to be true

Oh My Dear! What a beautiful flower you sent to me.i am happy that you got a large family hoping to see them one day send my greetings to your daughter and family members am wishing them long life and prosperity.

I will say the words also.


yours roselyn.

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#15285 by The Enchantress Thu Oct 22, 2009 1:47 pm
dear xxxxx;

If you can accept me the way I am then I must also.
You know since I met you I feel as a in my spirit, it is new.
Now I begin to feel so hopeful that we will be together. If we truly love one another, then nothing can keep us apart. I remember from the bible this verse and I want you to look for this one also. It says this: ' If God be for us, then who can be against us? '

I want you to find this one, and remember it every day. And if this is true, then you and I, will be together one day

You have become the love of my life. And when this lady finds the love of her life, she will walk through fire for you. She will work hard for you. She will never leave you. She will adore you and love you as you never dreamed such a woman could love. I will show you what real love is. I will give my heart and soul to you, a gift. I will give all that I have and all that I am. It is all for you. Without you, I am nothing. Houses, cars, money, good job; They all mean nothing without love. I have learned this. Love is better than all.

I think you have known this and you can see this. Some people never learn this.i stays in cape town and lives in blouberg road near beachfront i am a volunteer nurse at sommerset hospital cape town.

Your Baby,


Let me tell you how my day begins. I usually wake by 5:30 AM.The first thing I do is to pray and sweep the compound.When I come back in, I turn on the radio to hear what has happened in the world. So I brush my teeth,take my bath, make my bed and start to make a list of what I want to accomplish for the day. then I think about the lunch I will take to work with me.
It takes me about 35 minutes to get to hospital..i went on with public transport so times is too hectic .so that how my days go my man xxxxx.

yours roselyn.

dear swettie,

how are you i hope you had a great weekend , how is your daughter i hope she is doing great.
i will like to see (location) and those people you grew up with ,my grand mum was happy when i tell her about you inviting me to (your country) she sends her regard to you.when are you going to send the invitation so that i will begin now to process my visa and i dont understand what you mean by non_stop fly from (location) is there no direct flight to (your country) from johannesburg .send to me your adress and telephone number so that i will have contact with you.when do you want me to come .do you know that all my staff member are happy hearing that am going to (visit your country),i promise you that i will not let you down cos i have seen you are a good man.

take good care of yourself and your daughter till i come.

love you roselyn.

hello my darling ,

i just recieved your sms now i prefer you send it through internet that will be easy for me.
sorry i dont reply in time but very soon you will have me all for you {laugh}did you received my message.

have a wonderful day my love.


my honey,

how are you ?i hope you are doing great ,i myself am too excited first time to travel to (your country),my visa will come out as soon as the invitation is with me ,i have 1 month vacation and am willing to spend it with you and if things turn around i will finally come and settle with you in (location),the only requirement i need is your love ,pls i need the invitation urgent so that the visa will be out in a week time,.honey finally am going to meet my dream man oh am so happy .i will give you a call when am through from work.send my greeting to your lovely daughter and your family wishing them long life and prosperity.

have a wonderful day my love.


my heart,

i am very happy to have you as my soulmate , i cant wait to see you ,as for your english believe me two weeks is already for you to learn ,pls my love i need you to send this invitation failing tomorrow so that i will book appointment on thursday at (your country) embassy ,looking forward to see my invitation you know my name roselyn smith.oh am so happy to visit (your country) .

love you so much my heart.

take good care of yourself my baby.

yours's roselyn.

Hello swettie,

Thanks for sending the invitation i will go to (your country) embassy tomorrow to sub mit it ,i am very happy at last i found my heart oh baby cant wait to see you my love ,do you like art craft so that i can get it for you ,tell me what you like here in southafrica so i can get it along with me.what must i get for your lovely daughter.,i call you but the network was bad but i will call you again tonight ,and i will let you know wats up at the embassy tomorrow..

stay cool and take good care of youself and your daughter till i come.

love you.

Hello Sweety,

Good day and hope you had a good night sleep. With what I found out about visa at (your country) Embassy, it is not easy for me as a first time traveller but my boss at work directed me to the travel and tours agency who gets visa for Redcross workers .

They said that they will not charge me for the visa and it will take them 3-5 working days to
get the visa for me. I am relieved from the stress of going to our home affairs and other municipals and authoritys for documents related for the visa asked by the embassy.

They also said that you must contact them first either by email or phone to confirm that I am visiting someone who will take care of me before they will start processing the visa.

The agency is [email protected] Contact phone , +27 - 786 - 697 - 442. Name Mr Hearths..

I look forward to call you in the next few hours time and my Mum sends her regards to you .
Yours Love,


Hello Sweety,

I am happy that you have contacted the agency and hearing your voice today makes me feel special. I am looking forward to the day we will meet face to face . I will feel like I am on top of the world .

Tomorrow I will go to the agency with my international passport so that they will start processing my visa. You should not worry about your errors with English words because I will teach you more about english so that we can communicate very well . I will write you again tomorrow after submitting my passport for visa, wishing you and your daughter a lovely day.

Love you , Roselyn.

Dear sweety,

How are you i hope you are doing great ,about your english i have told you not to worry that i will make sure you learn very well,honey this is the condition of the agency is that we will buy ticket from them and with the ticket they will bring out the visa out in 3 working days, so the total cost of every thing is{ $3000} including vat and travell allowance so i deposited {$500} ,remaining {$2,500}, and the visa will be out in 3days .

honey pls i need your help ,i dont know how to thank god for giving me my heart i can see (your country) now {laugh} i love you so much and i promise you that we will have a memorable stay.

extend my greeting to your lovely daughter.
have a great day ,soon i will be with you, at last ,you are my man.

yours heart roselyn.

Hello swetty,

how are you ?honey the thing that is holding everything is the ticket because the agency told me that i have to buy ticket from them so that they will use it to bring the visa out in 3 working days i love you that is why i am spending what i have to come and see you ,it is only i could not afford to pay all the expenses

have a great day.

yours roselyn.

hello swetty,

Do understand me the agency is helping me to get visa and there condition is that i will buy ticket from them , if i had enough i will cater for my expenses i have already deposited $500 i dont know what to do ,you know am a volunteer nurse

have a great day and send my regard to your daughter.


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#15286 by The Enchantress Thu Oct 22, 2009 1:48 pm
Additional stolen photographs used by this scammer;






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