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#15330 by The Enchantress Fri Oct 23, 2009 8:05 am

Liar and romance scammer

Claims 43 years old, living in Afton, Iowa, USA

Mail address used [email protected]

IP = = Nigeria


Thanks for telling more more about all the question i asked,......... my hobbies are: reading, watching tv, golf, tennis, helping the less privilege and swimming...
I am looking for true love and I guess I wont search any further cos I feel a strong chemistry bond btw us......

The most important trait in a woman for me is honesty. I have no time in my life for liars or dishonest people at all. I feel the one thing in my life that I cannot recover is my time, so I choose how I invest it wisely on honest and worthwhile people.

Things that turn me on: a great smile, patience, empathy, people who are curteous and caring of others and (even though it's old fashioned) chilvary. And a person who is just plain genuine with no pretense of who they are.

Things that turn me off: self-righteousness, tunnel vision, those who can never admit to making a mistake or being wrong, mean spirited, a sense of entitlement, the lack of ability to compromise and, of course, dishonesty

My Criteria in a woman, .....She must be open minded, caring, loving and God fearing, She must not be idle, She must fit my personality, She must be hard working like me, So that when ever am down she can be able to lift me up, and lastly, She must love me and promise not to let me down cos my heart is so precious for people to hurt.....See ,I really do sure that my heart is not decieving me about what am feeling for you right now. you are so sweet infact you have captivated me . i will search know further you may be the right person for me, i want to tell you that all that matters alot in life,in every relationship is trust, kindness, loving, caring, honest, understanding,self control,patience,easygoing and truthfullness.that is what that matters alot in life ..



From:Bright J

Tell me about how you see your first date with someone new. Where would you go, what would you be doing? What are some of the most important traits you want to see in your man? What turn's you on & What turn's you off....Tell me about yourself, lovelife and lifestyle...
Waiting to read back from you...
God Bless


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