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#15449 by Ralph Mon Oct 26, 2009 8:26 am
Jerry Fette is a name used by a romance scammer, the following emails will be sent to his victim after they are advised he has had a very bad accident

Subject: for your perusal
From: [email protected]
To: Removed
CC: [email protected]

Attention madam,i have been instructed by my client,Mr.Jerry Fette,to
contact you because of the changes he requested concerning the final
update of his legal testament.
Mr. Jerry Fette, has degreed that the beneficiary status of his will
be transfered to you immeidtaely without delay.
Also, he has directed me to prepare a power of arttorney on your name
which will empower you as the legal beneficiary to he late fathers
deposited fund with ABBEY NATIONAL BANK LONDON
You should send the following informations to me immediately,so that i
can prepare the legal testament according to my client stipulations.
(1) Full names,
(2) Full address,
(3) Country of origin,
(4) Age,
(5) Telephone contact.
Thanks, Stan Lawrence Brown.

Interesting because the email address of the lawyer comes up in this scam viewtopic.php?p=14600&sid=e080c32d599d193c0164a74ffa8002f8#p14600

From: [email protected]
To: Removed
CC: [email protected]

Dear Madam, please find the attached file for your perusal, it contains the legal power of attorney that gives you the legal right over Mr. Jerry's final testament, though you are not entitled to see it till the appropriate time, unless otherwise stated by the principal.
Also, you must understand that there are some conditions attached to his testament because of his daughter which you have to act, and be as a mother and guardian.
Finally madam, I want you to know that My client has some serious medical conditions, from my observance, he trust and believe in you so much, in fact presently now, you are the source of his happiness, so I would like you, to always remind him to take his medication adequately.
Stan Lawrence

Here is a recent picture used by this scammer


Jerry loves sending stolen poetry

Ever since you walked into my life, I have been smiling. There hasn't been a day when I have gone to sleep with a frown on my face, and it's all because of you. Honey, I am glad that you came into my life. I have always wanted the love of my life to be understanding, loving, caring, faithful and most of all someone who would accept me for who I am. Now I have found the person I was looking for. My heart told me that my Charming was there when you first said hello to me over the phone. I didn't have to think twice when you asked me to be your wife. I knew that you were Mss. Perfect. I don't think that there is, or there could be, anyone better than you out there for me.

I love you with my whole heart. I have never trusted anyone the way I trust you. Sometime I even doubt myself, but I know I will never doubt you because you are my true love. I know deep down inside that you will never break my heart or never let me down in anyway.

Thank you honey for everything. I pray to god everyday to bless you with everything you deserve. I will love you until the end of time.

Always and Forever Yours,

here is where this email originated Click Here

When I feel so confused & my life so weird,
I just turn to you so that I could breathe.
You make sense to everything that I hear or see,
Because you are my soul, thoughts & dreams.

Because of you in my life,
You made me realize how life can be so wonderful.
You gave me love & strength,
You made me believe in love one more time.

In your eyes I see my destiny,
In your smile I see hope.
In your dreams I see success,
In my life I see you.

You made me breathe again,
You made me feel comfortable.
You took away the heavy burden on my heart,
& you took away my pain.

You gave me something that nobody can get,
You gave me your love.
You gave me the key to your heart,
& you took away mine.

You are always in my thoughts,
In my dreams I see you,
Kissing me & hugging me,
& giving me the love that is so pure.

I love you like I’ve never loved before,
I love you because of your love to me.
I love you because you help me find my goal,
I love you because you believe in me.

Once again the poem is stolen click Here and you will see other examples of that poem

A fake bank will get involved, this is almost certainly the same person using a different email address

[email protected] Please note, there is a real bank with a website this scam replicates that website


we have received all the necessary approval documents and authorization from the various concerned ministries as stipulated by the, United Kingdom government, and also from our bank legal department, to transfer the deposited fund of Mr. Jerry Fette ,to you as the legal beneficiary, as agreed and certified by barristerStan Lawrence Brown.

Furthermore, all the supporting documents from the court and other authorities, presenting you as the legal beneficiary of this fund, have been deduced by our legal department, after thorough verification. Thus, you are required to send your full personal information and a scanned copy of the data page of your international passport or drivers license to us, for final clarification and examination.

After receiving the above mentioned documents, we will commence your transfer process immediately, by following due legal banking procedure for non resident beneficiary fund transfer as stipulated by the United Kingdom will/inheritance bureau.
Yours sincerely,
Desmond Francis.

We hope to add more information as it becomes available

#15534 by Ralph Wed Oct 28, 2009 7:44 am
A couple of updates.

Firstly, the scammer will be able to call (or have calls made) from these phone numbers;

and +60166783275

Then for some good news, the fake website they were using has been suspended by the host, they will soon set up a new one, hopefully we will be able to get it closed as well :wink:
#15789 by Ralph Tue Nov 03, 2009 6:59 am
As noted in the previous post, the fake site used by this scammer has been closed.

The scammers, just as predicted have already set up a new one

Subject: Allix finance London.( "+447031825526"+447005963817"
From: [email protected]

Dear Madam, we have received an email from Abbey national bank, instructing us to acquire your account and bank details, in which the trusted fund of Mr Jerry Fette to you, would be transferred, thus you are required to send us your detailed account information using this format below;
Account Name
Account Number
Bank Name
Bank Address
Bank Swift Code.

Upon receiving the above mentioned information, and conclusion of your account opening process, we will forward your account details to the international remittance department of our bank, to hence this transfer immediately without any delay.

You are also, advised to fill the attached account opening form, and return it back to us, after indicating the amount from the form that will be convenient for you on this process, also all fees on the form are written in Great Britain pounds sterling.

Also, it must be noted, that the money used in paying for your on line non resident account opening, will be added to your fund in our custody, after an account must have been opened on your name and equally activated, and you are expected to come to our bank here in London to make this payment, or instruct your legal representative to do that on your behalf, because of some vital documents that need to be signed, and the compulsory interactive session with the bank accredited attorney.

Furthermore, according to our bank policy, the bank will charge you, 0.5% of any amount used for your account opening process, finally, immediately we receive this payment, an online non resident current account will be opened in your name within 48 working hours, and you will receive a username, and a password, attached with a link, through which
you will be able to log into our website, access your account, and also be able to transfer your fund to your designated account in your country.

Yours truly,
Henry Anthony
#15923 by morina Fri Nov 06, 2009 11:39 am
Ralph wrote:A couple of updates.

Firstly, the scammer will be able to call (or have calls made) from these phone numbers;

and +60166783275

Then for some good news, the fake website they were using has been suspended by the host, they will soon set up a new one, hopefully we will be able to get it closed as well :wink:

this number is malaysian number......
#15933 by The Enchantress Fri Nov 06, 2009 2:59 pm
Hi morena,

What Ralph was trying to explain was that although the telephone numbers are Malaysian, it is not certain that the scammer is in Malaysia, he may be using someone else to use the phone.

It could also be case that the phone may have been purchased in Malaysia, and then sent to the scammer by post, or even by a previous Malaysian victim.

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#15949 by Ralph Fri Nov 06, 2009 5:53 pm
All of the reasons listed by The Enchantress are possibilities.

In this case, I believe that one of 2 or 3 scammers (all African) in this group has moved to Malaysia, this is certainly not uncommon and lines up with the IP addresses I have seen.

In the last year I have noticed an increasing number of African scammers operating from Malaysia and targetting Malaysians, we even had one visit us about 6 months ago

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