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#167991 by Grunt Thu Jun 06, 2013 6:03 am
James Curtis
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Age: 52
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#167992 by Grunt Thu Jun 06, 2013 6:05 am
How are you doing today? hope cool and fine. am sorry for my late reply, However i am so happy to tell you more about me, am 52years old single and have a 13 years old daughter named Pamela and she lives with me .So much believe that when we meet we can now get closer and talk better.Concerning what i do for living and about myself.I felt is important at this junction to let you know the personality of whom you writing Architecture / Interior design Home. My name is James my mother she's a British born,why my father his from Germany, I studied petroleum engineering in Oxford University London where i obtained my masters Degree in first class and i later study Architecture in California...When i arrive to California, los Angeles,. i was born and raise in British where i own a house later moved to California where my ex wife lived all her life and couldn't join me in California . So i joined her and we lived happily not until she hurt me ,from there i moved to NY on a contract but am back to California,..I was once married to a loving,caring,honest and sincere woman until she hurt me My Believe is that there's a woman out there that can help me find that Love and affection again...that is why i need Someone who is understanding,kind,has good sense of humor,loving,caring,honest,sincere. One that is passionate woman.The Bible says" Seek the Kingdom of God first and every other thing shall be added on to you" I've sort the kingdom so I'm waiting for my Dream woman and i believe when i have a woman that has the fear of God she would n,t hurt my feelings and emotions.Most people don't know what it take to hurt once feelings so I'm not into playing games.Basically that's all about me for now,unless if you're willing to know more,then you can ask!mean while I'll love to know more about yourself also...i will be looking forward to read from you again.

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Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2013
From: James Curtis <[email protected]>
Lagos, Nigeria

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