Information on romance scams and scammers.
#168934 by nope Sat Jun 15, 2013 6:07 pm
I have been contact of lots off scammers, and I have learn hoe to play with them, let them think that Im rich and wanted to married them :P
And is fun to see how much lies I can tell and you can ask them about it, then they get so mad and said ooo you dont trust me, try to understand is hard to be here, and you dont love me... no you have hurt me..bye will not talk to you no more. And when I said bye back, they log off, an after a while they com on again. And said sorry an they where tired.
Thats so are funny is that all are widow, and they have one kids, the wife have even die in a acsident, cancer, or giving birth to the kid.And they have noe sister or brothers, there parents are dead.

some of they lies I ahve been told
One had chatt with him on yahoo fo some times, and i ask him if when is scoud on pratol, he said 10 mins, and I ask when will you be back he said about 8 hours. After 30 mins he log on again and said : oh hun I missed you so much, is was so badly on patrol today, I just come back and I nee to see if you where here so I can chatt with you. You know i saved a 16yrs girl from be rapt from 3 caliban ( well i dont know what caliban is, but maybe he ment tailiban)
And I ask him didt you just go? no he was just coming.. oh well then you are a liar I said to him, and ask him to check his log. He deleted me from his yahoo :mrgreen:
And one write me letters when he called me Angelia, and I ask how that was,and he said that was the name on our uborn baby :roll:, and said Im the most beatiful brunette in the whole world, and then i said Im not brunette Im blond... and he said that he will love me to be a brunette :mrgreen:

And its fun when they ask for money for something, one he didt like the food they get there, so coud I send heim som dollars, so he coud go aout of the camp and buy some food and water .I said give me your adr and I will send you some food.. No is was aginst the roule there. And then I ask how much ( I was just playning with him) he said 200 usd. I said no problem give me your account, ant then he said that he as dont have acress to his accunt, and I said why? he had the Bank of USA and then was npt working there :P Then i said let me ceck around and see how I can send you the money. After a day, I said that I can send them to him true the bank in Afghanistan, but i need his adr, his ful name and birth. No he was not alow to go out of the base, but I coud use WU he said, and send it to a currant. But i said now and that dont trust wu because is so many scammers so are using that. Like you I said, and then i get mad at me and said that was a scammer and just one gamer so play with his feeling. I have been talking to him for 3 weeks... and I think he get pissed because he had use so much time on me and get no money :D He deleted me :
this some of the thing , its much more... maybe Im mean to the scammers but I since is fun to play with them and let them think I will give them money :D
I even told one that I was coming to him, I had get me a ticket to Afaghanistan. He freak out :D

And one think I have notis is if they are on cam, is just a video they are playing, for they to the samethings all the time :P

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