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#169385 by nananabooboo Thu Jun 20, 2013 2:57 pm
this man is san francsico has been posting as luke brugnara. (millionaire tycoon in san francisco)

he is obviously not luke. he is some loser who cant get a date, so he settles for talking online, asking for photos, trying to get attention and talking dirty.

this loser pretends to be luke brugnara in order to get pics and info from you

he is very convincing, until i talked to him: such a nervous, wimpy voice. that was my first clue
second clue was he didnt know lukes wifes name

he finally admitted to not being luke, but that he could introduce me to luke
(a pathetic attempt to keep me interested)

I have no doubt in my mind this man has never met Luke in his life

he first contacted me on plentyoffish, a dating site
he uses various emails that LOOK like lukes emails, he has even set up fake facebook accounts with lukes pics that he stole from online articles.


he uses [email protected]
[email protected]


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