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#192300 by boots201 Tue Feb 25, 2014 3:24 am
All my friends say nice guys always finish I'm here to try and prove them wrong.

I'm easy going, down to earth and caring. My friends say I have a heart of gold and can't believe I haven't found 'the' girl that has captured my heart yet.

I'm outgoing, adventurous and will give anything a go once. Lead an active lifestyle - love exercising (especially running) and enjoy socialising with my good friends whether it be catching up for a meal, watching a movie or a social get together. Also love to chill sometimes with a quite weekend catching up on sleep and doing nothing at all.

I have strong family values and love spending time with my dad and my little nephew and would like to find someone with similar interests to share it with. I'm a also a hopeless romantic........

#192304 by boots201 Tue Feb 25, 2014 3:37 am
I am a cheerful, very gentle and kind, warm and tender man. I like walks on the nature, to play football, knitting and cooking very delicious. I like cats and dogs very much.I like active style of life. I like walks on the nature, to play football, knitting and cooking very delicious. i also like reading, fitness and cycling.In my future life partner first of all I want to see honesty and trust to each other, care and attention to each other. I am looking for a serious relationship. Someone to get to know, be with and spend the rest of my life together with.
#192322 by boots201 Tue Feb 25, 2014 4:13 am
a little about me I am an easy going guy who basically enjoys life as it comes. I keep an upbeat atitude and a smile on my face no matter how the day goes. Life is too short to get irritated about the small stuff. I enjoy spending time with my mom I am a very open minded person. I love to discuss anything from current events to religion and politics. I don't expect people to agree with my views and I enjoy open discussions with people who have very different views of the world from mine. I am looking for someone who is easy going, genuine, interesting, and can make me laugh. Someone I'd want to spend my time with and maybe the rest of my life with as well. I am not interested in anyone who likes to play games or needs drama in their life. I need someone who can communicate well and say what's on their mind. I can't handle nor am I interested in controlling or compulsive people.I am looking for someone to share my life with, a friend and companion, and hopefully start a life long love affair.
#192323 by boots201 Tue Feb 25, 2014 4:18 am
I am a God fearing,Caring and Honest Man...I like cooking,swimming and staying indoor cooking...My nature is to treat my woman with respect,also all with all the Love she deserves...I am only a easy going and simple MAN.
#192446 by boots201 Wed Feb 26, 2014 3:13 am
I'm a 60 year old man, who sometimes feels 30 something or on other days can feel very, very old and past it.....but I do laugh a lot, even at my self......I like to think i have a good sense of humor....and like people around me to see the good in people and not to be critical of others..........I enjoy eating good food, ether in or out at a restaurant..Love animals, I have a dog who I walk every day, so I like walking....enjoy most music, especially lifestyle is quite simple, which is the way I like it. I'm an attractive, mature, divorcee - sounds more risqué than it is! I have a 24 year old daughter who lives in the United kingdom.Study Italian, go to theatre, walk, swim and dance and go to the gym 2-3 times a week.
So I am hoping to find a jolly woman- who enjoys life and would appreciate getting to know a kind, attractive, cultivated man and having fun of all types with him.
I'd like to hear from you.
#192447 by boots201 Wed Feb 26, 2014 3:32 am
Application to Be My Girlfriend (to be taken tongue-in cheek) Part A: You must answer yes to all these questions: You are Female. You don't have a husband or boyfriend. You are height/weight proportionate. You prefer men who dress casual You are not depressed or anti-social. If you answered yes to all of the above, congratulations! Now you can try Part B. Part B: Give yourself 2 points for each of the following that apply to you: You ride a bike on a regular basis (you can substitute hiking here). Your politics are left of center. You watch less than 1 hour of TV per day. You prefer independent films to Hollywood movies. You tolerate cats. You have a current passport. You prefer folk or world music to rock. You are gainfully employed or retired. Add up your score. If you got 16 points, I am the man for you. Let's get married. Email me immediately. If you got 8-16, how about a first date? Less than 8 points, we might not make a good match, but if you're really interested, let's check each other out anyway. Now that you've made it through the quiz, let's get serious. Witty, incisive, insightful, articulate, honest, athletic, outdoorsy, keen observer of human nature, taster of all senses, seeks a woman with similar appetites to share domestic and foreign adventures. I am an exercise and travel nut. I am happiest when I am cycling or doing any kind of activity in nature, or off the beaten track in some foreign country. I'd be even happier with a life partner to enjoy these activities with. In my relationships, candor is the name of the game. I have no hidden agendas and I strive to be as honest as possible all the time. People who love me say I'm able to see both sides of an issue, and that I'm a loyal, supportive and forgiving friend. My ideal partner will be my best friend. We'll share some common interests, political values, and a strong physical connection. And we'll make each other laugh!
#192448 by boots201 Wed Feb 26, 2014 3:57 am
I'm a kind, loyal and down-to-earth person. I am attentive, gentle and sensual, and I believe my woman will appreciate that. I'm romantic, and I would like to keep romance in our family forever. I'm friendly, steady and sympathetic. My friends and my family can always rely on me. I can help people any time they need that.
#192449 by boots201 Wed Feb 26, 2014 4:01 am
I am loyal, responsible, active, responsible, loving, caring, sharing, kindhearted, warm, accommodating, compassionate, tolerant, laid back type, outgoing, welcoming to people generally, I like to sing, write poems, listening to music, swimming, playing Basketball, watching TV, Movies going to GYM and comedies, I love public intimacy and want a good woman with a good heart, one with good knowledge about love and who knows how a man is been treated, age or colour difference do not matter to me at all, as long as she loves me, I want a relationship that will last forever and won't fade no matter what...

am here looking for some one who is honest loving and caring to share my life with. some one who cares about people and always like talking to friends. will like to meet some one who is humble and respectful too. because am respectful and i also want to be treated like that. will like to
meet some one who will like to know more about me and ready for a serious relationship. hope i find you.
#192450 by boots201 Wed Feb 26, 2014 4:07 am
Tall, healthy, gregarious, confident, sensual, trustful, courteous, professional. I like to experience things from simple afternoon sunsets to the impulsively rebellious (rarer lately) I won't sit back and let a relationship whither, I will respect and inspire a bond. I can be impatient, but if we're 'right' then open the gates, I'm here. If we're not 'right' then we should enjoy finding out anyway.
#192452 by boots201 Wed Feb 26, 2014 4:11 am
I believe that two people are connected at the heart, and it doesn't matter what you do, or who you are or where you live; there are no boundaries or barriers if two people are destined to be together.....i am new here and i wanna meet someone i can love and be loved too...lets talk and see how it goes for us...
#192453 by boots201 Wed Feb 26, 2014 4:31 am
I finally realised that today is the first day of the rest of my life, I have two great kids a healthy grandson I have great health and have a wonderfull life with good friends, keeps me focused on just how lucky I am ,,,,I just lost over 250 pounds and now I am in the best shape of my life so, welcome world I am up for the challenge......"I am a genuine, down to earth guy with a welcoming sense of humor. I have a very eclectic taste in music and movies and always interested in trying something new. I enjoy meeting open minded people who enjoy exploring new places and trying new things. Anyone who is easy-going, sociable, and loves to laugh will get along great with me." ...and if I do message you , Please,it is with a lot of thought so please answer me one way or the other.....Lawrie

I have changed a great deal for the better because of two and now the third books that I have remodeled my life after they are THE FOUR AGREEMENTS and THE MASTERY OF LOVE and just read THE FIFTH AGREEMENT ..toltec books of self help and wisdom written by DON MIGUEL RUIZ...they are all about the following..
1.Be Impeccable with your Word
2.Dont take Anything Personally
3.Dont Make Assumptions
4.Allways Do Your Best
5.Just finished The 5th Agreement an awesome read so far...just be skeptical and listen
#192659 by boots201 Fri Feb 28, 2014 1:46 am
Everything which happens to me is a gift. All I need do is find its part in enriching my life, so I wring every drop of experience from each situation. Fit physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, I live a healthy, active life and I'm careful with my diet without being fanatical. I run, surf, swim for exercise all over the Peninsula. I am a sole parent of a boy who live with me..I write poetry and have a movie script in development in the US. I love great books and movies but dislike the way sad moments reduce me to a mushball.
#192660 by boots201 Fri Feb 28, 2014 2:08 am
I'm not like anyone you've ever met before. Unless you've already
met me :-)
Sure, I could bore you with delusions of how wonderful I am, but
lets face it, I'm sure you've already read this about two hundred
times in all the other profiles... I believe that actions speak louder
than words, so why bother?
A lot of people have told me that I'm "special" or "gifted". I think
they're jealous that I can count to 10, or 20 with my shoes off.
Anywhoo... I surround myself with optimistic people who are going
somewhere in life, and no, I don't mean the shopping mall. I'm very
open-minded with an international outlook, a risk- taker who is always
up for a new adventure. I love dogs, beaches, meaningful conversations,
and self improvement.
I keep very busy and love my life. I don't have the time or inclination
to date everyone under the sun anymore, and I have no problem
meeting people. I'm extremely selective, and am just fine if I don't
meet anyone on here... BUT, if you're someone really really really
special, I'd love to have you along for the ride and make our already
great lives that much better.
There's something very special about you. You are curious about
the world around you. You can take a joke and are not easily
offended. You believe that sarcasm is a spice of life. You can spell
(without using spell check), and are generally happy. You want to
see the world and travel, love to kiss, you cuddle like a cat on the
sofa, and smear yourself with cottage cheese while in bed. You are
thin, athletic, (curvy in the right places is a plus), your eyes are bright
and convey the depth of your spirit. You are beautiful inside and out,
and you think you can actually keep up with me.
The rest is negotiable. (well, you can't be a blood relative)
#192661 by boots201 Fri Feb 28, 2014 2:23 am
My main desire is to meet my soul mate and best friend. Someone I would feel comfortable with and spend the rest of my life with in joy, love and happiness. To me, a deep loving relationship must have honesty, but sometimes a person is honest, desires to be honest but cannot find the words, or is afraid to say the words that are in their heart. I hope to find a woman that is not only confident and strong - but is also able to share their private feelings with me. That will trust me enough to let me share in her own desires - adventurous enough to want to create our own unique life experiences, together. I hope to find a woman that is open to creating a new and wonderful extended family - the sharing of her family world with mine.
#192662 by boots201 Fri Feb 28, 2014 2:40 am
I'm looking for a woman who's willing to love and accept me for who and what I am. Someone who's patient, kind, loving, caring, understanding and very romantic. I want a woman who's willing to understand me even to my darkest and brightest moment. Someone who will fill my emptiness and can make me happy everyday of our lives. And awo man who will be with me forever.

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