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wow lovely smiles you wear... am a single dad with a soft and gentle heart... May i get to know you if you dont mind

It was so nice to read from you ,I have 1 boy,he was 7 year old.I have been working so hard to raise and It was so hard for me but i thank God for his help because he has always be there for me.His name is Peter and he is 7years ,I am proud of him ,Now I am looking for my soulmate. I so much appreciate it.I have attached a picture of myself to this email , let me know if you get it. I so much believe that when we meet online we can now get closer and talk better, you can write me back on [email protected]. Concerning what i do for living and about myself. I felt is important at this juncture to let you know the personality of whom and who you writing to all this while.My name is Debello peter.I happen to study Electrical Engineer in Oxford University where i obtain my masters Degree in first cl****.I am a man that really worked hard before I could attain such a position that I am now...I own a Mansion Home here at ALACHUA,Florida..I own a BMWX5 jeep,2006 chevrollete and a Truck...I was once married to a loving,caring,honest and sincere woman until death came and took her away from me...My Believe is that there's 1 woman out there that can help me find that Love and affection again.Someone who is Understanding,Kind,good sense of Humor,Loving,caring,honest,sincere,passionate and affectionate ,The Bible says" Seek the Kingdom of God first and every other thing shall be added on to you" I've sort the kingdom so i'm waiting for 1 of my other things thats my Dream woman and i believe when i have a woman that is honest and caring,she wouldn,t hurt my feelings and emotion which i have for
her.Most people doesn't know what it take to hurt anothers once feelings and emotion and how it feels so i'm not into playing games.Basically that's all on me for now unless if you're willing to know more,then you can ask!.meanwhile i'll love to know more about yourself also...Well thats if about me and

Looking forward to hear from you soon
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Thanks for the mail, I am so much happy to read from you... At my spare time when am home, I do some gardening and cleaning at home with my son, Peter.After that, I and Peter would go get dressed. I would have to go to work by 10am, Then I would leave by 12pm. Peter would go to school in the morning and come back when he is done with everything in school. I am self employed, I have 18workers under me. My workers are honest,kind and hard working. I don't do much work in office, But I do supervision all the time.The field I am in engineering is to build plant machineries and to repair when there is any damage to eletricity supply in state.My favourite pet is Dog. My favourite musics are Oldies,country,blues and gospels...

What is Your full name?

Where do you Live?

How old are you?

What is your ethnic background?

How long have you been online dating?

How many people have you talked to before we met?

What are the experience that you have had with people that you had talked to?

What do you do for living?

How long have you been into the Job?

What is your marital status?

How many children do you have?

Are you still working/retired?

What are your likes/dislikes?

What do you do for fun?

What is your favourite pet?

What is your favourite musics?

What is your favourite food?

Where would yo go on your first date?

Do you own a Home of your own?

Do you own a car of yours?

What are you really looking for in a man?

Which kind of relationship are you seeking for?

These are what I would like to know about you. Kindly, give answers to them... I am an open minded person, You are free to ask me questions, I would give an answer to them

Hope to hear from you soonest

With Love,
#194221 by scooby101 Sun Mar 16, 2014 4:20 am
Sometimes you feel trapped and weary.
Sometimes it seems like nothing has turned out the way that you'd hoped.
But remember that you're never alone.
God is with you always.
You need only open your heart to him, and he will ease your pain.
His light will cut through the darkness, and fill you with the sparkle
of renewed hope.
He knows when you're worried. He knows when you're feeling blue,
but he's always there to
lend you his strength
and to help you fly.
You need only have faith,
and he'll send you a miracle.
You need only open your arms, and he'll wrap you in his loving embrace.
Let him fill your heart with sunshine.
Let him touch your life
with the light of his love--
it will shine through in everything you do,
and a sense of unending peace and happiness will rule your days.
In order to fly with the beauty and grace of a butterfly,
you need only believe.

good morning to you.... Hope you had a lovely nite rest? Hope you got
some of my pictures and also my son's too.... Hows your weekend gonna
be like? Am going for boat riding with my son danny do you have skype?
So we can share video.....I want you to know that
I'm thinking about you today
and hoping the day brings
many wonderful life worthwhile.
#194732 by scooby101 Fri Mar 21, 2014 5:14 am
Hello ,

I just see myself keep searching for your email and believe me i am getting so acquainted to you . Ever since we started sending the recent messages we've sent to each other...I've been so much thinking about you and to be sincere i am thinking about you.Wow! So here I stand, among the digital masses. We're not so different after all. Here I stand,surrounded by people who've met on-line, People who've loved and lost, and people who are found, and somehow, in a desperate world, found each other. So what do I say that hasn't already been written, or been already said? Hmmm, pretty tough! Okay... try this: I no longer need to hope for love by going to clubs, (y'know I can't dance!) supermarkets, church socials,by passing notes in class as a kid, or instant messages as an adult. I don't have to search for love, in ads, on the Internet, in chat rooms, text messages, camera phones, faxes, and e-mails. I don't have to wait for good and bad feedback, have to need a good laugh, wait to talk, be told to shut up, look for hope, pray for a miracle, wait for an angel, see hope for God's love here on earth, wish for a special friend, crave for love's passion, envy other's romance or wonder if someone will ever love me. Thanks for coming into my life

Hugs and Kisses

#194929 by scooby101 Sun Mar 23, 2014 5:50 am
its good to read from you... Am so delighted to have your phone
number.... Am a easy going dad with a good and gentle heart... I like
to know what makes you smile, whats makes you cry and also your
favourite colour
#195592 by scooby101 Sat Mar 29, 2014 4:32 am
Every time I think about you,
I'm reminded of the reasons
why I love you from the depth
of my heart and soul.
And I wonder what I'd
do without you,
without your healing smile,
your words of faith,
the caring and sensitive way
you touch me,
lifting me
just when I need it most.
Without you,
what would I have?
What would I be?
I can't imagine existing in
a world where someone doesn't
love me the way you do.
You're the only one who ever
understood me and accepted me
for who I am.
And I think you're nothing short
of amazing.
Your love always has been
and always will be,
life's greatest gift to me!
#195830 by scooby101 Mon Mar 31, 2014 2:40 am
thank you so much for your lovely note.... Ur so wonderful and yes my
weekend is going on fine.... Ur such a darling and wish to give you a
kiss on your forhead.... Whats your phone number sweetheart
#197235 by scooby101 Sat Apr 12, 2014 3:42 am
Well i like seafood like crabs and fish. I also love romantic red candle dinner... Thou am a very good kisser and when ever am in a relationship i try to give all my best. I tried to call you on my phone but it wouldn't let me do so.... I think am not getting the international code with your phone number so if i may ask can you give me your phone number with the international dailing code in full?
Hope to read from you soonest
#197536 by scooby101 Tue Apr 15, 2014 2:10 am
wow its good to read from you..... Well my
weekend is going on smoothly all glory be to God almighty for the
gift of life... Well i play to go on boat curise with my son and also
maybe later this evening i will go check on a friend... How did your
go? Have you ever been to america? Whats your plans for the future? Thanks so much for giving me your phone number. Hope to read
from you soonest my sweetheart...

Every day of your life
is a blessing
from God.
He gave you the gift
of a new day,
because there's something
that you need to
accomplish on earth.
You have a unique purpose.
So think of today
as a sacred gift.
Slow down long enough
to pay attention
to what's going on around you;
say, "Hello," to a friend;
take time to listen
to someone who needs you;
and appreciate the beauty
of the season.
Follow your heart always
with the knowledge that
you're a special person,
and rest assured that you'll
find your purpose on earth.
#197907 by scooby101 Fri Apr 18, 2014 10:21 am
I wanted to write a single verse
to express my appreciation, friend.
But I always thought of another
and my poem had no end.
So I'll simply say that
you're part of my heart,
and I hold your friendship dear.
Every day that passes by,
I wish you were here.
And though there's no way to tell
what it means to know you're out
I'll asked God to bless you
in every heartfelt prayer.

Send her a message, God.
Let her know of my
continued love.
Let the wind carry my heart
to her above.
Assure her that our bond
will ever be strong.
and that my heart
will forever sing her song.
Tell her I miss her,
but that I've placed our love
in your trust.
Let her know we'll meet
for my soul knows we must.
Remind her that our parting
is only temporary--
and that my love for her
will never grow weary.
#198215 by scooby101 Mon Apr 21, 2014 4:27 am
wow i was thinking your in italy thats what i thought.... Sweetheart
wow i really love ur part of your country thou i have never been there
before. I have see picture of your place and also heard of your
country.... Hmm... Whats your city? So if am to book a flight down am
gonna know where to book. Do you drive? How much does jeep cost and
also do you stay alone?
#198580 by scooby101 Wed Apr 23, 2014 4:29 pm
Hello how are you doing? its always so good to read from you it always makes my day fantastic.... yes i did went to motherless babies homes and i also visited the needed with my son and a good friend of mine is also my business panther. How was yours? Honey whats your nearest Airport? i plan to come down next month.... Also I love to know what's your nearest airport so I can book my flight. Did I ever told you am a good kisser? You get ready when I see you at the airport am gonna kiss off your teeth baby... Do you drive?
#199018 by scooby101 Sun Apr 27, 2014 5:57 am
If all of the poetry
in the world
was mine to command
and all the beauty of nature
in the palm of my hand,
even with all the words
of our language,
and with the breadth sky and sea,
I still couldn't express
what you mean to me.

I could take every glorious sunset
the light from each glowing star,
but still I couldn't convey
just how special you are.
#199702 by scooby101 Fri May 02, 2014 2:09 am
Hello my love, how are you doing? My sweetheart I won the contract...
Honey you brought us this luck.... Am really so grateful for having
you in my life. Honey, how's your day going to be like?

Sweetheart am so glad and so happy to read from you... Honey your my
queen and dream come through.... Hope you do have a wonderful day
ahead... I LOVE YOU

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