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Non-smoker with Athletic body type


London, UK


46 year old Man, 5' 11" (180cm), Catholic


Caucasian Capricorn with Black hair


daveep12 wants to find someone to marry


Bachelors degree




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How are you Dear?

I like your profile and your lovely picture, you are actually looking younger than your profile age. Have you ever been to United Kingdom?

What is your name? My name is Philips Dave i lived in United Kingdom. I am actually looking for my life partner, and you? Please take a look at my profile and get back to me ,


Best regards,



I'm actually looking for a woman with a good heart. Language and distance will never be a barrier, I strongly believed that we can work it out for good.

I'm a British soldier and right now i'm at the British military camp preparing for a trip to Afghanistan in two weeks time.
Could you please send your email address to me for further communication as i'm not always on this site.
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Let me quickly introduce myself once again, My name is Philips Dave.I live in UK. I am a widowed but I have one daughter from my late wife. I'm a British soldier and i have been shortlisted to go to Afghanistan for special assignment in two weeks, therefore i am at British military camp now for preparation.

I attached my pictures to you. I want you to send me your pictures also and tell me more about yours.

Yours sincerely,

#201738 by scooby101 Fri May 16, 2014 5:54 pm
Hello dear,

I am deeply sorry for my late reply, I have being very busy at work. I hope you will pardon me for that.

Honey,Can you please answer these question below if you don't mind.

Honey, do you still have feelings for your Ex or any other person?

Hope to hearing from you soon. I attached my picture for you
#201935 by scooby101 Sun May 18, 2014 4:17 am
How are you XXXXXX?

Having your love, I think will be one of the best things that I will achieve this year. I have been searching for a true love but my work as a soldier I don't really have time, I was looking for my true lover that I will love forever, woman that can bring happiness and joy in my life again.

Doris my daughter is the only one that makes me happy; I tried my best to make her happy whenever she is around me.

What I like in a woman, honest, tender, cherish, cares. I dislike, dishonest, unfaithful, lie, and cheat. I am going to treat and respect my wife like a queen nothing will ever stop me from loving her.

Hope to hear from you soonest.

Yours faithfully,

#202082 by scooby101 Mon May 19, 2014 4:25 am
How are you my dear?

I really want to apologized for my late reply i have been very busy preparing for our trip to Afghanistan next weekend.

Thank you so much for your lovely message, I am actually seeking for a woman who will accept my daughter as her own child. And i am ready to accept any child around me as my child. I am looking for a woman who is ready to make a honest relationship which could take us through all the happiness life can offer. I am the kind of man who has it a priority to satisfy the desires of my woman for real. I have been broken before, so i need a woman who will maimed my heart and shower me with the love and affection i am seeking for in my heart. From the way you sound, I am sure that you are that special woman which havens has kept special for me. I want us to make it real.

Let’s plan on how to meet. I am willing to visit you soon in your country and also to learn your language and get you close to me for real. I would like to come to your place as soon as i returned from Afghanistan,i will spend just two months in Afghanistan to come back.

Kindly send your contact number to me so that i can call to hearing your voice before i travel. Let’s begin to make it real.

Hope to read back from you.

Love from Philips.
#202230 by scooby101 Tue May 20, 2014 6:43 am
My Dear,

How are you doing and your family? I hope fine.

Thanks for your kind mail. I am so happy to hear from you. I have been living all alone since I lost my wife. Honey I thought the world has end I was so disorganized I could not concentrate at work I lost so many thing. I was almost taking to the psychiatric treatment. I was able to recover from the grief after receiving counselling from friends. Since then I have been praying to have someone that will clean my tears.

Honestly I don't know what directed me to you. I prayed to God to give me a kind of woman that will understand the songs of my heart. I want us to know each other very well and believe that we have something in common. If things work out fine with us, then I will come to meet you.

Please I want you to forget your own past experience like i did because i have come to take away your sad life and replace your heart with happiness. Bear in mind that I have come to put a smile on your face. I am here to give you a new home. I am here to comfort you and appreciate you.

I have come to give you hope to live again. I have come to wipe your own tears in your eyes as i expected you to do the same to me. I have come to make you feel like other women that are happily married. I have come to give you back the faith you have lost. I am a man with a good heart and i am going to pour and shower my love to you. I hope you understand what i mean.

I am so honoured to meet you in my life. Please bear in mind that the right man you have been seeking for many years is close beside you and here to make you smile again. I hope you will close your own profile. Take good care of yourself and your family. Send me more of your pictures. Tell me more about your job?
#202354 by scooby101 Wed May 21, 2014 4:30 am
How are you honey?

Thank you honey for the lovely message you have sent to me.

I want you to know that I have come to make you happy. I have come to cherish you and appreciate you. I have come to there for you and ready to put a smile on your face. I believe that God want us to be happy that is why he brought us together. I am going to love you with all my heart as you will do the same to me. We are going to be together forever till the end of time and have a wonderful home. I hope you understand what I mean.

Honestly,I have been thinking about you. I thought about you and wish that I am with you so that I can hold you in my arms and kiss your lips. I want to be close to you. I want to be there for you all the time. I want you to need me like I need you. I want to be the face you see when you close your eyes. I want to be the touch you need every single night of the day. I want to be the eyes that look deeper in your soul. I want to be everything for you and be the last man in your life.

Please take good care of yourself for me and bear in mind that you have a man that is ready to cherish you and appreciate you. I hope you understand what I mean. Just relax your mind and pray for my safety because I will be with you soon. I miss you so much and you live in me forever and I am happy that you will be writing to me everyday.

Yours truly,

#202497 by scooby101 Thu May 22, 2014 10:10 am
How are you XXXXX?

Honey, I have began to miss you so much everyday. There is nothing that is left in my heart apart from you. You have occupied every single beat of my heart and I am so happy that I found you. You are so good and wonderful. I am happy that I found you and I want us to continue to be happy until when we will meet.

Darling, Please tell me your idea. I really want to take you as mine and you become the mother of my daughter Doris, She need someone to call mom, someone that will show him motherly cares.

Note that I am coming to your country to meet you so that we can discuss our future.

I am so honored to meet you. I will always be there for you forever till the end of time and there is nothing that will stop the love and happiness we about to have for each other. I miss you so much. Please take good care of yourself for me and bear in mind that you have a lovely man that's ready to love. I appreciate and cherish you deep down in my soul than you could ever know. Please always write to me.

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

Love from your man,
#202631 by scooby101 Fri May 23, 2014 10:45 am

How are you doing? I hope fine

I feel so much happy each time i see your mail. You are so wonderful and i am feeling happy each day of my life. I have been thinking about you. I thought about you in my office today and wish that you were by my side so that i can show you the true meaning of love and go to lunch with you. I have a lot of love and care to give out but i am not opportune to meet my soul mate until now that i found you. You are my greatest gift from heaven.

I am so happy and please i want to continue to be happy with you. I want this feelings to continue forever and i promise to give you the best home forever because i am the type of man that knows how to make a woman happy. I do not come to play games but i come to love and care with all my heart because i have been longing to meet my soul mate. I met an Angel like you, so i do not need to let you go. Every man will die to have an Angel like you and i know that the Angels in heaven will be happy for us.

Hope to hearing from you soon.

Love from Philips.
#202810 by scooby101 Sun May 25, 2014 3:50 am
How are you love?

Hope you are fine? If you are please kindly accept my kiss. Honey, I am fine but just missing you and thinking about you.

Honey, how many country have you visited during your holiday?

How busy are you in your daily activities?

How focus are you in life?

Do you like your present job?

How dedicated are you to your job?

I would appreciate it if you are able to answer these question.

Honey, I want you to start making arrangement for my visit by end of August. How many places do you think we can visit? I would like you to take me to zoo if you have any in your country. I want to see wild animal like Lion and Elephant.

Honey. I really thank God for the love we have shared. I love you and nothing will ever stop me loving you.

Your husband.
#203496 by scooby101 Thu May 29, 2014 5:41 am
How are you XXXXXXX?

Honey, just to quickly notify you that i would be traveling to Afghanistan tomorrow and i will spend two months to come back. I will come to visit you as soon as come back from Afghanistan.

Please, I really want you to let go of your past experience and believe that it is over because every situation has a reason. I believe there is a reason for all my misfortune and i am happy that i found you in my life. Do not think that i am writing to win your heart and latter change my attitude, NO; i am writing to express my everlasting feelings and the feelings that will position us in a better place. I want to feel love with you, and i know with you, my life will be complete and being happy again. Your life will also be complete and full of hope having me in your life. I hope you understand what i mean.

My favorite colors are black, white and yellow. My favorite foods are Japanese food, Chinese food, sweet food and western food.

I like a woman that will love me, support me, respect me, understand me, be honest and sincere to me and i will do anything within my power to make her happy. She should be there for me and make me happy. I dislike lies, cheating by having another relationship outside our home. I have not had any internet dating experience before. This is my first time to be in a dating site.

Take good care of yourself and bear in mind that i have come to give you a new life, take away the loneliness in you and fill your life with happiness. Once again thanks for making me happy.

Thanks and hope to hear from you.

Love from Philips.

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