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#204046 by archer25 Mon Jun 02, 2014 5:41 am
Major General William.E.Rapp, Skype ID nadia.lima393:

[11:21:57] William.E.Rapp: Myself and my term always carry out a daily patrol back when I was still in Iraq in one of our patrol the term recovered a large amount of funds which i will disclose to you later and it was kept within the high rank officer I was given part of that funds, I have no option but to take my because I can’t go against high officer as that is the code of operation in the military service.
[11:22:31] William.E.Rapp: So part of this amount was given to me due to international funds regulation the funds has to get to any tourist country and stay there for some time before it can be safely return to me I was lucky appointed for a safe keeping trip to one of this countries, where I now deposited the funds in a security company as family valuables.
[11:22:43] William.E.Rapp: Right now is due for release because the security company is going under new management I want you to receive it on my behalf and invest in a good business until I am free from active duty and then come see you. I don’t have any one or anywhere to run to as this is all I have now an acceptable percentage will be given to you and there will not be any bridge of the law on the shipment as every thing will be done on a legitimate grand. I am willing to give you all the necessary information you would need to contact the security company on my behalf.

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