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Ken field [email protected]


It's my pleasure to be on this site and I am glad we are communicating and getting to know more about ourselves. My name is Master Sergeant Ken, I am 50 years old, I am 5'11' Ft Tall, I am a simple man, I'm an adventure freak and truly love the ocean and scuba diving which I hope to open my own dive shop someday or selling cars and investing on real estate or investing in Crude Oil and Golds. I have visited pretty much all over the world like Egypt, UK, Australia, Malaysia, Korea, and Europe for 10 years of my life, so I have to experience all types of cultures and many different people. I have made quite a few friends along the way but also found some friends that are nothing but slime on the earth. Life has been good to me so far even with all the ups and downs in life. I have had so many things to be happy for that. I am anxious to retire and start a new life somewhere in the world. Although one plan I have is to take about 6 months and just backpack it throughout South America and Asia. I'm currently serving the US Army, I have been a US army for the past 17 years. I am on deployment in Damascus Syria, I've been on deployment for 7 months and things are really bad over here. I work as Private Military and Security Services. I own an apartment at the Military Base at FT. Drum New York USA. My mom lives in Colorado. I am willing to relocating anywhere in the world as soon as am done from Syria and that is why I am looking for a special woman to spend time with and learn more about each other before my deployment is over.

I am very easy-going, always cheerful, loving, caring, trustworthy and honest, am looking for someone very similar to myself, I love concerts, restaurants and cinema, walking by the Beach, scuba diving, Skydiving, swimming, singing, dancing, travelling, fishing, sailing and I love writing poems and reading, I love to cuddle up. I treat my woman with love and respect. I lost my wife to cancer, I had a relationship after the death of my late wife and it ended 2 years ago. I have been single ever since I broke up with the ex girlfriend, I caught her fxxxxxx my neighbor back in Long Beach NY in my house before I sold it. I lost my dad 15 years ago. My father was a successful businessman before he died, He has an Auto Mart Business, He deals in selling of Cars at Aberdeen Scotland and he has some other chains of businesses. My dad's parents were Chinese. My paternal parents are from China but they migrate to United States long time ago and that's how my dad became an American Citizen. My mom is Australian-American, She's from Pennsylvania, Philadelphia USA, I am the only child of my parents. My dad told me the story how he and my mom met when he was on vacation to Pennsylvania Philadelphia USA. He said my mom was a chef in the hotel he lodged. He told me my mom gave him a good reception and hospitality during his staying at the Hotel, He also told me, my mom showed him places in Philadelphia and they decided to settle down there, That was how my parents got married. I miss him so much cause he is a good friend to me but he also showed me how to believe in myself. "I want you to know I am one woman man", I am an affectionate and passionate man. I love kids and pets. What I am seeking for in my Idea woman. I am a man who shows my woman what true love means, I work according to the Will of God. I'm a romantic man, I love going to the beach, listening to music, love taking walks, love going to the movies. I would describe myself as very caring, gentle and positive person. I am very generous and love life and like meeting people. Have a good sense of humor.. I hope that this tells you more about my opinion on the type of woman that I want to be with in the future is someone who is caring and considerate, someone I can trust and who will trust me and will always be honest with me, someone who enjoys laughing at the silly things that happen in life. Someone who is willing to share the work to make our home a comfortable place. Someone who likes to live in a tidy house too, I do not like to have things very messy. If someone was like that and loved me for who I am too, I would be a very happy man.

I'm looking for my last true love of my life. I do not like dull moody people. Life is too short not to be happy and enjoy. Age is nothing but a number, What matters to me is True Love, Honesty and Trust. I would love to meet some new friends, for chatting and meeting up and possibly try out some new activities and if it leads to something more then that would be good. I enjoy cycling a lot, Traveling, reading, I like listening to most types of music, cooking, walking on the beach and generally live life to the full as it's too short by far. Still a project in the works, but I have the foundation and most of the framing done. My watchwords are honor, loyalty, respect, self-discipline, compassion, vitality, and truth. That doesn't mean that I'm a hard-ass or that I haven't fallen flat on my face where these things are concerned. Things that have no place in my life are dishonesty, greed, selfishness, jealousy and self-righteousness. These things are killers of the mind and spirit. Again, not to say that I haven't allowed myself to fall prey to negative influence, but my overall attitude is to eliminate such at these from my life, which is short enough to begin with.
I believe that you are what you make of yourself, and although the actions of others can have input into who you become, the ultimate responsibility to be human lies within each of us. Dream large, be what you want to be, achieve the goals you have set, love your friends and enemies both because you can't experience life without either one, care for those close to you, and most importantly never stop learning and growing. Each event in life adds to the overall experience of that life and as such can never be negative. I love most kinds of music especially enjoying live performances. I will love to return to University to further my educations. I love learning, especially about Criminal Law.

I collect cookbooks and love to cook, like to clean up though. I like camping (just cause I love to cook outside) and I also love staying in a 5 star hotel. I hope to tour India someday, and Greece. I want to go to Dominica Island with the woman I love. Are you the one? I am very much the type of person who is spiritual and who is a work in progress where learning about life and love is concerned. I feel very deeply. I am optimistic, and you're not going to be able to stop yourself from falling in love with me, so you've been warned, my dear, I love flowers (and books) and surprises and I'd live at the ocean given the chance, and I'd like to have a camper to visit every national park in the country someday. I don't like killing bugs, hate spiders and bees and I LOVE sitting in front of a fire, be it inside or outside. I am a patriot. I like confident women.. I give the illusion of being very strong, but the truth is, I'm very strong and all man. I love women who are clean and smell good. I love chick flicks, adventure movies, and the TV show Larry King. I like eating out and playing board games and I want to learn how to play Lawn Tennis better.

What I hope to find in my idea woman is an intelligent, emotionally available and single woman who doesn't mind about the distance between us, I intend relocating after my deployment tours. I hope to get to know someone by e-mail before meeting in person. I am proud serving my country. I will also like to inform you Communication is the KEY to a SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIP. It will be a pleasure reading from you and chatting with you more.

Yours Admirer,

Ken x

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