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#205326 by scooby101 Wed Jun 11, 2014 1:49 am


About Me

I'm an open minded person, easy to get along with,I'm smart, funny, affectionate, thoughtful, sensual ,hopeless romantic ,passionate ,honest . I like holding hands in the movies, singing in the car and believe in practicing the Golden Rule. You know Life is a very complicated thing,and you never know what will happen one day, people could meet and understand they were meant for each other,they could live a happy life together for the rest of the life,or they could be lonely for long time and be afraid to have new relations, So I don't want to miss a chance of my life and find a person I could live with and have strong and happy family with. now am out here to search for the right person who is ready for a serious relationship.someone that wants that imperfect man cause am not perfect just as i desire someone imperfect .

believe me XXXXXX you got me interested with that cute smiles of yours that are absolutely gorgeous just like you,i really wish i can make you smile more like this everyday..i would love to know you better if you don,t mind please drop me a note when next you are here would like us to talk something,hope to hear from you soon.

Hello XXXXXX how are you doing today,am so happy to hear from you the whole pleasure is mine,you really made my day when i saw your massage,i think of you alot last night that i could not close my eyes all through the night,please i would love us to do this in a more private way like having your email address so i will write you more about my self and believe me my dear possibly we could get to know each other better, once more thanks for you kind reply donny hope to hear from you soon

am so happy to hear from you again i will write you a mail more about my self.

#205528 by scooby101 Thu Jun 12, 2014 1:51 am

how are you doing hope you are great,am so happy written to you right now with much joy in my heart.

believe me XXXXXX i find you very attractive not just the photo but the personality you carry along side..ever since i met you on the site my littel mind have not been at rest,i think of you always even when am at work you toke much of my time in my heart thinking about you XXXXXX,i really would love to know you better please....

let me get you the run down of who i am... I'll start by telling you a little about me.My Name is Donald cadman,am originally from Norway but i've lived in the US for quite sometime now . am a medical doctor by profession and currently working with the UN . am a widower for almost 12yrs now , but have also been in a relationship in between those which i will share with you sometime soon if you would care to know more on that .i've got also my daughter and a mom, my daughter is the secret behind my been on the website where i met you ,she found it and also told me that she knows of some successful couples who met on there , so i decided to give it a try.I'm very close to my daughter cause i raised her alone when she was barely 4yrs of age, that was when her mum passed .am sure you will get to meet her someday soon,remain as beauty as ever my dear hope to hear from you soon.
#205729 by scooby101 Fri Jun 13, 2014 7:43 am

how are you doing am so happy to read your mail you really made my day, baby believe me i can,t do anything with out you baby when i met you i know i have seen that special woman which i have been waiting for a long time,i think of you everyday imagine if you are by my side right now to look into your eyes and tell you how much i have come to love you,baby i really want to build my world around you.

baby my daughter really need a parental care and a mothers love because her mom past when she is still small and i want a woman that she can call mom again.i want that woman to be you XXXXXX.i love you pleas i can,t wait to hear from you soon.

#206144 by scooby101 Mon Jun 16, 2014 3:41 am
hello dear i am just so happy that i obeyed my instinct as to checking on my spam folder right now and i saw your email. i am truly sorry for doing this late believe me .

well i am just ok also only that my weekend has been filled with lots of paper works and trying to sort out some stuffs and getting myself prepared against things ahead .

i am also happy getting a response to my last email and believe me i am never in any rush with you , i believe we still got a whole lot of time to know each other better and my perspective of a successful relationship is one that is built on mutual trust , respect and understand ... my dad would always say , a perfect relationship is firstly understanding the similarities and secondly respecting the differences . and i cant agree any less also ..

well you never shared anything about yourself on this very last email , so i will give you a second chance to share with me just about anything you would like me to know about you , work, life, kids, your ideal man's qualities and what you looking at for the future..

i guess i should stop here for now .. take care , i sure will be looking out more for your email .. take care and stay as cute as ever ..
#206496 by scooby101 Wed Jun 18, 2014 6:54 am
HELLO baby

how are you today my queen,am very happy to read your mail again and to know you do had a great weekend,thanks once more for accepting to take care of my daughter,

you are all i ever want in a woman and now i found you i will never let you go earthier, believe me my queen both of us can make the world jealous for the LOVE we will shear together,i have no doubt of what you made mention in the mail you sent to me,a good relationships starts with a strong friendship and trust, which i want us to build our family together so we will be happily ever after.

baby i would want us to chat more often in yahoo messenger so baby try and come on there so we will chat often talk more about us and so many things,i will add you up with your yahoo ID. hope to talk to you soon and remain as beauty as ever my queen.

#206777 by scooby101 Fri Jun 20, 2014 1:55 am

how are you doing, am very much happy you accept for us to chat on the messenger so we can get to talk more and a steady communication between us,i have add you up with your email and sent you a little notification waiting to hear from you soon,i really want us to get more closer to each other and i never wanna go for one day without hearing from you my queen.

believe me baby you have great and ocean of love and happiness in me with a great passion that i can,t even spend a single day without thinking about you and wishing if you are by side right now, to tell you how dear you are to my heart, i can,t just wait to be with you someday soon.

baby when you receive my mail kindly let me know when is convince for you to chat me up in the messenger so i will be there waiting for you..miss you my queen with much love and kisses.

have a nice day and remain as beautiful as ever my queen..hope to read from you soon.

#207820 by scooby101 Fri Jun 27, 2014 6:42 am

i smile every time i read your letter you make my day each time i hear from you,

baby i totally agree with all you have say to me in this mail,God do great a special people for us and when you find your own special one you will be happy and fulfill and i have finally find you my special woman (XXXXXX) and am a happy man, baby i believe you when you made mention about often communication and building a strong are all my whole heart have ever wanted where are you all this years of loneliness i have been looking for you but i thank God i finally found you and am not gonna let you go away not even an inch from my heart i will always be there for you my baby.

baby i will be on the messenger waiting for you by 10:30PM in your time for us to chat..remain as beauty as ever my love kisses for a wonderful day.


#208340 by scooby101 Tue Jul 01, 2014 4:03 am

how are you doing,i hope you are good so sorry i could not reply on time and i don,t make it to come on the yahoo messenger am very busy with work that i hardly have my own special time but i promise to make it up to you this time because i really do want to chat with you and possibly get to know much about you.

i most confess am missing you very much and i wish i had you by my side right now to kiss your lips and tell you how much special you are to my heart and i will sent you an offline massage on the messenger,

with much love from me to XXXXXX and remain as beautiful as ever.

#208752 by scooby101 Fri Jul 04, 2014 1:36 am

i always smile reading your letter and you made my day right now, am good baby nothing happend just that i had a lot of work with me right now so i don't really have much time for my self am so sorry for not writing you before now hope you will understand.

believe me my queen i feel the same way you feel i really wish i will have on my side right now to kiss you lips look straight into those admirable eyes of yours and tell you how much i love you,how much i want to spend the rest of my life too with you , feel the warmness of your body like you always wish to, you make my world so beautiful and i will always bless the day i met you because in you i found all i have ever want in a woman.

i will make an arrangement for us to met possibly i will come to you but it should be when am done with my work because i had a lot of work to do,let chat on the yahoo messenger so i will tell you more about my work and see how it will work out to see each other soon.what do you think? its simple , just download the messenger on your mobile or pc and then use the yahoo ID you create to log in ..

send me a mail and tell me when will be convenient for you so we will chat more on the messenger...remain as beautiful as ever my queen with much love from...
#209220 by scooby101 Mon Jul 07, 2014 2:40 am

words alone can not explain how much i feel right now to read your letter and those lovely words you say to me i feel completely the same way you feel and i know these is what we both want, to be happy, to love and to be loved and i thank God i find all that in this beautiful woman , i know soon you will be in my arms and feel the warmness of my body and i will make you feel like you have never before.

thanks baby you have finally installed the messenger and it will be more easier for us to chat most times and i can,t wait to chat with you my queen.

tell me the exact convenient time that you will be free for us to chat on the messenger so i will make my self free at that same time, can,t wait to read your warmness letter soon.

remain as beautiful as ever my queen, kisses from me to you....


#209789 by scooby101 Fri Jul 11, 2014 1:52 am
hello baby how are you doing

i was online the other day on yahoo messenger written you massage but you are not written me back

i really don,t know why ,i hope all is well because i miss you more everyday baby

please write me back as soon as you read my letter i will be waiting for your reply

remain as beautiful as ever my queen

#210043 by scooby101 Sun Jul 13, 2014 3:57 am

how are you doing,i was very busy with work but is now weekend and i had to check my box and see your massage, am so sorry to hear that you have been sick , i try to communicate with you in yahoo messenger but you are not responding..

am so worried about you my queen,my heart has been restless for some days because i have not heard from you, i hope you are oky now baby.....

you are all that matters to me right now,i feel the pains with you in my hear...i pray that the almighty God will hail you and you will be strong and fit again..i have missed you so much my queen.

remain as beauty as ever my queen

hope to hear from you soon

#210327 by scooby101 Tue Jul 15, 2014 3:12 am
Hello sweetheart

how are you doing, am much happy today to hear that you are now fine,i have been thinking about you all this while and i miss you more everyday my queen.

baby i just want you to know that i will be traveling to Syria by Tuesday for my work, i never had a chance to chat with you on messenger to tell you more about my self and my work..i work with the United Nation as a contract doctor and i also supply medical material in the camp for the treatment.

right now am done with the arrangement of my shipment to Syria so i had to travel back to Syria on Tuesday but as soon as my shipment is down in Syria i will take care of some necessary things then i will be right back to the states and once am back i will make an immediate arrangement to come to you or you come to me any one that pleases you will be the best..

baby while in Syria i will spend no less than 60days but i promise to come back to you as soon as am done and i really want to be communicating with you always and i hope you will be there and wait for me until i return because i would n,t want to lose you my queen..

i hope to tell you more when we have an opportunity to chat, really miss you baby..remain as beautiful as ever my XXXXX.


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