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I'm a widower as you already know...I lost my wife to ovarian cancer...we have been married for 20 years before she pass away 3 years ago to that terrible tragedy...I have a son, who is 11 years old. He is really good kid and means the world to me. He is very intelligent, well-spoken, well-mannered, conservative, and runs around with a good group of friends. I confess that as a parent, I"m incredibly fortunate and spoiled by that...a genuine, down to earth guy with a welcoming sense of humor. I have a very eclectic taste in music and movies and always interested in trying something new.I enjoy meeting open minded people who enjoy exploring new places and trying new things...Anyone who is easy-going, sociable, and loves to laugh will get along great with me..also Originally from Britain and a Geophysics Consultant..who is into mining and exploration, I am self employed and I handle my job in contracts, which allow me to travel...I have a few passions in my life and I like to say that I'm passionate about being a good father, about my career, about developing a good relationship...also for humanity and for those that will come into my love life...I like many things cos I'm open minded and flexible...I love red licorice and my favorite flowers are carnations...I clearly dislike or choose not to tolerate are: disrespect, unfaithfulness, dishonesty, lying, cheating, mean spitefulness, being judgmental, callousness, harsh words, hurtful acts, untrustworthy people, displaced anger, unfairness, injustice, selfishness, being inconsiderate, blaming, not taking responsibility, self-contentedness....I'm very emotional and affectionate....holding hands while walking on the beach and can be very touchy...I took to my work after the death of my wife, since then I have not been in any date with anybody....I've not felt the love of a woman for a long time now and I really miss it, to be sincere, I was scared, but just want to be bold now and move forward, I'm a one man to one woman relationship type of guy and when I love, I love real hard...I'm ready to listen to unspoken needs and share secret dreams with you as long as there is a miracle called love and true friendship...ready to cultivate this seed called true friend from the heart with you..Ryan

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.

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