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#204304 by scooby101 Wed Jun 04, 2014 3:46 am


About Me

i am george william by name i am here to meet a nice woman in my life.

Hi cute i have gone through your profile i will be more happy to know more about u for easy communication i will like to have your e-mail.

thank you for give me your email address so i will get back to you please try to check your email box okay. my name is George William
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How are you? my dear. I am doing well here, everything is great. My life is awesome and my job is beautiful, having understanding friends who keep me going. How about you? Hopefully everything is just fine and happening the way what you expected them to be.

You really look nice, just what I'm looking for! How about we get to know each other a bit better and see what will happen. I want to tell you about my fate when feeling are so powerful it’s as if some force beyond my control is guiding me to someone who can make me happy beyond my wildest dreams.

You may want to tell me some more about yourself in the area of religion, and what you will like to get out of this friendship assuming it grows positively... well about me,

To tell about myself, i am George William 53Years of age, living and working in England. My father is late and Mum is in UK, born as British. I am working as a Petro-Chemical Engineer in shell here in London. I have work for years. Being a single person, working so much without having much time for myself most of my time spent in offshore and I just enjoy it though it’s very tiring. I love to chill out with my friends during weekends, go to mall, watching football, sometimes play table tennis and once a month I will going to my Mum’s house in Bolton U.K. to visit her.

I am a Man who is hilariously funny, understanding, energetic, spontaneous and stone headed but very soft hearted. I also a man with very strong principle and always try to take my religion along with me, wherever I go, whenever it is and with whoever I am. I respect different religion exist in this world because they hold similar teachings which brings peace to everyone and makes you a better man. It sounds a little boring…well that’s how I am when it comes into serious matter. I will tell you more about me as soon as you tell me a bit about you.

Finally, I will wait for life time for your response and please do not hurry to write me because i know we all lead a busy life, so please take your time and write me when you have the chance to do so.

can you send me your different photos for me to see you well?

Thinking of you,

George William

#204339 by Grunt Wed Jun 04, 2014 8:26 am

hotmail, outlook, msn, and live don't send IPs anymore ...
it's always Microsoft Hosting

image is stolen from US realtor Wallace Cartwright
#204345 by scooby101 Wed Jun 04, 2014 9:12 am
Grunt wrote:@scooby101

hotmail, outlook, msn, and live don't send IPs anymore ...
it's always Microsoft Hosting

image is stolen from US realtor Wallace Cartwright


I know:-)
but I thought I should post it anyway...
#205021 by scooby101 Mon Jun 09, 2014 3:17 am
[quote]Hi dear,

How are you and how is life with you down there? I apologies for my late response, its all due to the nature of my job here as am always offshore and can hardly have access to mails and other personal stuffs.

I hope your doing very great over there?how is life with you my dear?I know you are smiling right?Any ways, I am also fine here and am is doing me well too. Yea work is good with me and am very happy with my work because,it is just like my companion since I have no wife at the moment to keep me company, but having accessed you from afar by the aid of my instil, i believe your just the right woman to fill inn that gap in my life as a wife and i promise to be every thing you desire in a man of your dream, i will change your life for good as money is no more my problems but a good,caring and loving wife which i see in you.

Be it as it may, I was married before to Ms Ann Duhan Jossy, a Scottish lady and we, got divorced 2008 and an incident that shocked me the most in my life. I was working then with a high school certificate and my salary was just enough for our daily and routine upkeep,there was no extra source of income to enable me meet up with her high quest of luxurious and flamboyant life, and i noticed that she was changing from the who I use to know from onset.

The situation kept deteriorating until she started sleeping around with richer men and eventually ended up dating my best friend Leonard who is a crude oil merchant. After a couple of months,she sought divorce and I pleaded ceaselessly to her but her mind was already made and she stood her ground,so we had no choice than to divorce after a couple of months as the court pleased.

This problem almost caused my life as was frustrated, helpless and always desired to kill myself as life was worthless to me then if not for the sake of God's mercy and kindness, i would have been a dead man by now. So, after a while, i completed my degree programmer and s_submitted my certificate and was instantly given a double promotion, that surprised every body.There and then,my life began to take a new and amazing shape hence,I started on a new level of operation in life and now, God has made it possible for me to meet you as a new companion if every thing goes well,I would love to get married to you as fast as possible to enable me lead a normal life like a man who i am.

That’s a bit of my life ideal my dear.

Thanking you in anticipation of your true love for me and i promise to change your life totally for good, love you for who you are, care for your feelings and respect your opinions as my wife.I will like to have your phone number so i can call you to hear your voice okay

I love you dearly.This is my number +447937428952

Regards of love


#205566 by scooby101 Thu Jun 12, 2014 8:01 am
Hi darling Wife,

I am very sorry for my late response to your mail,i have be a special assignment offshore and had no much time and access to mailing facilities hence was handicapped to keeping a steady communication with you dear.

How are you, I hope everything is fine and your work, and sincerely hope that you are doing pretty well! hope you had a lovely week days, i don't have much to say but just to express to you how i feel towards you since the day i meet you, with best regard to your mail, i am absolutely confident about making you a special one in my life. Love is just a similarity of making an emotional pledge, and i believe with the power from your text, am highly courageous in visualizing this golden opportunity as I am aware the energy of the Soul is love.

I am deeply seeking a true and sincere companionship and warmth of you since the day you came into my life, and i can't wait to meet you as soon as time permits for I can't wait to share that harmony and Love with you as love they say heals everything including my lonely days and it is the Energy of the Soul, therefore when i seek of it; i do with all my heart fully honest about it... I don't mind having friendship with people as long as they are honest and appreciate the true meaning of friendship.

I actually need a woman who would offer me a true feeling and could share opinions and problems as well to get to serious matter, and I could feel your willingness to opening a new page of life with me without bias nor fear and that is the reason why you can have my promises that i will take good care of you, love you, respect you and listen very closely to your heart beats with all attention as you merit.

Each day i pray to the God to unit and place us where he know we need to be with joy with my Soul above all odds taking shade under your care as its home and, i am looking forward to becoming one body with you dear.

I understand that there is a marked distance between us in terms of location, time etc. However, i hope with time we can get to overcome that once we are together as i am fully convinced by the power of intuition that we are meant to be for what ever reasons things/situation shall favor us and we will remain as one till the end of time.

George William
#206140 by scooby101 Mon Jun 16, 2014 3:30 am
To someone special,

There is something going on deep within my heart. A strange feeling that I don't seem to understand. I don't really know why you are always on my mind every now and then.

Every time you are near with your mails to my heart, I just don't know what to do. When you start to talk, I hardly find a word to's like I’m out of breath, my heart beats so fast.

I feel so lifted each time i received a mail from you, So much beauty surrounds me every time i finished reading it my love. It’s like you are everything...and I really think, I have fallen for you, I love you.

I hope and wish you felt the same way too. How I wish we could be together one day but if it would be far from happening, if love would not give a way for us because all you wanted from me is only my friendship, it’s just okay for me.

I will still love you no matter what. However, if you feel the same way too, you will definitely bring joy to my lonely soul. You will definitely give warm to my cold lonely nights. Colors will bloom along my way and you will see smile in my heart everyday honey.

That is how much I love you. That is how much I wanted you in my life kisses to you honey,


#206685 by scooby101 Thu Jun 19, 2014 7:57 am

Loving you is like sharing the most precious feeling ever felt by my heart,
you are just the woman I need in my life.

My love I understand you because I love you,
they are three words that are not enough to say how I really feel about you,i know someone really deserve much better than me. That’s why I feel so grateful that you accept me as I am and love me unconditionally

I never thought of loving someone like u…But when I saw you and as I laid my eyes on you, I can’t help myself but falling in love with you,Three biggest lessons in life….Love…Forgive…and Forget…

I can do the first two…But I can’t do the lesson of forgetting you…when i am feeling lonely
all i have to do is remember
the look of your eyes on your pictures and my loneliness, my love i don't have any song to give u baby.
disappears, Honey i am calling you but your phone number is not going why.

Yours Husband,


#206912 by scooby101 Sat Jun 21, 2014 3:33 am
Hi sweetie,

How you are today and how is life over there with you? Hope you are doing great? I sincerely regret my late response to your mail, I have been busy all this days for over 2weeks now.

It is very important for me to express to you how much you really mean to me. I wish I could do this in person, but since we are physically separated by miles of emptiness, this expression must come in the form of letters such as this.
Dear, I know it is difficult for you, as it is for me, to be separated for so long. Life seems to be full of trials of this type which test our inner strength, and more importantly, our devotion and love for one another. After all, it is said that "True Love" is boundless and immeasurable and overcomes all forms of adversity. In truth, if it is genuine, it will grow stronger with each assault upon its existence.

The longer I am away from you, the greater is my yearning to be with you and i hope it will be soonest. I cherish any thought of you, prize any memory of you that rises from the depths of my mind, and live for the day when our physical separation will no longer be. Until that moment arrives.
It will be very hectic and tasking for me, in up coming weeks as I will be traveling to Venezuela for a project my company are contracted to undertake, So as the project supervisor, am suppose to go for the inspection and logistic evaluation work and it is to be done with a time frame as we are expected to commerce drilling by this month of June.

I want to have your full name, Phone number, office or house address to send you flower and Neck less that i intend to buy for you from Venezuela , Just to show you how sincere and pure my heart is towards becoming your friend and love eventually should every thing work as planned. I know that ladies most times do not really agree with the idea of the collecting gift item early in a relationship in view to make sure that their stand in the relationship is not mistaken for DEPENDENCY... but that is not with me OK? I really want to make you have memorable feelings in your heart about meeting me.
Thanking you in anticipation of your mutual under sting with me dear. PLEASE TRY TO SEND IT TO ME MY LOVE ,
My regards and love with kisses.

George William
#207393 by scooby101 Tue Jun 24, 2014 8:30 am
Hi Honey,

Honey i have sent you a parcel containing HP Laptop computer and Jo Malone Perfumes, and one Black Berry Storm 2 9550 handset phone, a neck-less with a lily of valley rose flower ,our engagement ring (diamond) and the sum of 75,000 Pounds sealed in the same pack to enable you settle Some fees {Hotel and car rent} and my daily needs when i come to your country, i can imagine how hard you are working and i do not want to come and be an extra burden to you.

I sent it to your name and address you gave me: xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx

ADDRESS : xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx

Mobile: xxxxxxxxx

Email: xxxxxxxxx

From my inquiry the package will arrive to its destination 2 to 3 days time .



USER NAME: OO34567890021

Password Tracking Number : 023456743127W

Go to the company website and track it through online tracking to know when the parcel will arrive to your country.

Please let me know when you receive the package.

Honey you know my heart is open for you .This short moment we have met and chatted together has been an elevation in my life so i willingly decide to share with you .I will always be here for you.

Honey it's very important for me to express to you how much you really mean to me. I wish i could do this in person while holding you in my arms and gazing into your eyes but since we are physically separated by miles of emptiness this expression must come in the form of latter such as this. i know it's difficult for you, as it is for me, to be separated so long. life seems to be full of trails of this type which test our inner strength, and more importantly, our devotion and love for one another. Our love has been assaulted many times, and I'm convinced that it's true because the longer I'm away from you. The great is my yearning to be with you again.

I cherish any thought of you. prize any memory of you that rises from the depths of my tiny, and live for the day when our physical separation will no longer be. Until that moment arrives, I send to you across the miles, my tender love, my warm embrace and my most passionate kiss. i love you so much.

Yours Prince,

George William.
#207718 by scooby101 Thu Jun 26, 2014 8:13 am
Hi Sweet Heart ,

How you doing ? I just received your mail, Operations Manager in your country do to clearances and fees as I understand . The gift has been put on hold by the Customs Authority because of the money that dictated the interior is so requiring that fees have read your mail I understand that as soon as your payment is confirmed the package will be delivered to your destination address under some hours from the time .
Honey offshore job is different from working in an office on earth - obviously , the long working hours (12 hours) , adverse weather conditions, especially here in the North Sea I have no access to do anything about it and the elements of the coast about me ₤ 7,000 British pounds , including ₤ £ 37,000 in cash. I'm going to spend lots of week here before having a long brake . If you do not do anything about the package will be confiscated by the authority which is not fair that he lost the gift over is never really expensive and the pressures of my heart also remember that the neck less is the symbol of our love if it meant for borrow to clear the package do that and when you get the package you pay back easily . I know it's my fault for putting money into the pack , do not allow such a thing to happen is for your benefit and for the sack of our love, I think you can do something about it. my love call me as soon as you receive my email right now . I am wait for your reply honey i miss you so much my love.

REMEMBER diamond ring is a symbol of our LOVE


George William

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