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#210934 by scooby101 Sat Jul 19, 2014 3:36 am
[quote]HELLO my sweetheart

am very much happy to hear from you ,i got to Syria very late so i had to eat and rest then written you now,and am so happy that you will wait for me,i promise to return to you once am done with my shipment in Syria, i know is quite sudden and unexpected but i never had an opportunity to tell you more about my work because we have not get to chat and talk more about each other.

baby i want you to know that you are all i ever want in a woman before i met you my life was empty, you came and filed me up with happiness and joy , my life was incomplete but you came into my life and make me a complete man thank you allot for coming into my life and make my life so beautiful,

i promise to be back to you in no less than 60days because i really do care about you and i will come to you in your country when am back.

kisses to you my love with much love from.....


#211182 by scooby101 Mon Jul 21, 2014 3:58 am

how are you doing today,i just finish my morning ward round right now and i had to check my mails with faith that i will read a letter from you and am so much happy to read your letter right now , believe me when ever i read your letter you left me with a millions of happiness in my as much as the work down is very stressful and full of risk but when ever i think of you i feel save and i can,t wait to come back to you, in your arms where i truly belong and i miss you every seconds of the day that pass by wishing and dying in my imaginations but i know soon i will be back to you i promise with all my heart..

baby in as much i really want to hear your voice on phone but right here inside the camp they don,t allow out going calls but we can receive incoming call baby is for security purpose and i hope you will understand.

baby this the sat-lite number which you can call me please baby i really want to know how your voice sounds like and i can,t wait for your call..

+447 045 748 085

much love and tender kisses from....

#211906 by scooby101 Sat Jul 26, 2014 4:06 am
Hello my love

how are you, it was a very busy day at work today, and we have a lot of victims today need to take a break for a stressful day, but first I need to check my e-mails to read your letter ..

baby you always put much smiles on my face when ever i read your letter and am blessed to have you in my world,i always think of you everyday baby i can,t just wait to return and have you all to my self, in as much you can not call me i just want you to remember that Donny really love you.

remain, such as beauty, as always, my Queen and my tender kisses with love from ...

#212680 by scooby101 Thu Jul 31, 2014 3:38 am

how are you doing today,you always make me feel on top of the world when ever i read your letter, you left me with much happiness in my heart..thank you for your wormed letter.

am glad you are mine and i believe you and i will grow old together in peace and harmony, you possess all the qualities i have been looking in a woman for some years now and i will always appreciate your love and care.

my love i had a good news i got a call from my agent this morning that my shipment is now ready and will be down in Syria by next week and i will get paid,am so happy because i have missed you alto and can,t wait to return back home then come to visit you in your country, baby i plan to take you with me back to the states if it will please you.

my love i plan to tend my resignation letter once the shipment is down here and open a hospital of my own in the states with the money i get from this contract,because i don,t want to take such risk any more i want to be there for you and my daughter at all times, the two people that means the whole world to are my happiness ever since i met you, my life has been filled up with joy and i will always want to have you by my side.

kiss to you my sweetheart and remain as beautiful as ever....

#213258 by scooby101 Mon Aug 04, 2014 5:45 am


how are you doing,am so happy again to read your wormed letter believe me you have great an ocean of love in me with a great passion that am now addicted to you i really love you with all my heart.

thank you for your concern and caring am happy to write you now and tell you this am expecting my shipment on Tuesday been 5th and once is down here i will make all the necessary arrangement sort out everything ,then tend my resignation letter , i will return home for you baby, i can,t wait to be in your arms i can,t wait to be in the beach with you , am glad you are mine thank you my queen for your LOVE.

my tenderness kiss and love to you....

#213926 by scooby101 Fri Aug 08, 2014 6:18 am
Good day Sweetheart

how are you doing today, i got your letter but i couldn't just write you cause i have been very down , i mean not feeling too good ..
i didn't just want to tell you about this now but i feel i shouldn't hide anything from you as my woman so i have to open up and tell you what is happening with me here .

you know i told you about my job and been in charge of the medical supplies and medications which is been used here but since yesterday , i got some annoying news from the company that the shipement is been delayed and held in the Sea Port cause the need me to pay for an extra fee which the didnt tell me about earlier ... i have settled everything the asked of me and now again , the come back saying that the forget to add some fees which the didnt compy on the invoice sheet given to me when i was in the US .

presently its a very big issue for me cause here in the Camp Syria , i cant do anything from here money wise and now i am so scared cause we are running short of what is needed here and its my duty and job to provide it .. i really dint know what else am to do here now cause i feel so hurt about this . i already contacted some friends and family , the agreed to help but not with everything i need .
i really hate to do this but i did like to ask for your help on this cause this is something that i might get penalized for if the board find out ..
i just want you to know this now and i am still working hard to clear this up and then finish everything needed here and then get out of here and come straight to see you ...

just want to get you posted with it and let you know what am passing through here of lately and i want to you to also know that i have been thinking about you and out future too .. please do let me hear from you as soon as ever ...

remain as beautiful as ever my queen

I Love you.

#214172 by scooby101 Mon Aug 11, 2014 4:20 am

how are you doing? am so much happy to read your letter,you really made my day,ever since the day i receive a call from my agent concerning my shipment i have not had a rest of mind.. i strongly believe i will solve it soon am really working hard on it,

i always miss you my queen every day,wishing if i was there to spend the weekend with you going to the beach, movie and spending quality times with you in our bed room lol...

i know you will wait for me to return to you baby am doing all this for better tomorrow for us,i want to be the man that will make you happy for the rest of your days,i can't wait to be in your rams and you in my own arms,is just a matter of some weeks and i will be done here and we will have each other to our side forever...i promise you that from the bottom of my heart.

remain as beautiful as ever my sweetheart with much kiss and love from....

#214627 by scooby101 Thu Aug 14, 2014 5:05 am
hello Honey,

i feel so happy right now reading your note now .. believe me for the past few days now , its been hell for me here with the loads of work and also trying to sort out this medical shipment thing which was supposed to arrive here since ...believe me baby you are the only reason why i live now for every time i think about you here cause everything now is just making me think so much about the lives in my hands here and what could possibly be my state if the lack medical supplies ...

ok maybe i should explain to you more about everything , i work for the UN here as a contractor and my job here is basically, working as their chief medical director and also supplying all the medical drugs and equipment needed here ..the time i was in the US was the time i took care of the supply which i requested that amounted to almost 3.275 million USD and i paid for everything listed on the receipt of payment been given to me ,before i flew back here in Syria ..

i never knew that the company forgot to add some other things which needs to be paid for until now and that amounted to about an extra 302,000 USD . i begged them to release the goods to me pending the time i leave here and i can settle them but the refused . i had to then seek for some help through family and friends that have helped me and raised more than half of the money but i am still in need of some more funds to complete the remaining the asked for about 35,000 usd . i am still working hard on this and i just feel so stressed cause i could be in some trouble if any of the medicals we have here finishes and is not in stock ...

please baby i don't want you thinking negative about this cause i am still working hard in order to complete it but its so hard on me cause i don't have any more time with it ..

the stress am under is so much on me already and i don't know what else am going to do now , my health is not so good cause i don't sleep , i am awake all night thinking and only have 1hr sleep every day ..

i am not doing this to stress you or make you feel bad about anything please.. don't misunderstand me , i am only asking for your help and i promise to pay back in full in less than 2weeks cause i will receive my payment once the shipment arrives here and i resign too and leave here . this is just my plan .. i want to be with you and spend the rest of my life with you Honey , please understand this .. you are my Queen and i believe we are one that's why i open up to you this ... please don't judge me for any thing , i didn't plan to see this happen and i promise i will make up to you every stress i put you through cause i believe i have also ok ...

i will stop here for now and i believe you've understood me better now ...

I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH and will always ..

your man and your king ,

#215061 by scooby101 Mon Aug 18, 2014 3:53 am
Hello Sweetheart how are you doing?

i feel so relaxed here reading your message because i have ever hoped i will get a good response from you and wait until this time now.

i am doing pretty good anyway just that i am doing my best to sort this medical stuff as to make me come home so we can start this future together which i have ever hoped for all my life.

I really need to know how possible you can help me with part of the remaining fund which will help me sort this shipment stuff as i have earlier told you that i have raised some part of the money and i need a balance of 35,000 usd which i am not really asking you for all the money, i only plead for some part of the money to help me get through this as i will refund you with any interest involved..

My wish is to settle this and return home to you never to be far away from you , You are in the middle of my heart and everything i do revolves around you .. I pray everyday and night just to finish up with my job here and return to you .. We might be far from ourselves but no boundaries nor mountains would come between us.. YOU ROCK MY WORLD..

From the heart that cares, and remain as beautiful as ever my queen kiss and lots of love

#215572 by scooby101 Thu Aug 21, 2014 8:22 am
Hello Sweetheart,

I am really on tears here believe me because is not my intention doing this, i have never been in this kind of situation of not been able to help myself, i am not saying that i am a Rich man but i hate asking people for help and at the end i will be turned down.

well i am happy i met you and you are the understanding type as i can see and i cant wait to meet you one on one, honey i believe that our future was destined for us to be together and that is why i want to get out from here as to start our home together with each other.

well about this shipment stuff i am so worried and i am doing my best to settle this, as i told you i have been able to sort some part of the money which was about 302,000 usd but now i am looking for a balance of the money which is 35000 usd and i dont know how to get this from here in the camp because i dont have access to fund as i told you, well i dont know how much you can lay your hand on because i wouldn't want to stress you, all i ask is for you to tell me how much you can help me with because i am really in a mess here and i am having problem with the boards here due to lack of medicals and the situation here is getting hot everyday as the bombing keep going on in some parts of the camp in Syria, that is the reason why i need to get out from here as soon as possible.

I think about you with every minute and day that comes and goes by here , i know that life with you is something i'll never regret.. You mean so much to me and am looking forward to growing old with you...

I hope this meets you in good fate,

from a heart that cares...

#216147 by scooby101 Mon Aug 25, 2014 4:28 am
hello Sweetheart ,

how are you doing ? well am writing this email to you right now cause it sure feels like am been abandoned ever since i opened up my problem here to you .. i asked myself , did i do anything wrong talking about it ? did i scare my woman off with this ? these and many more questions cross my mind ..
believe me i know deep inside my heart that nothing what so ever can break the love that i have for you apart no matter the situation ... i am very hopefully that this is just but a taste of our love and together , we will conquer if we can hold hands together and see the light ahead of us no matter the situation ...

I Love you deeply and i want you to know this . Nothing , not even this shipment issue can make me stop loving you ... i am working on coming up with some money from a friend who promised me something good about 10,000 . i got his contact from my email and when i did write to him , he agreed to help and will look out for more funds for me , so please honey dont think am ideal here , am doing something and i did also tell him about us , he is an attorney based in Essex , would you want to talk to him through emailing ?

Please My Queen , i need you to come back to me , i need you to come back to the open arms where you will be forever embraced in love and care, i need you to come back to the heart that would forever love and treasure you till the end of times ..

I know its late for you now and probably can read this by the time you wake ..please write back to me and let me know whats happening

Sleep tight my baby ,

with so much love ,


hello sweetie , please i really need to know what is happening with you .. you've gotten me so scared that i dont know what to say, think or do ?

please baby i really need you to talk to me , open up to me and tell me what it is ... i really would want you to open up to me please cause its killing me with your silence and if this is good bye , i would appreciate that you tell me straight even if its gonna hurt ...

i am dying here not just cause of this shipment issue but now something much more and that is your silence .. its never been like this before now and i dont know what it is .. please let me hear from you as oon as possible .. i love you truely with all my heart and soul ..

your best friend forever ,

#216613 by scooby101 Thu Aug 28, 2014 1:41 am
is been some days you have not talk to me and am so worried about you,i have cried day and night and am in a mess about my shipment and now my beautiful loving woman is now turning her back on me i do not know what else to do may be the world is crumbling on me but remember all that we have been promising our self all our dream , why baby why baby what have i done to deserve all this even from you ,you are the only happiness i have around me right now please don,t leave please.i love you with all my heart , my body and my soul i don,t want to lose you please hear my cry and come back to me.
#216905 by scooby101 Sat Aug 30, 2014 4:22 am
is been some days you have not talk to me and am so worried about you,i have cried day and night and am in a mess about my shipment and now my beautiful loving woman is now turning her back on me i do not know what else to do may be the world is crumbling on me but remember all that we have been promising our self all our dream , why baby why baby what have i done to deserve all this even from you ,you are the only happiness i have around me right now please don,t leave please.i love you with all my heart , my body and my soul i don,t want to lose you please hear my cry and come back to me.

#220195 by scooby101 Wed Sep 24, 2014 4:01 am
how are you doing?is been a lonely world ever since you turn your back on me i have no peace of mind since you are silents to me and my letters,i really wish i can have you back in my world ,read your lovely and wormed letters at nights many days and nights has come and gone you are still not there to tell me you love and miss me..

worth a sadness you have create in me ,i wish i can turn the hand of times to have you back in my life i miss you everyday that pass by and no day that pass by that i don,t shad tears for not hearing from you please baby write to me even if is going to be the last time i will be so happy. am missing you my sweetheart please come back to me.


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