Scams operating under the guise of a charity.
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Image <--- image stolen from Indian journalist Anita Pratap

My donation € 4,000,000
Hello my beloved

I apologize for this intrusion, my name is Mellisa Lewis
Born 17 November 1960 in Canada, but is currently in the hospital, CNHU because of my health, which deteriorated in Cotonou hospital on tumor cancer of the brain. I appreciate your efforts real, generosity to the less privilege children in Sudan, the disabled children, help God bless you. Make prosthetic arms for children of South Sudan and country.

I currently have a total of (€ 4,000,000.00) Euros at a bank in Benin, which I held to build a project for charity Home I grated I'll give you the money that will help you in your business and philanthropic activities, the less privilege children help in your city and country. All I need is just a prayer back.

Please contact lewis.mellisa (AT) to get my address this donation. More details and the transfer documents.
God bless you.

Ms. Melissa Lewis.
Private E-mail: lewis.mellisa (AT)

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