Has someone offered you a huge sum of money or a valuable consignment? It's a 419 or advance fee fraud - find out how they work, and what to do to be safe.
#216842 by Jball57 Fri Aug 29, 2014 4:49 pm
Bank of America Corporate Center
100 North Tryon Street,
Charlotte, North Carolina
[email protected]

You are welcome to the foreign remittance / online department of BANK OF AMERICA PLC.

Below are the options for opening;

(1) CLASSIC ACCOUNT: This Requires a minimum deposit of $120 Benefits of classic account:1. Better accessibility.2. Internet access/ online account.(2) NUMBERED ACCOUNT: This has a minimum deposit of $300. Better Accessibility.2. Benefit for every savings made.3. Internet access/ online account.(3) VAULTING ACCOUNT: This has a minimum deposit of $500. Better Accessibility.2. Instant Credit card Issued.3. Investment Pay back access.4. Internet access/ online account.(4) PREMIUM ACCOUNT: This has a minimum deposit of $700. Investment Pay back access.2. Instant Credit card Issued.3. Bank Cheque Issued.4. Better Accessibility.5. Internet access/ online account.

The Premium account has full option banking amenities which involves having a Master Card,credit / debit balance print out and overdraft.

NOTE that the minimum deposit has to be paid before your account can be operational and the deposit belongs to you as this will be in your account before crediting the funds you wish to transfer.

A scanned copy of your international passport or drivers License IS REQUIRED. As soon as you provide the funds for the Account activation, we will activate it and credit your account with the sum which you have provided for the account activation and it will reflect on your account as your opening balance.

Then your CHECK will be deposited into it immediately we activate your account, after which your CHECK will clear and also reflect on your account balance within 24 hours. You can then effect transfers to any account you nominate anywhere around the world.

We advice you to choose from the 4 options given above and inform us of your choice and it will immediately be created upon receipt of your payment according to your choice of account. Your new account details and online access code will be sent to you to enable you log on to your account for the transfering of your funds.

High Interest Deposit Bond Whatever you're saving for, earn up to 5.25% gross / AER with our High Interest Deposit Bond. Interest rate fixed for 2 years, this is when you open any of our Bank accounts stated above.

NOTE : That if you decide on closing your account, You will be able to transfer your funds along with the initial deposit you made for the account activation / opening. After which you will be given instruction on how to send the funds for the account activation.

We await your positive response in this regard.

BANK OF AMERICA have been assigned with the task to transfer your lottery / Inheritance to you by offering you the services of our online banking system, we are here to serve and assist you in this transfer of your Long Overdue funds valued $800,000.00 USD (Eight Hundred Thousand United State Dollars) to your specified Bank in your location.

The Secretary to Nigeria President GOODLUCK JONATHAN has passed on your payment files to us. The Inheritance Funds from the WORLD BANK GROUP organisers in the sum of it's exaclt value in your name is presently in a suspense account with this bank (Non-active account). Hence, cannot be transferred until it been depostited in an account opened with your name.

To this end, an online bank account will be activated / opened in your name to enable the subsequent deposition of it's exaclt value, so that we can proceed with the transfer of the fund.

Once this account has been activated / opened, you would transfer online the said fund to any of your designated bank account across the globe.

Therefore, you are to pay an account activation fee (initial deposit) to set up the online account. Please kindly note that the initial deposit paid by you remains your money and will only be use in setting up the account before depositing your winnings Funds $800,000.00 USD in it's exaclt value.

Note: Initial deposit paid by you is for the account type and it will be added and transfer along with your overdue inheritance funds in it's exaclt value.

All banks in the United state are authorized and regulated by the Financial Services Authority ( FSA ) and adheres to the principles of the Banking Codes including BANK OF AMERICA PLC. To this note, clients are required to abide by the Banking policies of the British Government by making security deposit for ACTIVATION FEES. The Financial Services Authority ( FSA ) is the independent regulator set up by Government to look after the financial services industry and protect consumers.

For current currency conversion visit http://www.xe.com,

Note: that we can not continue with the online bank transfer until the activation fees is paid because this said CHEQUE has to be deposited into an account before it can be transferred to you. This is in accordance with section 17(1) (n) of the National Online Transfer Act as adopted in 1998 and amended on 3rd July 2001 by the Parliament.

Payment for the activation / account opening fees can be made either through WESTERN UNION MONEY TRANSFER / MONEY GRAM TRANSFER. Upon your reply and consent I would provide you with the necessary details to effect payment for the 'ACCOUNT OPENING/ACTIVATION FEE"

Kind Regards,

We Remain, Yours Truly,

#216846 by HillBilly Fri Aug 29, 2014 5:16 pm
yes its a scam. the scammer has himself confused he has so many lies in that one !!!!!

#216855 by vonpaso xlura Fri Aug 29, 2014 5:46 pm
When you get an email that you know is a scam, please post it in the appropriate category, with complete headers. If you post it in the "Is it a scam?" section, we're all going to be reading through it looking for signs of African writing, signs that the writer has never been on bus route 11, things that just plain make no sense, etc.

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