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#212307 by Grunt Mon Jul 28, 2014 4:16 pm
looking for true love
Age & Gender: 36 Year Old Man
Location: Anaheim, California, US
My Education: Graduate Degree
My Profession: Geographer :=)
My Marital Status: Single
I Want Children? No
I Have Children? Yes

My Interest Keywords / Tags
a woman who will make me happy and wouldnt make me feel bad in any way
looking for a real and honest woman on here

About Me
i am terry rogers by name and i am new on here and looking for the love of my life,a woman who will make me happy and never make me sad or feel bad in any way,i love traveling,cooking,swimming,camping,sight seeing...


Hello how are you doing? i am terry rogers by name,i am new on here and you are the first person i will ever talk too on here your profile really caught my eye and i decided to send you an email to see if we have something in common because i will like to know more about you,i am a simple man looking for a real woman who is caring and a woman i can take good care of and make her happy...i will like you to get back to me so we can talk better and see what goes from there..thank you but if you feel we cant talk on here hope you dont mind sending me an email to [email protected] and i hope i am not too forward doing this..thank you...
Terry Cares....

#212309 by Grunt Mon Jul 28, 2014 4:25 pm
Terry Rogers
State Park, SC
I am simple,honest,God fearing...
i think i am not too old or too young to have a wonderful woman on here,actually i am calm,simple,caring..and i need the same woman on favorite color is black...
#213331 by Grunt Mon Aug 04, 2014 12:50 pm
hello xxx i am sorry for the late reply i have been busy at work all this while,right now i am at work,and i am not on my laptop so i wont be able to send you any of my pictures for now,but i will like to see some of yours and when i get outta work i will send you mine,i am just me terry rogers....theres nothing so special about me,i am just looking for a good woman,a woman i call my own,i am simple,honest,straight forward..i will get back to you later and sorry once again for the late reply....thank you..
Terry Cares!!!
Received: from []
Date: Mon, 4 Aug 2014
From: Terry Rogers <[email protected]>
#218575 by Ginger Lee Wed Sep 10, 2014 10:28 pm
Hello baby how are you doing? Hope all is going on well? Sorry am just mailing you,i got some shit going on over here sorry for that language,i actually misplaced my wallet and am all done here and i already packed my goods on flight,but i. Am still back here,i dont know how to sort myself over here. But i still need to attend to a seminar and see if. That would fetch out something for me,i gotta go now will be waiting on your reply. Love you.

Terry Cares!

Hello love how are you doing? Hope your night was good? I havent found my wallet yet and it in have got my credit cards,i just got back from the seminar and its a business seminar. Am just worried here,and my goods will be in anahiem in the next 48hrs! There will be no one to clear it for me since am kind of stock here. Wanna shower now,thinking about you honey. I love you!

Terry Cares!

Hello baby,have already done that been to the police station but they havent seen anyone who came forward for that,am just worried have called my credit card company i think have blocked the cards,but now i am stranded dont know what to do next. How was your night,hope you slept well? Am missing you right now. I love you so much will be waiting on your reply!

Terry Cares!

Yeah i did talked to them about the new card but all they said was that they cant send any card not. Until am back to the state due to security reasons and all thats happening here in nigeria. So how are you doing today? Hows work going? I love you!

Terry Cares!

Have exhausted all the remaining funds on me,and here at the hotel they dont wanna have me here anymore because i havent paid for the past 2days but they have my passport for me to still remain in the hotel,but am gonna eat this morning,something nice though. How was your night? Hope you slept well and dreamt about us? I love you. Am gonna be indoor althrough today!


Hello honey,i told you i am in debt with the hotel i am staying thats why they have my passport and i told you theres no way my CC company can send me new cards until i get back to the state,for security reasons..okay...still cant find anyone who will lend me the funds i need to settle all this debt and refund the was your day yesterday? and i hope you are sleeping very well and dreaming about us,i love you so much and cant stop thinking about you,the earlier i get someone to lend me the funds the earlier i get the hell outta here and pay back..i really wanna be with you honey and i cant wait,my golds arrived at the airport the state so theres no one there to help me clear my goods,since i didnt go with the other flight that am suppose to go with,i was thinking probably you could lend me some funds till i get back...then will refund you ASAP.once am there with you so i can get my passport and get out of here...i love you...


Please DO NOT tell the scammer he is posted here.
#218673 by Ginger Lee Thu Sep 11, 2014 1:00 pm
Hello baby,how are you doing? i hope you woke up well? well you helping me doesnt mean i am your bitch okay,we are both in love with each other,and understand how you dont feel comfortable,but its alright okay...But baby i have an address which i use for my clients who sells goods to me,i can use that instead of using the hotel"s address and again for security reasons...and you will have to send the money through western union money transfer...i hope you know western union...and once you send the money at western union you will be given a receipt,in that receipt i need all the information on the receipt, the information are senders first and second name,and the MTCN which is a 10digits number...and your full house address..those are the information you will have to send me once you get the money once i get those information i can go to the bank myself and get the money out and pay the hotel then i will book my flight and be on my way to the
state,you will have to give me your nearest airport at PA...i hope i am not giving you alot of stress? here is the address...

ZIPCODE: 23401
AMOUNT: 950$...

Thats the amount honey,but i hope its not much,just let me know how much you can help me with..i will be so greatful,and for sure i will refund you once am back...i hope work is going on fine and how was miss EM night?...i will be waiting on your reply...


Please DO NOT tell the scammer he is posted here.
#219440 by Grunt Wed Sep 17, 2014 1:42 pm
I have not hear back from you that why i have to email you back again to know what is going on ....
here my pix again
Received: from [] <--- Celtel Nigeria Limited t.a ZAIN
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2014
From: Terry Rogers <[email protected]>


Image Image
#220131 by Ginger Lee Tue Sep 23, 2014 7:59 pm
Hello honey how are you doing? i am so sorry that am just replying you,i and the manager had to discuss on the account issue that they dont just give it out anyhow,but he understands that i really need the account and now i have the account with me...Hope your day is going on well? ...what have you been doing? And i hope all is going on well at work??? I cant wait to be with you is the account details attach the transfer slip after the transaction which will serve as an evidence that the money was sent into the account...

Swift code - PRDTNGLAXXX.
soft code-076172221
acct number - 1763130462
name - Tajudeen Omotayo Rasaq
Address - 81 Abeokuta road skye bank plc

The amount i am in need of is 950$...when will you send the money to the account so i can get my passport intime and get outta here...keep me apprise,i will be waiting on your reply okay...


Please DO NOT tell the scammer he is posted here.

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