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#220371 by Terminator5 Thu Sep 25, 2014 11:23 am
FROM : sherry jones , [email protected]


Dear sir
Do not be surprised at the receiver of this mail, I got your information from the web directory.
I am Mrs sherry Jones and am the public relation officer to MARSHAL REAL ESTATE COMPANY. Am here on a research. we the MARSHAL estate development company are making plans towards moving over to your country to develop an estate over there, but i will like to ask you few question about your country and i will be very glad to get response from you as soon as possible.

1, what does it take to register a company over there in your country?

2, How is the cost of living over there?

3, How profiting is estate development business over there?

Hope to her from you as soon as possible.
Best regards

Mrs Sherry Jones.

Daniel 8 :25

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TO : [email protected]


Things are looking great for investment here in Rhyolite , NV . USA . Its a thriving metropolis just waiting for a smart investor to get active in development .


Daniel 8 :25
#220373 by Terminator5 Thu Sep 25, 2014 11:31 am
From : sherry jones , [email protected]

I have received your email, and your words are well noted, I can see you are speaking from your heart.

I really hope you don't misunderstand my intention or objective of contacting you. I don't need any assistance or any financial help from you, because I and my partner will surely take care of the project, immediately we move over to your country.

My organization is currently in western Africa, on estate project of about 14,700,000.00 Dollars and by the grace of God we are done with the project, and it has already been sold to the federal government .

Now we intend to move over to your country for another project.

Could you please help me make some enquiries on how to go about the registration of the company in your state Government?

And we will like to work with you as our agent over there.

We will like to begin the project as soon as we arrive the country so as to meet up with our target which is to finish the project before the year runs off.

Immediately you get some information on how to register the company do let me know

This information will enable us. procure a visa, and a resettlement approval from the United Nations to resettle in your state..

So then we can work together on investment. I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.......

Miss Sherry Jones.

Daniel 8 :25

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