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Attn: Dear Friend,


After waiting to hear from you or your Nigerian partners for a long time now. I decided to make this direct approach to you in other not to let it be as if I have anything in mind against you. I do not know if you have asked yourself why each time the release of this fund is approved, all of sudden, the payment will be stopped or one problem or the other will come up.

If you have not asked this question or you do not know, this is an opportunity for me to tell you. Some time ago, your Nigerian friend I mean the people that introduced you to the project approached me through my dear wife who works with the Federal Ministry of Finance and requested me to assist them conclude a money transfer deal they had with you, they requested me to assist them by removing the original contractors name, companys name and your bank particulars from Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Vetting and replacing them with your name and your bank details in order to make you appear as the rightful beneficiary of this funds. I agreed on conditions that they would pay me US$70,000 as soon as your name appears as the beneficiary. I did as agreed and demanded to be paid but your friends started telling me stories.

They even told me that you promised to send money to me, do you know that up till now, I have not received a single cent from them and have not set my eyes on any of them. Based on their attitude, I decided to stop the funds release movement because I cannot be denied of my right in my own office considering the risk as it might affect my job.
Secondly, I know the source of the funds that you did not execute or inherite any fund in Nigeria, although I am the only person privileged to know this information and it is a fact. Why I am making this clear to you is that I can see that you are still making efforts in order to conclude this project. Now I am ready to forget the past. I do not need the US$70,000 any longer from you but a good compensation fro! m your m ind. I need your assurance that your colleagues will be totally kept out of this transaction. I know that none of them is aware of my new approach to you stop spending your money unnecessarily to CBN Officers both here and overseas because you will not receive this money without my hand in it.

I personally did the work at the beginning and only I can perform it. The secret is that your partners failed to stamp duty your contract documents. Finally, I need your promise that no official of the Central Bank of Nigeria nor the so-called barrister will be aware of my involvement in this regard because of my position. Now re-assure that you will be willing to compensate me. That you will assist my wife to establish a foreign account in your country where my compensation will be lodged. Also a KTT FUND RELEASE APPROVALS DOCUMENTS will be sent to you for endorsement after which I will remit the money within 48hours. I am a man of my words, if you are ready to conclude this business with me, kindly call me +2348163042111 But if the reverse is the case, do not bother yourself to reach me and forget about this money.


Mr. Goodluck Chima
Director: KTT Central Bank of Nigeria
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +2348163042111

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