Information on romance scams and scammers.
#2772 by Ralph Sat Mar 01, 2008 10:36 am
Some scammers will fake injury or illness and tell you that they are in hospital and need your help to pay their bills, following is an example of a doctors email that you may recieve in these cases.

It comes to you looking very realistic with pictures and RSOTs

From the Doctor's Desk
The National Orthopaedic Hospital Dala
West Africa Branch
Tel: #+2348080843614
E-Mail:[email protected]

On behave of The National Orthopaedic Hospital Dala,i Dr peter segun regret to send this mail to you to let you know the present situation of your wife Miss keziah peter ,we have tried to contact all the details and information of those people she took as her closest friends,colleagues,relation and most you the husband,it is very imperative we need for you to know the present status of your wife's health,what she has undergo,the treatments and those she need to go true still.I hope this email is not coming to you as a shock or surprise ,sorry about this.

To been wednesday the (recent date) some patient were rushed to our hospital which your wife happen to be one of them,they has fatal accident on the Air ways Bus that were suppose to convey them to the departure center for them to be able to make a successful flight to their various destination,this fatal accident resorted to a flat tire which caused this accident,i was told by one of the eye witness that rushed these injured people to my hospital that they were 18 passengers involved in the accident,8 died instantly and the rest were brought to my Hospital which later this evening 6 passed away again as we tried to rescue their lives and we are lucky as we tried our best to save the rest and we did which your wife happens to be one of them.

On her we found her luggages,contact details of one (name goes here) ,the contact details which includes,the emails address which happens to be you,your phone number,photograph,a love letter writing for you by her,her ticket and boarding pass,valid international passport with UK Visa,bta documents, and the sum of $3,200 US Dollars which we have used to carried an immediate treatment because her condition was critical.He sustain a serve injuries and we were able to carry out some URGENT treatment which brought back to life as at this moment am writing you this mail.

It is important at this moment that your WIFE undergo this important surgery which happens to be the last stage of your WIFE's treatment because if we don't do this surgery She has the possibility of getting crippled and we don't want such to happen because it may ruin her career as a profession Psycologist and that wont happen if only you act as fast to this mail so we know what next to do.
I just wanna inform you that your wife has been transfered to the Surgery department in Nigeria and the Surgeons are ready to treat her and safe her from been cripples so we awaits your urgent response to this mail.

Once again sorry for the late information because we just found your details from her wallet,but yourwife is OK and She is recovering real fast and once this surgery carried out,then She would fly back to you looking Heathy.

Yours sincerely

Dr peter segun

If your internet lover suddenly takes ill, dont be worried about him / her, just email with a new name and email address, it's amazing how quickly they will recover

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