Has someone offered you a huge sum of money or a valuable consignment? It's a 419 or advance fee fraud - find out how they work, and what to do to be safe.
#286947 by LadyScamBuster Fri Mar 04, 2016 7:40 am
Hi guy's I'm was nearly a victim of these Scam Artists:

Mr Gregory Paul Sankey
Telephone: +44 702-4020282
20th Floor The McLaren Building
46 The Priory Queensway
Birmingham United Kingdom
B4 7LR

This person approached me about a long deceased relative
here's a short excerpt :
Hello: xxxxx ,

Thanks for the acknowledgement.

Admin Staff notified me of your reply and we are talking about your
unclaimed estates (Five Million Six Hundred Thousand British Pounds)
left by your late relative Late ( Robert ) who died years back. We
administer the estates since he died. I did not state your name in my
first email because i did not want to create any anxiety just in case
someone sees your email before you.And I am glad to reach you after
several attempts.I know you may be initially scared and skeptical
about this just from the blues,You may or may not be xxxxx.
but having explored all possible links to the deceased to no avail,
we strongly consider the similarity to your name as a possible relative
to the deceased. Meanwhile I assure you that this is 100% legal and
risk free so you do not have to worry as we shall do the needful.
Verification process confirmed and we are ready to administer these
Estates as directed.It wasn't a mistake. Preliminary inquiry was
carried out on his extended family and your name sorted out from your
high commission's officer here just to avoid payment to the wrong
person. Your consent for this payment was necessitated base on his
stipulated instructions to us to contact and remit funds directly to

As his trustee, it is my mandate to legally contact and present you to
the inheritance consultant whom shall carry out the administration of
the estates, prepare and administer excellent services on this matter
to ensure a swift and successful process which will be carried out
within the limit of the heir hunter’s law.To enable us put in a fund
ownership application to the inheritance consultant for the urgent
process and release of the funds to you the heir, we would like you to

Your Full Names:
Current Address:
Direct phone/fax numbers:

Send these details and call this office to enable us discuss and
commence the payment process.Thanks a lot for having time to reply
this time.


Mr Gregory Paul Sankey
Telephone: +44 702-4020282
20th Floor The McLaren Building
46 The Priory Queensway
Birmingham United Kingdom
B4 7LR
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So silly me for believing this, I totally didn't realise that this wasn't real,so here's another email from :

Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2016 03:19:24 +0100
Subject: Re: xxxxx xxxxxx UPDATE
From: [email protected]
Hello: XXX

I do hope you are fine?
I believe i sent you the contact information
to the financial consultant that is to be in charge of your transfer,
but till this moment i am not aware of your communications with UDDS,
Ltd.Please do advice if you have been able to reach Mr.Samuel Franco.
Have you hear from them? please let me know. remember to keep
me posted on all your correspondence.

I await your response and soonest.


Then I hear back from Mr Paul Sankey

Thanks for the details.

This documents are copies of my notification and communication with
the executor from the HM Courts service that warrant my contact to you
and that which explains the claim funds. With the deceased account

Do note that all the processes so far are electronically based and
since it is still an application executed on behalf of the claim ant
(YOU), most legal documents would be released to you after the
legalization and authorization process. I have filed an affidavit for
the certification of claims to the London high court this morning,
when its ready I will tender it to the claim consultant for payment
legalization at the probate.

However, I have prepared a release application with your complete
details, you will officially notify the inheritance claim consultant
to facilitate the payment process and release/transfer of the Estate
to your account.

Please copy the application below and send to: [email protected] and
then give them a call on +44 7937150396 to confirm
your application.

Do let me know when they respond to you.


Department of Transfer/International Delivery
Contact person: Samuel Franco
Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer
Tel: +44 7937150396
Fax: +44 7005931471
Email: [email protected] (INQUIRY)

Attn: Samuel Franco. (Claim Department).

I am XXX, appointed heir to the late Robert XXX
(Deceased customer with your bankers).

From the record I got from his Legal Adviser/Trustee in London UK, I
was made to understand that he had a closing balance of £5,600,000.00
( Five Million Six Hundred Thousand British Pounds ) with your bankers
prior to his demise last year.

I wish to have same amount and accrued interest transferred to me in
my capacity as the beneficiary/heir to the deceased.

I await further instructions on the above subject matter.

(Also do contact them with a copy of the Document i have attached)

Yours sincerely,

Mr Gregory Paul Sankey
Telephone: +44 702-4020282
20th Floor The McLaren Building
46 The Priory Queensway
Birmingham United Kingdom
B4 7LR

Hello: XXX,

Thanks for the details. With your information,I want you to understand
that I will submitting your particulars and the application processing
start from today I have sent an official fund release application to
the bank that is to be in charge of your transfer now for verification
and processing of the payment Please note that, by this
application,You are officially identify to the financial consultant as
the beneficiary to this fund. All legal documents to support the
inheritance claim will be duly applied and secured from the registry
in your name making you the sole beneficiary to the funds, Immediately
the documents are secured from the registry, it will be officially
filed with the Bank handling the funds in TRUST.for verification after
which the funds will be release to you.

All documents secured in your name from the probate registry will be
sent to you for your records.Please kindly send an acknowledgment
email to enable us process your inheritance.


Mr Gregory


Kindly Accept & Acknowledge my Proposal!

I understand that through Internet is not the best way to link up with you
to inform you about this notification but because of the confidentiality
which my proposal demands.However, I have already sent you this same letter
one month ago, but I am not sure if it did get to you since I have not heard
from you, hence i am constrain to reach you through the Internet which has
been abused over the years.I wish to notify you again that your name was
mentioned as heir to the sum of 5,600, 000.00 sterling pounds. In the last
testament of our deceased client name now withed.I and my team of the Heir
Hunters Company in the United Kingdom are detectives assisting distant
relatives of people who have died with or without making any official will.

As the heir hunter's team of detective, the race is now on for us to track
down the often distant relatives in line for a windfall. We came across
your profile and email while searching through genealogy database.Note as
the heir hunters our aim is to assist people claim there lost relative
fortune instead of the government or Bank MDS to use the money to in reach
their treasury.Please send an acknowledgment email to enable us process your
inheritance with all due verification process.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Telephone: +44 702-4020282
Gregory ([email protected])

Now this is from another person called: Mr. Samuel Franco (Now he suppose to be a Financial Advisor)
Tel: +1 (267) 861-0805

Dear XXX,

This is to confirm that we received a notice from The HM Courts and Tribunals Service appointing you as the next of kin to late (Mr. Robert Taylor) Deceased and as the beneficiary of the valued sum of £5,600,000.00 (Five Million Six Hundred Thousand British Pounds). According to the letter we received, you are the legitimate beneficiary of the above stated sum. As the financial management firm, we are ready to start processing the release of the funds to any designated bank account of your choice.

Please be informed that we are a reputable Financial Management Firm and guarantee the speedy release of the funds. To enable us process your payment, kindly reconfirm to our payment office the information listed below:

Your Full name:
Complete Address:
Date of birth:
Tel and fax numbers:
Scanned copy of valid identification
Send a copy of the HM Court letter issued to you

The above listed requirements will enable us start the process of releasing the inheritance funds to you. This process is estimated to take approximately 4-5 working days to conclude. We trust you will expedite action in this matter as time is of the essence. Kindly call me to confirm receipt of this mail.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Mr. Samuel Franco
Tel: +1 (267) 861-0805

Dear XXX,

I don't have any idea what you are talking about. We are a reputable company based in London and Philadelphia, USA without any affiliation with any other country. It is a shame that you contacted this company for the release of inheritance funds only for you to cook up false allegations without proper investigation. This is unacceptable.

Samuel Franco
Tel: +1 (267) 861-0805

Now this is where it gets really interesting:

Attn: XXX


This is to acknowledge the receipt of your email message with its contents well understood and comprehended. It is indeed true that UDDS, Ltd, received a communique to facilitate the payment of inheritance funds in the exact value of Five Million Six Hundred Thousand British Pounds.

There is need for a formal application to be made on your behalf by our legal team to the Probate Registry and a Court of Law. A letter of Administration and Sworn Affidavit as beneficiary of the inheritance fund must also be prepared in your name. This will be supported by very important legal documents that will ensure the successful release of the inheritance funds you. These documents will be processed by our legal team and they must be paid for by the beneficiary of the funds. The funds will not be approved for transfer by the authorities without all the legal documents to back up the Change of Ownership. You will find below a list of the needed legal documents.

Detailed description of legal documents:

1. Legalization of Application process with UDDS legal Co. to the Court to authorize bank to release the inheritance funds (10 pages).

2. Legal representation and administrative cost for applying and requesting payment of inheritance fund.

3. Stamp Duty and Notarization of all copies of documents relayed by you.

The above listed legal clearance and documents will cost 0.05% of the total inheritance sum. This means you will be required to pay for legal paper works. The package will be shipped out as soon as the legal papers are ready. It is very important you make arrangement to pay the 0.05% which is GBP 2,800 for the legalization of late Robert Taylor's estate. I can call you with my London number if you give me a telephone number to reach you.

Thank you.


Alford Forney

So what they are asking for me to pay GBP 2800 which is equivalent to $6888 :00 NZD
which I have to fork out of my own pocket "with me being a low income earner" or in other words a beneficiary"

Then silly me gives Mr Alford Forney (Scam Artist) my home phone, so when he does ring me "Well Surprise Surprise :His accent is not English,it's Nigerian"...
Well Mr Scam Artist asks me on the phone about this so called Inheritance Money " Yeah Right".where I have to come up with the cash GBP 2800 :00, and I said where am I going to get that from ???,he said before I get any of the Big payout from the My so called dead relative .remember I'm supposed to get over GBP 11,000.000 ,he insisted that that I have to pay all the legal fees,stamp duties.etc "now this is where I start to get really suspicious again ",where he says do you have any other relative that can come up with the money "HMMMM",,I said where am I going to get that kind of money from,to get back off you guy's,so Mr Alford Forney (Scam Artist) says to me I'm sure you can come up with even 20 /25 per cent of the money .so I said I'm not able to,so another suspicious thing he said to me was"Don't tell anyone that he had called about this Inheritance Money !!!!.

So people please don not allow this to happened to vulnerable people like me, who almost just about got taken in with this.
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#286953 by LadyScamBuster Fri Mar 04, 2016 8:15 am
Hi again guy's I've just come across this from Evercaller Website :

These are from the Scam Artists :
Gregory Paul Sankey
Samuel Franco
Alford Forney
They are all from Nigeria claiming to be from :The Heir Hunters

Warning: new scam on the Internet under the guise of an inheritance To convince victims who may benefit from a distant heritage, is the new type of scam that specialized agents of the National Police have been detected on the Internet. Fraudsters exploit the news of an accident where there have been several deaths and sent a large number of emails to Internet addresses that have achieved by any of the various procedures. AND No such email they believe the recipient that the deceased has left no will and that the inheritance is not lost or go to the State Treasury where he lived, we provide a range of addresses and contacts that can lead they manifesting heir of the deceased, as indicated from the Provincial Police in a statement. the scam consists of several phases .In the first, and the victim does not request any money, many people agree to participate in the alleged heritage and the addresses provided send personal information, data, identity and address, among others, as a possible heir to the fortune left by the deceased . contact the victim in this way, scammers establish contact with the victim and using the data itself provided, we refer documentation between make you believe that you will receive the heiress amount to the current account you have indicated. Then they contact again with the victim and report that it is necessary to send a small sum of money for the payment of duties and taxes, among other aspects, to which access in order to receive the "inherited" amount, amount that never comes . This new type of scam is being used both through the network as mass mailing of cards whose postal addresses achieved by various procedures, accompanying brochures and simulating banking law firms, managers or notaries.
#286979 by HillBilly Fri Mar 04, 2016 2:18 pm
hi and welcome, lady scam buster. There is a wealth of information available to you on this site for your own education. Check the "stickies" out ( they kinda look like old light bulbs) in the top of each of the forums here.

the thing I noticed right away in your original post is a 44-70 #. They are a dead giveaway for scams every time. please see this article about those and other #'s scammers love to use to try and fool you.

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