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Kareone at


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Kareone is an award-winning information technology consulting firm with a history of serving clients across multiple industries. Kareone provides technology and business consulting and staffing on a full time and consultant basis. Our client base includes multiple industries and is focused on local and national regions.

Kareone was founded in 1995 by a small group of senior consultants with advanced degrees in economics, business administration, and behavioral science. With a worldwide network of consultants and partners, Kareone works to accelerate the development of individuals and teams - from executives to front-line employees - helping them reach higher levels of performance.

With 10+ years serving small businesses and non-profits, Kareone offers proven experience delivering:

Increased Productivity in Politically Challenging Environments;
Improved Collaborative Results-Oriented Relationships;
Broad-Based Strategic, Creative, Operational, and Technical Skills;
Practical Plans, Tools, and Techniques.

400 Renaissance Center, Detroit, MI 48243
T: +1 (313) 451-5406
F: +1 (313) 451-5406
[email protected]
271 Avenue Labrosse, Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 1A3
T: +1 (514) 819-0331
F: +1 (514) 819-0331

Created 28th September 2015 for 1 year only


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Reshipping Scam

Kareone focuses on one area: small package transportation spend management. We do not dilute our efforts by pursuing contracts for office supplies, IT, telecom, etc.

United States Location
400 Renaissance Center, {Regus Business Center, Virtual Offices}
Detroit, MI 48243

T: +1 (313) 451-5406

F: +1 (313) 451-5406

[email protected]

Canada Location
271 Avenue Labrosse, Pointe-Claire, { Industrial Unit For Rent}
QC H9R 1A3

T: +1 (514) 819-0331

F: +1 (514) 819-0331

[email protected]

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