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#31968 by Ralph Thu Jul 01, 2010 8:59 am
Of course its a scam, right from the very start where you see teh email address being used, why would Western Union in bennin use a hotmail email address, let alone a French hotmail address, its 100% scam, please do not reply

WESTERN UNION [email protected] wrote:

This is to inform you that we the management of this western union has concluded our general meeting yesterday and we are happy to bring to your notice that your payment is among the lucky ten people that there fund will be transferred to, now we are here to know if you are ready to start receiving your fund or not, you should bear it in mind that your total fund is only one million dollars and you will be receiving it five thousand dollars until your total fund is being completed, in the conclusion of our general meeting you are given two option to choose one, you are required to pay $85 for the processing of your fund withing six working days or you will loose your fund, this is the only money you have to pay before receiving your total fund, immediately you send this $85, every thing about processing your fund will be completed within four working hours and your first payment will be sent to you,

You are advice to get back to us as soon as possible if really you want to make use of this wonderful opportunity or not, but if you are not ready to receive your fund, you are as well expected to get back to us so that we cancel your fund and divert it to government fund, you are free to call me so that i will explain more to you, + 229 98426925,

This is the information of your first payment

Senders name:::::::::::::Emmanuel Okonkwo
Country of the sender::: Benin Republic
City of the sender:::::: Cotonou
Amount:::::::::::::::::: $5000.00
Test Question:::::::::: Good

You can track your fist payment with ... try=global , and you will see your fund available to pick up by the receiver, you cannot pick it because you have not paid for the processing of your fund, if you are ready to start receiving your fund in next four working hours, then all you needed to do is to go and send the required 85 with this information and you will start receiving your fund without any delay,

Send the money with this information
Receivers name:::::::::::: Amaechi .E. Okonkwo
Text Question::::::::::::: Good
Answer:::::::::::::::::::: Luck
Country::::::::::::::::::: Benin Republic
City:::::::::::::::::::::: Cotonou

Waiting to hear from you as soon as possible


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