Has someone offered you a huge sum of money or a valuable consignment? It's a 419 or advance fee fraud - find out how they work, and what to do to be safe.
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From: PAUL RONARD - [email protected]
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Subject: Final Quarter Delivery of Your Abandoned Consignment Box for the Year 2015/2016


I have been able to secure the release of the consignment after heated
negotiation with the airport vault authorities. I have also paid the
Non Inspection fees of $1.350 which was the main reason why the
Diplomat abandoned the Consignment because he was unable to pay the
fee but after making payment I have been required by the airport
authority to settle the domestic accumulated dumurage fee of $1,350
Otherwise clearance will not be issue and the flight company would not
board me for delivery.

I am now left with only $750 after paying for the Non-Inspection
Airport gate pass fee. This process requires me to make the payment to
their paying office here before they will issue their receipt for
clearance, this receipts serves as an evident prove, thereby
satisfying luggage as genuine and legitimate having passed through the
BWI International Airport satisfactory inspection examination for

It has now become imperative for you to support me at this point, so
that, I can make this payment as required to avoid delay. What is left
now is $350.00 Due to the exigent situation, we need to round this up
fast. Do try and send me the $350.00 so that I can add it up to
complete the needed amount.

Remember this payment is for the Domestic Accumulated Dumurage /
International Declaration Fund Clearance Certificate of the duration
of the consignment in their custody before the clearance will be
completed,As soon as the demurrage is paid i will make my flight
schedule available to you to know my date and time of arrival in your
city before Monday or latest Tuesday for you final delivery to you as
to signed .

I did not bargain for this, hence your understanding and assistance is
highly needed for a fast and smooth delivery of your consignment. You
are to Send the money through money gram money transfer to the
receiving officer with the below information and this will also give
them full confirmation that the consignment is going to your city.

This is the only role you are to play in this delivery process. I
shall leave Louisville International Airport (SDF) North Central
Kentucky to meet you once I receive the $350 from you and pay for the
domestic dumurage. I hope you recognize my effort so far in this
process, in ensuring a safe delivery and to guide against any
unforeseen circumstance.

Do you intend to meet me at airport or do I rent a cab to your
address? Let me know this quickly, importantly, I will send you a copy
of my flight schedule as soon as I get the payment information to
complete the release of the consignment from the security vault.

I wait your urgent compliance.

Mobil: (325) 735-0261 TEXT ONLY
Re: Final Quarter Delivery of Your Abandoned Consignment Box for the
Year 2015/2016

You can contact me at: Calvin @ scamwarners (dot) com


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