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#334731 by AlanJones Sun Jul 23, 2017 2:08 am
From: MARIL OKI - [email protected]
Reply-to: [email protected]
Tel. No.: +22966028272

Hello Sir/Madam,

After our Annual Meeting with World Bank United Nation Bank For
Africa,We Found Out that i stated Sum of $2.5m Is Fluting in your name
for transfer but we cant find your name on the HARD Disk,may be the
our Past Workers did not attach it on the transfer list,so we have now
agreed that this said funds must be transferred to you as an
Investment funds which will enable you cover all funds you wasted in
norther to recover this funds since past years as
compensations.Remember that that said funds will be giving to you as
an investment which will last for only 7 years.

so, you are advice to send your Information such as address and
telephone number to eneble us gain all legal needs for the
transfer,which will give you all Legal right to the said
funds.Remember that once we have this said information we will now
have to Attach an MOU which you will print and sign as to indicate how
the funds shall be used till that 7 years agreed.

Note that once the funds arrive in your Bank or in Your Cear depends
on how the approval chall be giving out,we will keep the funds on hold
till we send a Delegate whom will follow up on the Investment till She
will Arrive in your Country,as to take note for the final signing of
the Power Attorney which must be sign by our Chamber of commerce
Director.So if you aggree with this term we wait to hear from you.

Now,all you have to do is to send the following Items to OUR Finance
Office to enable them gain all needed Legal Documents that will bide
you in this transactions as to proof that this said Funds is
legal.Please send your telephone number and address to this address.
[email protected]

Thanks for understanding
+229 66028272
Email: [email protected]


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