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KMJ Builders Ltd at

Stolen identity: the real company can be contacted on 204-757-7780

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We’re a diversified construction company, made up of teams of people who are proven in their industries. All working to design, build, transport, operate, and maintain projects all over North America. But we believe that projects are about more than concrete and steel. They’re about people and the power of partnerships. Partnerships with our employees, our communities, our contractors and clients. We believe in building trust in the places where we do business—whether that’s by engaging honestly, by giving back, by putting safety first, or by looking for smarter, more sustainable ways to get the job done right.

Our history
2000 – 2012
Diversification Long before the marketplace turned towards green capital Ledcor was pursuing opportunities to progressively reduce our environmental impact and drive positive change within the industries in which we work. Our long-term focus on environmental sustainability resulted in new service offerings such as wastewater treatment, green building, and sustainable forestry services. Following opportunity, we entered the transportation services sector with the acquisition of Summit Air Charters and Arctic Sunwest Charters, regional airlines that have been providing specialized remote service for over 20 years throughout the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. KMJ Builders Ltd entered a joint venture to build, own and operate the Vancouver Harbour Flight Centre seaplane terminal.

2012: Forward. Together.
KMJ Builders Ltd currently employs over 7,000 staff across 20 offices throughout North America. Our company’s entrepreneurial spirit and strategic decision making continues to lead us down the road of growth and expansion. So we can be who our clients need us to be, today and tomorrow.

KMJ Builders Ltd
230 I-XL Cres, Lockport, MB R1A 3C6

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