Advance fee loan scams and fraudulent loan sites.
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TalDan Capital at

Stolen identity

TalDan Capital LLC is an award winning financier and our team can take care of your finance requirements. We have been operating for over 19 years and have helped 10000s of customers just like you.

Our Award as a winning financier
TalDan Capital LLC has been recognized for our outstanding performance and expertise in the financial niche. This prooves of how hard we work for our clients

What our customers say
We pride ourselves on delivering customer service that is off the hook. Click to see what our satisfied customers are saying.

How easy a loan is gotten
Getting a loan from us is no rocket science. With the right guidance and doing what is met to be done, you are covered

Our Funding Program for Everyone
No credit scores check, No down payments, Very good Loan to Value Ratio. 100% funding of Rehab and full cost

Thank you for all your help, you have made this experience very simple and I appreciate your professionalism all through the process.
If ever I do need any financial help or indeed any of my friends I will be sure to pass on your number.
Once again thank you.
Kind Regards,
G. Cook
- July 2016

TalDan Capital LLC is a company incorporated in GA. TalDan Capital LLC was registered on 1/5/2016 with number 16001729
1261 Biltmore Dr. NE, Atlanta, GA, 30329 USA
Phone: 214 997 8050
[email protected]

Created 10th August 2017 for 1 year only


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