Fake banks, couriers, law firms, escrow and other fake sites used in scams.
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Inter-Global Financial Regulatory Board at http://igfinrb.org

Anyone referring you to this “organisation” is a fraudster.
Any company endorsed by this organisation is a fraud
Any “deal” or “recovery” involved is a scam.

As the name implies the mandate of the Inter-Global Financial Regulatory Board is to oversee, administer and enforce the federal securities laws relating to Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A).

Secondary to our primary mandate but of no less importance, we interact with the various corporate and legal entities we may encounter during a merger or acquisition.

In addition, we have a responsibility to ensure that all parties involved in any transaction conduct their business in a fair and transparent manner.

We believe that good regulation is good for business, when fraud does occur; it damages the integrity of the entire M&A industry, we adopt a policy of strict adherence and interpretation of the appropriate Federal and State legislation's.

One of the key trends the Inter-Global Financial Regulatory Board must deal with is the global integration of M&A participants.

Inter-Global Financial Regulatory Board
1500 Market Street, 16th Floor, East Tower, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19102
Telephone: +
Fax: +
Email: [email protected]

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Inter-Global? - they must be aliens!


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