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#344718 by mettes Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:31 am
From: TNT GLOBAL DELIVERY COMPANY <[email protected]>
Reply-To: [email protected]

Address: Plot 5, Government residential area Branch(GRA) Way,Ayaboninsa
Telephone number;+234 7068 583 413

Good day to you, this is the second notice we are sending to you in
regards to your atm visa card left here in our office, we notified you
about this few weeks ago but we haven’t heard from you up till this
moment. Many other packages, which we are supposed to deliver together
with yours had already been delivered to their various owners and yet
yours is still here in our company. You can check on our website
http://www.tnt.com/express/generic/en_bj/site/home.html track with the
written numbers below and see those whom we have already delivered; they
all have received their shipments in a good condition.

Tracking number: 415459624 ( already delivered )

This is the evidence of the shipments we have already made safely and no
complain. Today we brought out some packages abandon here in our office,
so that is where we found yours sealed in an envelope. We opened this
all to find out is an atm card. Attached to this, is a letter sealed in
the same envelope stating that this card worth the sum $2.6 Million US
Dollars also that it has already been activated for use.

Reading down on this letter, which explains that the pin numbers of the
card will not be giving to any other person but you and it has to be
from the bank zenith international bank which issued this card. If you
wish to speak with the bank to acquire your pin numbers, you can reach
the bank on with E-mail([email protected]) Person to
contact, Mr. Mike Odili

The pin numbers will be issued to you by this bank; this will be when
the card gets to you. We had a dispute with the (NICON) Insurance office
about your insurance certificate which they demand $250 for that,but now
all has been settled. We are happy to inform you that Your ATM CARD is
inside one of the CONSIGNMENT BOX we are to dispatch this week.

Since you are having it difficult to raise the $250 needed, the fee is
now reduced to $100 for you. So you can now send $100 only to receive
your ATM CARD. A tracking number will be forwarded to you upon receiving
the fee $100. Our agent will call you once the package arrives in your
city then you give him more directions on how to drive down to your

You will need to sign on the papers which he will present to you once
the driver reaches your house. After this, you have to call the bank for
your pin# as this can not be send through a mail to you for some
security reasons. Note, you can also change the pin numbers if so desire
for your own safety.

You are advised to send a total sum of $100.00 via western union to the
name of our receiving agent below.

AMOUNT; $100

Send the western union payment information back to us immediately after
doing that. We are waiting your urgent respond so we can move out the
card earlier today.

Once the card is dispatched today, you should expect the arrival
tomorrow.So please we advice you stay and wait to receive the card
personally because we won’t like giving it to someone else unless you
have an urgent place to attend then you must drop a written note with
whom ever you ask to receive it on your behalf.

E-mail:[email protected]
Telephone number;+234 7068 583 413

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