If you have been scammed, please post here and share your experience; it may help others avoid the same situation!
#355421 by thatsnotnice Sun Feb 11, 2018 10:17 pm
My story begins with the fact that I never heard of romance scams. I never paid attention to people requesting to be friends on Facebook, there were some men, but I never responded. Also, I didn't have privacy set on my pictures. I received a request from a man with an intriguing picture. I was drawn to him, so I responded. He started on Facebook as Donald James then his name was Donald Clinton

[email protected]

He immediately wanted to get off Facebook and communicate with me on Google Hangouts. Romance escalated so quickly, the next thing I knew we were in love (or at least I was.) He wanted to get married for Christmas, but he was on a ship near Barcelona, Spain. He said he could not send nor receive money and he had forgotten his credit card, so he needed an airline ticket. At first his travel agency asked $3,500, when I said I didn’t have that they said they could get a cheap ticket for $1,750 and I sent that amount to his supposed travel agency:

Jackson Smith
Kemepadei Bipeledei
Account Number 223809663
Routing number 071000013
Chase Bank

Noted MW

He was a widower who lost his wife to cancer 5 years ago and had a 14 year old son named Barry. He had Barry write me a moving letter and sent me a picture.
[email protected]
When I saw the picture, I thought, “this kid doesn’t look 14 years old.” I deal with 10 year old kids everyday, and that’s what this kid looked like, but I ignored that warning.

He never got on that plane, but sent me a picture of a fake ticket.
Then he couldn’t get off the ship without getting a MC (marriage certificate) from the UN. If I didn't get him off the ship he would have to sail to China. He gave me a UN email address [email protected]

I wrote to the United Nations. They don’t even have an office in Barcelona, Spain and they don't issue Marriage Certificates. Next, I looked up scamming and found an article in Huffington Post, as I scrolled down, there was the picture of the man I was in love with! That wasn’t him at all! From that point on, as the scammer tried to get 10k from me. I thought I would just waste his time. This is VERY DANGEROUS! Now that I’m not playing or paying, things start to happen: my identity, all the pictures I sent, are being used to scam someone else, in addition, that information is being sold and my name is put on this Stupid List so I started getting all kind of spam mail. What a nightmare!

After I told him to never contact me again, he waited 2 weeks then video called me; using the picture of the face he had stolen. He's supposed to be a white man, but the voice I heard was definitely African.

Needless to say, this is heart and pocketbook breaking! I have to pay off the loan for that $1.750 and I’m still trying to get rid of him sneaking around on my Google account. Please, believe these guys don’t love us, they’re out to get ONE thing, our money!


#355619 by 4X1X9 Wed Feb 14, 2018 7:51 am
Welcome to Scamwarners but I wish it was under happier circumstances.

Don't be hard on yourself for falling for this, many do everyday and scammers are very good at praying on peoples emotions.

Thank you for sharing your experience though as it will help others stay clear of this person.
#356038 by TheScamHater Sun Feb 18, 2018 9:28 am
So sorry to hear you were scammed. Although sad, it is very true that these are heartless criminals who wouldn't care about you dieing in a pool of blood if it meant getting a few dollars from you.

Please remember to DROP ALL CONTACT from this scammer and stay alert in the future.

Do not send money (especially Western Union Money Gram) to a stranger on the Internet! It's a scam!

Need help or advice? Contact me at tsh4scamwarners(at)gmail(dot)com

DO NOT tell a scammer his information is posted here or you know he is a fraud

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