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#359779 by James Fri Mar 23, 2018 3:46 pm
Okorie Okorocha, acclaimed for his expertise in being a forensic toxologist, expert witness and civil trial lawyer, is now offering his legal services to antifraud websites Scamwarners and 419eater. Okorie has a long history with both sites and their online communities, which are constantly under threat by fraudulent persons angered by being exposed for their crimes.

Okorie Okorocha, a Forensic Toxologist and Expert Witness, is extending his fields of expertise to the internet realm by offering pro bono work to antifraud websites ScamWarners and 419eater.

Okorocha is a nationally board certified Criminal and Civil Trial Lawyer, with a Masters degree in Pharmacology and Toxicology. Assisting juries better understand complex scientific concepts in cases involving drug or alcohol use, the knowledge obtained through being an expert witness truly sets Okorocha in a legal class unlike no other. Acting as an expert witness in now over 300 trials, Okorocha has used his knowledge of how alcohol and drugs affect the body to ensure that proper understanding leads to the correct form of justice being carried out in court. Okorocha has won awards in “Top 100 Attorney” by National Black Lawyers, as well as “Top 40 Lawyers Under 40” from the American Society of Legal Advocates. Okorocha also has many publications regarding forensic science.

Now providing work to Scamwarners and 419eater, Okorocha is using skills as a forensic lawyer to fight crime in the invisible but very real world of online fraud. The antifraud sites bait scammers and expose them for their illegal attempts at online fraud and theft. Both websites are aimed at increasing awareness of online scams and fraud, Okorocha’s skills are of immense value especially in the advancing technological world where most communication and interaction happens online.

Antifraud websites like Scamwarners and 419eater are in need of experienced lawyers like Okorocha to defend them, due to the nature of their practice. Antifraud organizations that work to expose criminals do not make money for their efforts and are under constant threat of law suits from scammers. Okorocha has been working with 419eater since December 2003 as an active participant and key member of their online community. Furthermore, Okorocha has been a dedicated member of ScamWarners from its inception in 2007, and has now stepped up to offering pro bono legal assistance for both websites in the past year.

Having intimate and in-depth experience with both websites has provided Okorocha with an exclusive skillset in being able to understand the inner workings of the online anti-fraud world and places him in a unique position to be able to offer his legal advice.

The experience of an accomplished lawyer such as Okorocha is invaluable to antifraud websites and the quest to end online scamming. With a long history on both sites, Okorocha is a trusted member of both communities, with many accolades as an attorney and expert witness proving he can succeed in protecting the people who aim to warn of us of the many dangers of the internet.

“Not only do I have the required expertise, but I also have extensive experience, as I have assisted courts since 2007 and have been deemed an expert witness in 220 cases to date”.


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