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#368494 by AlanJones Fri Jul 06, 2018 12:20 am
From: Vet Ser Family - [email protected]

Dear XXX,

I wanted to write you last week, but my internet connection was off.

We dont know each other anyway, but my name is Dr. B. J. Bunch - Am a Vet Doctor from the Bahamas. My only reason for writing you was just because of your first and last name. Permit me to explain what I mean please.

I once had a delayed transaction with one bank in West Africa, at a point I felt the person who was assisting me there was not being sincere with me, So November last year (2017), I decided to visit that country to handle the transaction my self.

On my arrival I was fortunate to meet a kind man who give me all the help I needed then and I got the transaction completed within 1 week and transfer was effected to my account back here in Bahamas Successfully after following normal official process.

One of days I visited that bank, On their Notice Board where names of customers with pending transactions were pasted.. I saw the following data.

Customer Name. XXX
Transaction Value: 1,200,000.00 (US$)
Reference ##: B.K/GH4532-/GH01/2017
Reason of Payment: Family Business Fund
Approval #: GHT-/MOF-/5653/-ACC
Present Status: Pending

I only became interested on that name because my former medical supervisor in Bahamas (Who was also a foreign Vet Doctor) had this similar name, at first I thought it was my ex boss. So I hurriedly copied this information on a paper. But when I had a 2nd look at the email address, I confirmed it was not my boss, but could be just similar names.. So I decided to google that name and wrote you directly.

I have the feelings its your pending Transaction due for payment from there. But I cant confirm if this is a part or complete payment, but I notice that you have made efforts to conclude this transaction by your self, if its not you?, then know believe me that somebody has made efforts to transfer this fund under the above name, but failed.

The Impression at the bank is that the beneficiary may be dead or have abandoned the transaction.. as your name was marked in Red with 5 others

I have an information to give you, which will help you secure this transaction into your account without any frustration, expenses or delays just as mine was just concluded … if only you can accept my conditions below.

(1) That Till this transaction is completed, I will take care of the expenses.
(2) That You will allow the bank to transfer 10% of total sum to my personal account in Bahamas as my own reward?.
(3) That You will stop every further communication with any other person regarding this same issue to avoid complications.

If you agree and accept my conditions. Then we can discuss further.. Please if you are not the beneficiary and you know the person named above tell the person to contact me urgently So we can talk about it.

We can talk on skype or Facebook, I think it will be a good idea if we chat and even do a video call on any to social media.

Please take note that I will be traveling to India in the next few days. if I did not hear from you before I travel, then its no longer my fault.



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#368495 by AlanJones Fri Jul 06, 2018 12:20 am
From: Vet Ser Family - [email protected]ail.com
Tel. No.: +12423262521

Thanks for your last email..

Am Sorry if my response is coming late, I've been busy somehow.. As I told you before on my first mail, I am a Businessman from The Bahamas. I supply Veterinary Medicinal Products to most of the animal clinics in Bahamas..

I have been working on my own transaction with my partner in Africa for over 14 months, at a point I felt the man was deceiving me after I have spent some money, so the best decision was for me to fly down there and handle the issue my self. It was in one of my visits to that bank that I saw your details on the Notice Board among other list of pending transactions. So I copied down the name, hence I am contacting you.

I will advice you read my previous mail again, I explained it on that mail.

From what I noticed, I understand you have been working on this with somebody there in Africa. If truly its not you, then believe me that somebody was working on this under the same name and details I gave you.

I only became interested when I saw your name, because my former Boss in Bahamas (Who was also a Foreign vet) has this similar name. Honestly I thought it was my ex boss.

The man who helped me while I was there is a very honest and nice person with human feelings.. So that is why I am so sure with him, I can get this concluded for you.. so if you are Ok with my condition to allow the bank Transfer %10 to my own account as my share, I will work with you. I wanted to say %20, but you may consider me as greedy, but remember I will still compensate the man who will help me..

I am so confident that I will get this done because I can confidently tell you I have a reliable friend there, that’s why I am insisting on this condition.

As for whatever expenses that may be needed, I will personally take care of it from here until you receive the money in your account… ITS A DEAL. You can go read my first mail again for a deeper understanding before you respond to this.

One important question I have for you before I proceed is..
2. Do you have an account in your country that can be used to transfer this money?.

I DO NOT need the 2 information above now, I only wanted to make sure you are on the same page with me. So do not border sending me your account information, I do not need it, I only want to make sure you are ready to receive the funds..

As soon as you confirm you have the 2 items above, I will direct you on just what to do and that will be in my next email. I am giving you 8 days to confirm this transfer into your account. it may sound unbelievable.. but am using my own transaction as an example. But that will depend on how regular our email communication will be.

NOTE: I will advice that we will not transfer the total fund at the same time, my own personal transaction was divided into several small transaction and this helped me a lot. So we will go that way. There are lots of financial policies that restricts huge transfers at a time.

Try Get on skype, so that we can always communicate and chat.. It will be good you see me on cam and I see you too so we know each other better since we are now working together as a team… My skype ID is below my mail, If you are also on facebook, you reach me on our page: family + plus veterinary clinic

But all the same I thought it wise to at least identify my self as attached below.. I know you will feel more comfortable if you know who you are communicating with.

I will not take any further step till I receive your reply. Remember I will be Traveling to India for a CONFERENCE in the next few days, I pray we will conclude this before I leave..

Please note that you may not get me on the phone this week, the telephone communication in my area is presently truncated as a result of the on-going maintenance of the damaged Underground Telephone Cables.


17th St Coconut Grove Ave Nassau /Paradise Island, Bahamas
Tel: +1 242-326-2521
Skype: familyplusvet

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