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#370473 by Bait&Tackle Sun Aug 05, 2018 2:27 am
from: Mrs Aaliya Hamid [email protected]
date: Sat, Aug 4, 2018 at 7:59 PM

Thank you for your respond to my email. I have come to you in peace
and i know we can make this happen. I am Barrister Mrs Aaliya Hamid
from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.I found your name and email on the
internet when i was looking for somebody from your country for this
transaction. I would want to assure you that this project is risk free
as far as you work towards my directive since it will enable us have a
successful transfer.

This is as result of my involvement in this transaction as the
personal attorney to my late client, until he died of Accident. I am
also contacting you to present you as the next of kin to the bank. Mr
Paul Louis Halley was my late client, and a very good man. I have
searched for the relative but could not find any as the wife and two
kids was involved in the accident that took their lives.

I had received the bank's initial notification to present an available
next of kin to stand for this fund, you should then be confident that
no law of this country or your country will be breached as a result of
our involvement to claim this fund.

You must understand that in the banking industry, chances or
opportunities like these are common but not heard. People put their
monies in banks and some of these accounts are either coded or
confidentially operated, therefore, when such people die what do you
think that happens to these monies when nobody comes for their claims?
Well, this is one of the numerous avenues good free monies are made
within and amongst the bankers.

I did not master mind the death of my late client and I did not
operate or manage his account, if there was something that I could
have done officially to have this money sent to his real relatives,
independent of the bank management, believe me, I would have done it.

Normally, when something like this happens in the bank, it is reported
to the management. The Management can only wait for some years for a
next of kin to show up without publishing it or making it public
because of course, false claimants must definitely show up.

Therefore, it is not published and the bank only waits for the real
heir to show up as the availability of such funds are expected to be
in the late customers WILL which would be the only source of knowledge
of it by anybody who is entitled to such estate. So the bank gives
some years for this and if no claimant comes forward then the
Management sends the money to the Debt Re-conversion Department and
the account is closed.

Now the question is, who runs the Debt Re-conversion Department and
who is the Management? The answer is simple .The Central Bank of the
Government. This apex unit confiscates all unclaimed funds. They are
individuals and these monies are shared by board directors and nobody
asks questions about it. In fact these issues are not even discussed
outside board meetings.

To explain myself properly, I am not a board member and of course not
a banker. I am not part of the Management and I am not rich,
therefore, if I have this opportunity and throw it to the wolves, then
I must be the most foolish-woman that has ever lived. I have fully put
everything in place and since this is an opportunity open to anybody,
we do not see anything wrong or fraudulent in what we are doing as
long as we are not hurting who should not be hurt period.

I can only tell you that it is just destiny that has brought us
together. You are a human being and you can draw your own judgment
from the above explanations.

I want to personally urge you to see it as a reason that is worth it
and consider it very necessary to proceed with me and ensure that we
work with transparency and achieve the best of result in this
transaction. It was not by mistake that i contacted you because i was
left with no other option than this, due to the fact that we have
exhausted all possible means to locate any of my late client’s
relative or next of kin as no will was drawn before his untimely

I need your response as soon as possible so that I will know what your
position is before I give you the contact of the bank. You can
understand that the money in question is huge so we both have to be
very careful and sure of what we are doing before we commence. I will
explain how you can initiate contact with the bank by way of
application submission

As soon as you state your position in this transaction, I will require
your personal information as stated below to enable my office prepare
the draft Payment Application Form that will be completed by me and
directly submitted to the bank on your behalf to commence the claim.

Your Full Name:.....
Your Age:..............
Your Occupation/Profession:.......
Yours Address:.......
Your Marital Status:.......
your telephone number:........
Your I.D.....

I wish to inform you that for being involved in this transaction, I
want you to know that 50% of the total amount must be for you and 50%
for me as soon as fund gets into your own bank account, so we have to
apply officially to the bank for this claim, please reason over it
again and if you are sincerely ready to forge ahead with me, I would
like you to provide the above information as listed in this mail as
soon as possible.

Please, understand that I put so many things into consideration before
offering you this 50% and I do hope that it will be appreciated by
you. Upon your response to this mail/providing the information
required, I will send to you an application form that you will fill
and send direct to the bank for the approval and transferring of this
fund into your own bank account.

Thanks once again for your understanding and get back to me as soon as
you receive and read this message. Please this is real. Take it
serious, i am for real. Do this with me so that the selfish bankers
will not steal the money.

Regards and remain blessed
MRS AALIYA HAMID (Attorney-at-Law)

WARNING: The above email is a scam. If you received the same email, or similar, do not reply to it under any circumstance.

If you reply to it you are at risk of losing money, of identity theft, and more scam emails will then be sent to you in the future.

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