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Within 3 letters, sends stolen internet thumbnails, image names have all capital plus low case names n numbers

Hello, Dear Friend ****!

How is your mood?
I am very glad to see your letter now. No, I do not know the cost of travel to your camp. I do not plan a trip yet. Have you thought about visiting Russia?
This morning I included the song "Ludovico Einaudi - Primavera". I like all genres of music, but when I'm alone I still like quiet music the most. I can listen, enjoy and represent something in Imagination. Do you have a favorite song?
I want to talk about my work. I work as a juvenile inspector - this is an official who is an employee of the internal affairs bodies. I must admit, the work of the inspector is very responsible and difficult. Constantly increased physical and mental stress, irregular working hours. I work with teenagers, and probably you understand that this is not so easy. I often have to talk with teens, as well as with their parents. To be honest, if I knew in advance that I had to work so hard, then I would not choose this profession. I often think about the fact that I need to change my profession, but by the meantime I have not yet found myself in a different field. In the letter I attached a photo in the form.
I am very tired at work today, but I thought about you all the time. And it makes me feel better. You give me warmth and joy. I like you. I want to trust you completely. Unfortunately, there are many bad people in this world. They seek only profit for themselves, self-interest. They want to make money by deception. You can not even imagine how I do not like such people! I despise and hate lies.
I want to tell you a story that happened to me:
My friend, you probably know such programs when playing various valuable things, such as a washing machine, a coffee maker, a refrigerator, a car, an apartment or money.
I received a message on my mobile phone that I won a refrigerator using a lottery. I was very happy, because I used to watch TV and saw many cases when people defeated Apartments, cars, large sums of money and thought that for me it would be the same. But there was one condition that I could pick up a refrigerator, which had to pay 13 percent of the cost of the refrigerator for tax. All these days were in a state of euphoria from happiness. But 4 days passed, nothing came out of their organization. I decided to call this organization. But the short beeps did not cease to go, which meant that their organization had become a fraud.
Rusty, my feelings overwhelmed with emotion, hatred and emptiness. I was upset, I was very hurt. I could do nothing but cry. It was not easy for me, but I continue to go further.
There are many people who fool each other.
I hope that you will not play with me and my feelings? I want to believe in you, I really hope that I was not mistaken. I do not want to be deceived. I hope you will always be honest with me. In turn, I promise that I will always be honest with you.
My heart beat faster when he saw your letter. I was so lonely. But now, I am happy every day. It's nice to know that there is a man in the world who is waiting for news from me.

Always your faithful friend Ekaterina.
Hugs and kisses. Take care of yourself!

Hello, My ****!!!

What is your mood today? Are all good?
You have doubts that this is not me in the photo. but why don't you want to meet me on Skype?
My name is Ekaterina Kvekveskiri
Here is my adress.
Ulitsa Tokarey, 48
Sverdlovskaya oblast '
I open the email and write a letter from you. I immediately begin to feel like My head is starting to be filled with thoughts of you. My heart beats harder and harder when I see your letter. You and your Letters became dear to me. I understand that maybe I'm making hasty conclusions. After all, we've only known each other for a couple of weeks. I hope this is not a problem that we quickly get used to each other? Do not you think that it's bad? do not want to make any mistakes, which were made earlier, and so I'm afraid Little bit and a little confused. But I am fully confident that like you. All my thoughts took you, a man with whom I can write anything you like, to discuss various topics, a person whom I can reveal myself, his thoughts and his Soul. Before I go to bed, as well as waking up in the morning, my first thoughts are about you. I'm at work all Day looking for the time to see, And there is a letter from the best man in the world.
My dear (can i call you dear???)
Do you like to read books? Love novels and fiction bestsellers. I to read works Aleksandr Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Chekhov,Turgenev... Are you familiar with the writings of these writers? The last book I'm reading right now is "The Picture of Dorian Gray". this novel was written by Oscar Wilde. surely you heard about it? Now the world has changed with the emergence of transferred technologies. Books began to produce less, because you can see the film. Of films love thriller, comedy, mystery, romance. The last movie watched was called "Me before You" Have you seen this movie? Really liked this movie, like these "heavy" films. Maybe in the future, can we go to the cinema together? What do you think? :)
I also want to ask you. How do you feel about body massage? One of my friends together with her asked me to enroll in the training courses for massage. I'm not sure that I will have the time to go to courses, but I wanted to know your opinion first. How do you feel about this?
Now I finish my letter. I hope that you will read my letter with interest.
I wish you all best and a kiss on cheek.

Sincerely, always your faithful Ekaterina.
Hugs and Kisses!

P.s. Photos for you

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