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FROM Andrew Alumona [email protected]

Currency exchange hkd seeking bonus from USD 5.0% 3+1+1 break down
commission , do you have such USD in Hong KOng let me know.

I have buyer of gold CIF Hong Kong , can you help? if you have a seller
that is real with gold legiatimately able to sell CIF or FOB Hong Kong
that will be acceptable .


SBLC or bank instrument MONETIZATION

Do you have clients that own sblc ,bg or mtn from rated banks that
needs non recourse funding against their sblc or Bg, I have monetizer
that will monetize fast on rated banks , non rated banks attract low
LTV which can also be worked on but a tougher road as compared to
rated bank issued instrument that is either cash or gold backed.

Let me know value of SBLC and
issuing bank .

I need his CIS along with passport copy and trade registration and his
bank verbiage draft And how much is his SBLC , The SBLC should be in
the company name that holds the SBLC No refund by your client it’s
called non recourse it’s the best instrument for any business After
signing the contract - Your client issues a pre-advise swift of MT799
on the SBLC to my client and after confirmation the issuing bank will
deliver via MT760 - after receiving the MT760 my client will finance
the SBLC in 3 working days, 60% or 65% cash depending on issuing bank
of SBLC - my client will undertake to return back the SBLC clean and
clear in 10 working days of its expiry date - In return my group will
be paid 7% on the value of the SBLC as fees.


In-ground assets such as large crude oil reserves which the owners
want loan on or non recourse funding if owner can provide sblc,bond or
any instrument to back up the in-ground assets we can get cash for
owner or cash against collateral which will be a long procedure and
will need physically evaluating the assets ,experts and entails more
cost than going straight banking to bank against instruments .

Monetizer is also interested in clients who have bought sblc or Bg and wish to
get non recourse funding as well against it .


whatsapp +2348023984717
+234 8023984717

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