Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
#379209 by Ahmed3395 Mon Dec 31, 2018 3:45 am
Good morning,
i received an email from Shanghai Construction Group (SCG) as a employment contract and i am confused. please help me to know if they spam or it is real employment contract. this is the contract

Dear Applicant

After a series of keen deliberation, SHANGHAI CONSTRUCTION GROUP is pleased to offer you employment to work as Mechanical Engineer in our construction company. Attached to this email is your letter and contract of employment in PDF form.Your device should have a PDF reader to be able to access the contents of your letter and contract of employment. Every detail concerning your employment is enclosed in your contract of employment. Download your contract of employment, and read through it keenly.Pay great attention to the sections regarding the documents required from you prior to your arrival, residence permit and proof of accommodation .After reading through your contract of employment, if you agree to work on our contract terms of employment, kindly send us the following documents as demanded in your contract.

- A signed copy of your employment contract
- A copy of your proof of accommodation
- Scanned copy of the index page of your passport



Your employment is based on our contract terms and policies. Your acceptance to this job offer therefore means that you will fulfill all the terms,conditions and requirements of the contract, We have put together some questions frequently asked by newly recruited employees and their answers. You may have similar questions, so kindly read through the questions and answers carefully for better understanding.The answer proceeds each question.

1.How long have I been allowed to process and send the 3 documents demanded by the company?

You have been given 7 working days to process and send us the 3 documents above. However, it will be to your advantage if you can process and send us the 3 documents in less than 7 days. The earlier we send your file over to you the faster you travel.

2. What are the procedures and stages to travel to the job site in Cameroon?

First, you have to process and send to us the 3 documents mentioned in your contract of employment. Once we have these 3 documents, we will proceed to the various ministries and start procuring the necessary paper work (Authenticated letter and contract of employment, Work permit, residence Permit, Insurance document, travel consent document, Employment invitation letter from the company, sample forms for visa application and all other documents related to your employment). Once we have processed all the legal paper work, we will send them over to you in a File through a courier agency (DHL, or Pack and Send Mail),

When you receive your documents, you will proceed to the embassy and apply for your Visa. Once your visa has been issued, kindly send us a scanned copy of the Visa page. We will proceed to pay your flight and send you the flight ticket. Once you receive your flight ticket, you ready to travel. Make sure you understand these stages

3. How can i communicate with a company administrator at the job site?

Submit all your inquiries to your employer Li Wei Zhang who is already at the job site in Cameroon, making all the necessary arrangements to welcome and receive you. We will get a feedback from him.

Name of administrator: Li Wei Zhang
Position Occupied: Director of human resource/Chief recruiting Officer
Tel: +237673751426

Any other information you need regarding the company is found on the company website.

4. Why have I been assigned the responsibility of securing my first month of accommodation?

You have been assigned this responsibility for 3 main reasons .

First, so that you can acquire a proof of accommodation for your residence permit.

Secondly, the company already has a lot of responsibilities on your application. Expenses for the processing of your documents, your flight ticket, transportation from the airport to the facility where you will be staying during your one month of training and so many others.

Lastly, as a test factor.This is your only responsibility that has been assigned to you and it will serve as a sign of your willingness and acceptance to work with SHANGHAI CONSTRUCTION GROUP . If you are not willing to perform this responsibility, inform the company early enough so that we will give this vacancy to another job applicant who is willing and ready for it. As an employee of this reputable company we expect you to be conscious of your responsibilities! The company will eventually offer you free accommodation in the company residential area after one month of work

5. Please explain to me better the proof of accommodation document.

The proof of accommodation is a prerequisite for your residence permit. The proof of accommodation document must be presented to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development for the issue of a residence permit. The proof of accommodation can be gotten from any state recognized lodging facility (Hotel, Motel, Guest-House,) after booking and paying for a place to stay in their facility. After booking and paying for a place to stay in the facility, the facility will issue you the proof of accommodation document, which you will send to the company for proceeding.

6. If i have to travel with my family of 4 persons, does the company provide accommodation suitable enough to contain us What are the services provided in the company residential houses?

The company residential area has houses of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms suitable to host large families. The company houses also makes provision for heating, laundry, garbage, transportation and lots more to ensure maximum comfort of the employee.

7.I am not familiar with the country Cameroon. Kindly recommend to me a suitable lodging facility and give me directions on how to make a reservation to obtain the proof of accommodation.

For all incoming employees, we recommend, Emergence Appartement Hotel Douala Specifically the branch located at the job site in Douala . They are the closest lodging facility to the job site, and they have numerous advantages suitable for employees of all cultures. Their conditions for accommodation are relatively encouraging. Contact them, and make reservations (booking and paying) for your 1 month accommodation. When you have booked and paid for your accommodation in their facility, they will issue you a Legal proof of accommodation document, which you will send to the company, for the processing of your Residence Permit and VISA . Their address is stated below

For your housing, kindly contact Emergence Appartement Hotel Douala using their address below

Name of lodging facility: Emergence Appartement Hotel Douala
Address/Location: Deido-Bonamouti Douala, Cameroon
Phone Number: +237673756910
Email address: [email protected]

All newly recruited employees of SCG currently lodge in Emergence Appartement Hotel Douala, and you will join your co-workers when you arrive. The company buses have been instructed to transport you from Emergence Appartement Hotel to the job site, and back to the Hotel after work so that you do not spend extra for transportation. This also saves time and avoids lateness to work.

Note: There is no legal document associated with The Company and the State do not accept reservations. Do not send us any document obtained from

8.My English Language power is not very strong, that is less than 60%.Will this be a problem for communication at the job site?

Definitely not. Construction is a discipline and like every other discipline, it has it's own language. What is important is that you perform your assigned tasks appropriately and professionally. Secondly, as an employee the company encourages you to be flexible and use this opportunity to perfect on your language skills in both English and French as Cameroon is a bilingual country.
If you have any other worries, do not hesitate to ask. Our dedicated team is available to provide you with clarification and necessary information. We wish you the best while looking forward to welcoming you into our working regime. do our best to make your arrival quicker.
Best Regards
Shanghai Construction Group (SCG)
Add: No.666, Daming Road (E), Shanghai, China
P.C.: 200080
Tel: +237673751426
Fax: (021)55886222

this is the employment contract itself
Copyright © Shanghai Construction Group (SCG) All rights reserved
Overseas Business Department
Add: No.681, Xiaomuqiao Road, Shanghai
Tel: +237 673751426
Fax: (021)61952778
P.C.: 200032
Name: Ahmed Shawky Ahmed Mohamed
Nationality: Egyptian
Place of Work: Douala, Cameroon
Project Name: The President’s Stadium
Job Type: Construction
Job Position: Mechanical Engineer
Date of Employment: 30/12/2018
Expected date of arrival: 10/01/2019
The duration of the contract is 2 Years and is renewable prior to the date of expiration of the
signed contract.
Copyright © Shanghai Construction Group (SCG) All rights reserved
Your main tasks are as follows
• Assessing project requirements
• Measuring the performance of mechanical components, devices and engines
• Agreeing budgets, timescales and specifications with clients and managers
• Maintaining and modifying equipment to ensure that it is safe, reliable and efficient
• Using computer-aided design/modeling software
• Liaising with suppliers
• Undertaking relevant research
• Producing and implementing designs and test procedures
• Presenting designs to managers and clients
• Testing, evaluating, modifying and re-testing products
• Writing reports and documentation.
You are expected to work for 8 hours a day as indicated below.
Morning period 8:00AM-12:00PM
Break: 12:00PM-1:00PM
Day period: 1:00PM-4:00PM.
Working Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday
Check in time for all workers are 8:00AM and Check out time is 4:00PM. Extra hours of work
are indicated in the worker’s register during check out.
Payments are made in US Dollars ($)
You shall be paid per hour of work
Your starting salary is $50 per hour
Extra hour of work $20
Payment will be made frequently (weekly) by bank transfer or by cheque,
Your salary will be increased with longevity in service.
You will be employed for a probationary period of 1 month. During this period, either side can
terminate the contract.
Copyright © Shanghai Construction Group (SCG) All rights reserved
The company considers lateness as an offence and is not tolerated. You are expected to be time
conscious as well as duty conscious. Avoid all activities that will cause delay or absenting from
work. If for any reason you will be late, it is your duty to inform your co-workers or supervisor.
You are entitled to 30 days, paid holidays per year; the annual leave period is from the 1st of
September to the 1stof October. You will not receive pay for any other holidays.
If you are unable to come to work because of sickness or injury, you are to inform the
administration or your employer as early as possible. The only payment for sick leave will be
statuary sick pay. You are appropriately expected to follow the procedures outlined below
1. Let your employer know as soon as possible that you will not be able to come to work
2. If you are off the working premises for more than three days, feel in form SF1 [Self-
Fitness] and submit to the administrator on duty for that day
3. Provide a medical certificate if you are off the working premises for more than seven
You must respect the Construction company privacy and maintain a professional approach at all
times. You should keep any information gained in the course of working for this Construction
Company confidential and not discuss their affairs with other Construction companies while still
employed. Failure to respect our privacy and confidentiality will be considered as a disciplinary
Copyright © Shanghai Construction Group (SCG) All rights reserved
Supervision and support will be given by your employer and or their representatives on regular
basis to ensure your skills are developed and strengthened. Opportunities for appropriate training
and learning will be considered by your employer and or their representatives
Any grievances will be raised directly to the Construction company administration , they will
deal with them at earliest available opportunities any grievances that cannot be resolved between
you and the Construction company administration may be resolved by a third party who shall be
agreeable by both parties. According to your contract terms you must lay you grievances in
writing and the Construction company administration must invite you for a meeting to discuss
the grievances, the Construction company administration must then provide the response and
notify you of a right appeal.
These procedures are aimed at encouraging and improving your individual performance and
conduct and to ensure that your employer treats you fairly depending on the intensity of the
circumstances in the event of poor performances or minor misconduct. Issues will first be
addressed with you informally by your employer, if no improvement is made then your employer
will use the outlined methods below at each stage. You will be given the opportunity to put
forward your views, a third party agreeable to both sides can represent. You have the right to
appeal against any disciplinary decision using the appeal procedure below
If your conduct or performance is considered unsatisfactory by your employer, you will be given
an oral warning which will be recorded in your employers file with the date of issue. The
warning will be disregarded after six months of satisfactory services
If the offence is intense and there is no improvement in your standard or if a further offence
occurs, you will be given a written warning. This will include a warning. If six months after you
have been warned you do not improve a final warning letter will be issued to you.
Copyright © Shanghai Construction Group (SCG) All rights reserved
If your performance or conduct is still unsatisfactory you will be issued a final written warning
noticed, which may be proceeded by a dismissal letter
If there is no satisfactory behavior or conduct you will be issued a dismissal letter informing you
to leave the company for good, for gross misconduct, your employer may leave out some stages
to implement sanctions. If you are suspected for gross misconduct, you will be suspended from
work and further investigation will proceed. If any cases of gross misconduct are confirmed, you
will be dismissed immediately. The following offences are considered gross misconduct
• Theft
• Deliberate damage of Construction company property
• Fraud
• Incapacity to work due to influence of alcohol or illegal drugs
Appeals regarding disciplinary council decisions must be submitted within five working days.
Your employer will deliberate on the appeal and decide on what to do. Any appeal that cannot
be resolved between you and your employer can be resolved by a third party agreeable to both
If you wish to resign or terminate your contract, you must notify the company 1 month by
submitting a resignation or termination notice to our international recruitment office.
Upon your arrival, you will undergo a one month training program. The purpose of this training
is to facilitate your transition, enable you get acquainted to the working environment, blend your
skills acquired domestically to the skills of your co-workers, for the acquisition of your residence
permit document and for the processing of your identification documents. Training is
indispensable and so must be undergone by all newly recruited employees. Identification
documents comprises of your SCG employee membership card, Identification and SCG
Copyright © Shanghai Construction Group (SCG) All rights reserved
employee uniform. Training runs from Mondays to Fridays from 8:00AM -12:00PM. After
break, you will join the other employees at the job site and work until 4:00PM. Two extra hours
of work maximum a day.
Note: You will be paid your full salary during this period of training
You will be responsible for your accommodation (housing) during the first 1 month of training.
This will be your only responsibility during your entire contract with the company. You have
been assigned the responsibility of housing yourself for the first 1 month of training because you
need to present a residence permit to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development upon
your arrival in Cameroon before you are granted full access and permission to work. The
company will offer you free accommodation in the workers residential area only after you have
completed your 1 month training
The company is responsible for paying your flight ticket and that of two other immediate family
members (husband, wife, and child)
The company is responsible for your Insurance coverage
The company is responsible for your full medical coverage
The company is responsible for processing all the necessary paperwork regarding visa
application at the embassy. Complete set of documents will be sent to you in a file, directly from
our office in Cameroon via DHL or Pack and Send Mail.
Shanghai Construction Group is a Chinese based company, working on a project in Cameroon.
Your contract terms of employment have been deliberated upon by both the board of directors of
Shanghai Construction group and the government of Cameroon. On that note, your contract is
enforced by the Cameroon and Chinese employment policies. According to the Cameroon
policies of employment, to be eligible and permitted to work as a foreigner in Cameroon, You
must possess and present the following documents prior to your arrival
Copyright © Shanghai Construction Group (SCG) All rights reserved
1. Work Permit.
After reading through this contract of employment, if you accept to work on our contract terms,
kindly sign and send to us this contract. We will proceed with your signed contract and a copy of
your passport index page to the Ministry of employment and vocational training in Cameroon
and apply for your Work Permit document. Once it is issued, we will courier it to you alongside
the other paperwork after processing is complete. You must present this working permit to the
Ministry of Employment and Vocational training upon your arrival in Cameroon, before you can
be granted full permission to work.
2. Residence Permit.
It could be temporal or permanent. You must present a residence permit document to the
Ministry of Housing and Urban Development in Cameroon before you are permitted to work.
We presume you already read about this aspect above, under the section for accommodation.
You will need a temporal residence permit based on the fact that you will later be offered free
residence by the company. To be able to get a residence permit document, you have to send us a
proof showing that you have successfully made reservations for a place to stay in Cameroon for
at least one month (booking it and paying for it). This is called a proof of accommodation.
Once you have been issued the proof of accommodation, kindly send us a copy. We will take it
to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development in Cameroon and apply for your residence
permit. Once your residence permit is issued, we will also courier it to you. The company will
NOT make reservations for any employee. Do not demand for advanced salary deductions for
this purpose.
Once you have been issued a Visa, scan and send the Visa page to the Company. We will pay
your flight(s) and send you the flight ticket(s). If you will be travelling with any immediate
family member(s), kindly send us copies of their index passport pages for proceeding.
Copyright © Shanghai Construction Group (SCG) All rights reserved
If you have read and agree to work on our contract terms, conditions of employment and
disciplinary procedures, then we expect the following documents from you as a sign of
acceptance and willingness to work with Shanghai Construction Group
• A scanned copy of the index page of your passport
• A proof of accommodation
• Signed contract of employment
We are indeed excited about the potential you will bring to this company, and we are confident
that you will do your best for its full growth and expansion.
Overseas Business Department
Recruitment Office
Shanghai Construction Group
Add: No.681, Xiaomuqiao Road, Shanghai
Tel: +237 673751426
Fax: (021)61952778
P.C.: 200032
Signature: ____________________
Date: ________________________
Shanghai Construction group.

#379210 by AlanJones Mon Dec 31, 2018 3:53 am
It's a definite scam and there is no job.

The scammer is using a free email address [email protected] to pretend to be a hotel and will ask you to pay to book your accommodation either by money transfer or bank transfer. He doesn't want you to book on as that would mean you are booking with the real hotel and he will have no way of stealing from you.

The best thing to do is block him and stop responding. Don't tell him you know it is a scam, just disappear and leave him wondering where he went wrong.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.
#399667 by Gord Wellington Mon Nov 04, 2019 12:00 pm
Same Scammers also has been posting a job advertising recently via different portals such as Linkedin, etc.

They are using [email protected] e-mail adress. They sent me an e-mail, too.

I am pasting the e-mail they've sent to me below:

Shanghai Construction Group (SCG)
Overseas Human Resource Department
Add: No.666, Daming Road (E), Shanghai, China
P.C.: 200080
☎ (021)55885959
☎ +237 650718694
WhatsApp: +8617101577445
Fax: +8615774531504

Good day,
In regard to the advertised positions for the Shanghai
Construction Group, our Recruitment, selection Panel has reviewed your
Resume /CV sent for the advertised vacancies and after special and
careful review, we have contacted you because you experience,
expertise is in line with our current needs and It is our pleasure to
inform you that your resume was selected for further interview
process. However, all necessary skill and documentation are sent
online to facilitate the pre-employment process for applicants
outside China and only candidates who are successful in the further
interview process and who meet up with all our needed requirements
will be contacted and sent the Company's terms and conditions of
employment to give signature in order for us to progress to the final
stage in the processing of the selected applicant's traveling
documents. We would like to ask a few questions to validate your
perceptions about your qualifications

Before we proceed with the terms and conditions of the job, you need
to get to us with the following information required by the Management
of the Company.


1. What is the position you are applying for? (Be precise)
2. What One Skill Makes You the Most Qualified for This Position?
3. To Date, What Professional Achievement Are You Most Proud of?
4. Can You Tell Me About a Time When You Overcame a Challenge?
5. How Would You Describe Your Own Working Style?
6. What Three Words Would You Use to Describe Your Ideal Work Environment?
7. If Hired, What Is the First Thing You Would Tackle in This Position?
8. Why Are You Leaving Your Current Employer?
9. What One Skill would you like to Improve and what’s your plan for doing so?
10. What Excites You Most About This Position?
11. What Do You Like to Do Outside of Work?

12. Our current and only high paying project remaining is the
completion of the stadiums, Bridges, railways and Hotels in the
Republic of Cameroon, to host the 2021 African Cup of Nations
Tournament Competition and, the rehabilitation and renovation of
already existing stadiums in the country, in preparation for the
upcoming competition in 2021 and the hosting of the All African Games
2022. This is a 2 years+ contract which is already ongoing. The time
for execution of the project is limited and we need skilled and
experienced workers as soon as possible to meet up with time.
Secondly, while working with the Shanghai Construction Group Overseas
team in Cameroon, the company will update you with the new contract
opportunities available. You can renew your contract immediately this
one expires. The working environment and working conditions for all
our employees in Cameroon are the same as the working environment and
conditions for all Shanghai Construction Group employees abroad. The
Salary ranges from $40-49 per hour with lost of other benefits. Are
you ready and willing to work with our construction team in Cameroon

1.1 What is your full name?
1.2 What is your nationality?
1.3 What is your current address?
1.4 What is your contact telephone number?

Please be honest, while answering the questions above and bear with us
while we diligently screen the applications. We will contact you to
take things further should your qualifications match our requirements.

Overseas Human Resource Officer,
Chang Daquan.

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