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Walker Lucas
Mon, 14 Jan, 06:03
to Walker

Darling thanks for your love and care for me and our daughter Anita, you are really giving Anita a motherly love, I so much love that, I'm now fully getting set to travel with Anita and see you in your country, my Love the Doctor said our daughter is OK now and she has been certified to fly, all things been equal we will be with you soon, though the doctor is yet to discharge her from the Hospital, He just gave her health bill to me, the drugs we bought and the total amount for treatment, the Doctor gave me a Bill of $2,150 dollars, I have paid $1,500 already, because I wasn't expecting such a huge amount, I couldn't pay the full amount because I have already spent the money I came with on goods and the shipping, and on our Flight tickets to your country, I am just left with $100 dollars, So they needed me to complete the balance at the hospital of $650 and my Credit card can not work here in this country. I just called my Bank back home in Canada now to ask them where I can use my Credit Cards here in South Africa, they said I can't use my Credit Cards in 16 Africa countries due to their poor Banking system here in Africa. I was shocked and now I am really confused. I don't really know what to do now and I have a lot on my Credit Cards.

So please I need 35,000 Philippine peso from you to enable me payoff the balance at the Hospital and get out of this bad country so that they can discharge our daughter Anita from the hospital, and we can Embark on our Journey to your country. Darling I will pay you back immediately I arrive in your country because I have confirm from my bank that I will be able to use my Credit Cards there in your country. I really love to meet you also I know Anita love to meet you too, remember what we share the INNER Beauty for love and one family, Kids and a brighter discuses about our future, I love you honey and thanks for been there for me and our daughter. Much Love, Kisses and hug for you. I expect your reply immediately so that they can discharge our daughter from the hospital Immediately.

Please honey reply back now and tell me if you can help me. I will pay you back as soon as i get to your country with 100 percent interest. Please my love it's very urgent. Honey I'm counting on you because you are my only hope in this my trying time, I vow not to break your heart. I will pay you immediately I use my credit there in your country. Honey I promise to Love you all the days of my life. Thanks for your assistance and love, God bless you.

this is the man who was sending an email and i don't know if he was a member of a dating site.. we have been communitang for 2 weeks and he also give me a flight details but before that he ask me a money because her daughter was in the hospital he is in africa that time have a business trip with her daughter a.ka. anita, he also send me some picture of him and her daughter.. until now we did not communicating again because i told him he is a scammer..

#381321 by AlanJones Fri Feb 08, 2019 12:06 am
Thanks for posting the details of this scam. What email address is the scammer using?

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.
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account suspended
but was on vk
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