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From: Thurber Engineering Ltd <[email protected]>

Thurber Engineering Ltd

2010 Winston Park Dr,

Oakville, ON L6H 5R7

Tel: +1(289)7688594

Whats App:+1 (613) 416-8360

I would like to say it’s a wonderful day here in Canada,hope it’s also with you and your family over there in your country as well?. I tried to extend my gladness on behalf of the entire management over your file approval through telephone this afternoon,it wasn't connected, it seems due to the bad weather or network issue.We are pleased to offer you employment in our organization as per following terms & conditions.

Benefits / Terms & Conditions

Designation :Civil Engineer

Salary :You will be eligible to receive $12,150.00(CAD) per month exclusive of any taxation you will also receive salary every 28 day

Job Responsibilities :Your job Responsibilities remains the same as stated on your resume, which we have used as a basis of selecting you to work for us.The full breakdown of your job duties and responsibilities will be made known to you on resumption of duty.The management will be conducting a seminar for all foreign/international employees joining our services to enlighten them more about our Company,their job profile, and to enable every employee get to know each other

Period of Contract :Five (5) year/s (renewable).

Place of Employment :Ontario– Canada.

Starting Date :Your employment shall commence on the 25th of March 2019

Employment Visa :Your employment is subject to issue of employment Residential/Working Permit.

Air Ticket :Joining and return air ticket after completion of Five year contract provided by the company.

Working Hours :Eight (8) hours daily, Six (6) day/s a week.

Over Time :As per Canada labor law.

Accommodation :Provided by the company.

Food :Provided by the company.

Water, Electricity and Gas :Provided by the company.

Medical & Insurance in Canada:Provided by the company.

Transportation :Provided by the company.

Annual Leave :Thirty (30) day/s with salary after 1 year.

Furthermore, according to the rules and regulations for Employing International Staff and obtaining their Residential/Working Permit from Canadian Immigration Bureau Services (CIBC), you have to submit the documents below to enable Canadian Immigration Bureau Services grant your Residential/Working Permit.The Residential/Working Permit is the approval that will be issue by the Canadian Immigration Bureau Services (CIBC) before you can obtain your working visa in line with the new Canadian Immigration rule.Below are the list of the documents require :

Ø Colored passport copy

Ø Colored photo with white background

Ø Colored copy of educational certificate

Ø Contact details in your home country along with contact number & your mother’s name

We request that you send the documents through Email within the next 2 days.

Thurber Engineering Ltd ,welcomes all International Employee and we look forward to being able to continue to diversify our workforce.However, it is important to note the Applicant's and Company's responsibilities.

Below are the Applicant Responsibilities:

1. Applicants are only responsible for the required charge fees for obtaining their Residential/Working permit from Canadian Immigration Bureau in Ontario.

2.The Courier Express Delivery Service charge fee that will be used to post his/her Work travel documents (Residential/working permit) including the to and fro Ticket to his/her stated home or office postal address ( inform us early if there is change of Address ).We provide only to and fro Ticket to all the International Approve Employee whose Working/Residential Permit have been approve by Canadian Immigration Bureau Services in Ontario to join us.

Thurber Engineering Ltd Canada Ltd is an equal opportunity Employer that welcomes foreign applicants and diverse cultures.All of our Employees must have a competent grasp of the English language or French and be able to communicate clearly with co-workers and guests.Please be prepared to go through the Job orientation Exercise in English or French Language.We do not discriminate on the basis of race,religion, national origin, color, sex, age, disability, pregnancy and pregnancy related conditions including childbirth, or veteran status. It is our intention that all applicants be given equal opportunity.

Please reply this mail and confirm your acceptance soon so that we can start your Residential/Working Permit process.Also send us the following documents to process your Residential/Working Permit which might take couple of weeks.

Note: Please accept our job proposal with in three (3) day/s for further process, otherwise your application will be reject / cancel.

Best Regards

John A.Castaneda (Mr)

(HR Manager)


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