Company Representative scams, Payment Processing scams and other Employment scams.
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Hello, I registered for a job opportunity and then after some days I was sent a questionnaire which I answered and sent back to them. Few weeks later I received an employment invitation to Cameroon from XXX where I've lived my whole life. But I'm not so convinced about the terms and conditions. Please help me confirm if it is a scam.

Dear XXX,
Shanghai Construction Group is pleased to offer you the position of Civil Engineer in our organization. We are indeed excited about the potential you bring to our company. You will be working in Douala, Cameroon. You will report directly to Li Wei Zhang. You are ranked as classified second level employee. Your initial compensation package includes an hourly salary pay of $45. Your other benefits include full insurance and medical coverage, free accommodation after one month of work with the company, extra pay of $10 per additional hour of work, through our employee benefit plan and employee fringe benefits. In accepting our offer of employment, you certify and agree that your employment will be on our contract basis. We look forward to your arrival at our company and we are confident that you will play a key role in our company’s expansion. We will do our possible best to make your arrival easier and faster.

Attached to this email is your letter and contract of employment in PDF form. Your device should have a PDF reader to be able to access the contents of your letter and contract of employment. Every detail concerning your employment is enclosed in your contract of employment. Download your contract of employment, and read through it keenly. Pay great attention to the sections regarding the documents required from you prior to your arrival, residence permit and proof of accommodation .After reading through your contract of employment, if you agree to work on our contract terms of employment, kindly send us the following documents as demanded in your contract.

- A signed copy of your employment contract
- A copy of your proof of accommodation
- Scanned copy of the index page of your passport



Your employment is based on our contract terms and policies. Your acceptance to this job offer therefore means that you will fulfill all the terms, conditions and requirements of the contract we have put together some questions frequently asked by newly recruited employees and their answers. You may have similar questions, so kindly read through the questions and answers carefully for better understanding. The answer proceeds each question.

1. How long have I been allowed to process and send the 3 documents demanded by the company?

You have been given 7 working days to process and send us the 3 documents above. However, it will be to your advantage if you can process and send us the 3 documents in less than 7 days. The earlier we send your file over to you the faster you travel.

2. What are the procedures and stages to travel to the job site in Cameroon?

First, you have to process and send to us the 3 documents mentioned in your contract of employment. Once we have these 3 documents, we will proceed to the various ministries and start procuring the necessary paper work (Authenticated letter and contract of employment, Work permit, residence Permit, Insurance document, travel consent document, Employment invitation letter from the company, sample forms for visa application and all other documents related to your employment). Once we have processed all the legal paper work, we will send them over to you in a File through a courier agency (Swift World Wide Delivery),

When you receive your documents, you will proceed to the embassy and apply for your Visa. Once your visa has been issued, kindly send us a scanned copy of the Visa page. We will proceed to pay your flight and send you the flight ticket. Once you receive your flight ticket, you ready to travel. Make sure you understand these stages

3. Why have I been assigned the responsibility of securing my first month of accommodation?

You have been assigned this responsibility for 3 main reasons.

First, so that you can acquire a proof of accommodation for your residence permit.

Secondly, the company already has a lot of responsibilities on your application. Expenses for the processing of your documents, your flight ticket, transportation from the airport to the facility where you will be staying during your one month of training and so many others.

Lastly, as a test factor. This is your only responsibility that has been assigned to you and it will serve as a sign of your willingness and acceptance to work with Shanghai Construction Group.

4. Please explain to me better the proof of accommodation document.

The proof of accommodation is a prerequisite for your residence permit. The proof of accommodation document must be presented to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development for the issue of a residence permit. The proof of accommodation can be gotten from any state recognized lodging facility (Hotel, Motel, Guest-House,) after booking and paying for a place to stay in their facility. After booking and paying for a place to stay in the facility, the facility will issue you the proof of accommodation document, which you will send to the company for proceeding.

5. If I have to travel with my family of 4 persons, does the company provide accommodation suitable enough to contain us what are the services provided in the company residential houses?

The company residential area has houses of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms suitable to host large families. The company houses also makes provision for heating, laundry, garbage, transportation and lots more to ensure maximum comfort of the employee.

6. I am not familiar with the country Cameroon. Kindly recommend to me a suitable lodging facility and give me directions on how to make a reservation to obtain the proof of accommodation.

For all incoming employees, we recommend Palm Beach Guest House, Specifically the branch located at the job site in Limbe. They are the closest lodging facility to the job site, and they have numerous advantages suitable for employees of all cultures. Their conditions for accommodation are relatively encouraging. Contact them, and make reservations (booking and paying) for your 1 month accommodation. When you have booked and paid for your accommodation in their facility, they will issue you a Legal proof of accommodation document, which you will send to the company, for the processing of your Residence Permit. Their address is stated below

For your housing, kindly contact Palm Beach Guest House using their address below

Name of lodging facility: Palm Beach Guest House Limbe
Phone: +237 658728153
WhatsApp: +237 694529709
Emails: [email protected]

All newly recruited employees of Shanghai Construction Group currently lodge in Palm Beach Guest House, and you will join your co-workers when you arrive. The company buses have been instructed to transport you from Palm Beach Guest House to the job site, and back to the Guest House after work so that you do not spend extra for transportation. This also saves time and avoids lateness to work.

Note: There is no legal document associated with The Company and the State do not accept reservations. Do not send us any document obtained from

7. My English Language power is not very strong, that is less than 60% will this be a problem for communication at the job site?

Definitely not. Construction is a discipline and like every other discipline, it has its own language. What is important is that you perform your assigned tasks appropriately and professionally. Secondly, as an employee the company encourages you to be flexible and use this opportunity to perfect on your language skills in both English and French as Cameroon is a bilingual country. If you have any other worries, do not hesitate to ask. Our dedicated team is available to provide you with clarification and necessary information. We wish you the best while looking forward to welcoming you into our working regime. Do our best to make your arrival quicker.

Overseas Human Resource Officer
Chang Daquan

#384143 by AlanJones Fri Apr 12, 2019 11:26 am
It's a scam.

A legitimate hotel would not be using a free wix website and AOL email address. That is why they don't want you to use as if you did, you would be booking with the real hotel.

Please do not tell scammers that they are listed here - it will take them seconds to change their fake details and their new details will not be listed for any future victims to find.

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