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Stefan Rose M.D. / forensic physician / forensic toxicologist. is one of the USA’s top forensic experts specializing in cases involving
alcohol and drug testing and the pharmacology of alcohol and drugs. His work includes
forensic cases in the civil arena, criminal arena and family law.

How did it happen?
Dr. Rose followed the aspects of science and medicine of most interest to him during college
and medical school and continued that training after medical school in the disciplines of
laboratory medicine, forensic toxicology and psychiatry. These three areas of education and
training, as well as his research in the forensic arena, makes him uniquely qualified to
investigate civil and criminal cases involving alcohol, medications and illicit drugs. His
investigation of each case usually involves the forensic reliability of the laboratory analysis
of any samples tested in the case and the interpretation of the test results to any aspect of a
person’s behavior, or death if it is a medical examiner case.

He’s continuing scholarly professional activities and development are complementary
to his formal education and training and add additional expertise to his repertoire of skills.

Forensic Physician, toxicology and psychiatry
Formally trained in the hospital laboratory and the forensic toxicology laboratory, His
investigation of each case usually involves the forensic reliability of the laboratory analysis
of any samples tested in the case and the interpretation of the test results to any aspect of a
person’s behavior, or death if it is a medical examiner case.

With his training in psychiatry he also performs forensic psychiatric interviews when
necessary in civil and criminal cases. Those interviews may be to determine mental status or
the effects of any medications the person may be taking.

Lecturer And Teacher
Over the past sixteen years Dr Rose has presented over forty formal lectures that cover
many aspects of drugs, alcohol and the effects they have on people. Some key themes that
his lectures have covered include:

  • Alcohol Testing: Errors in Blood Alcohol Testing, Errors in Breath Alcohol Testing
    with the Intoxilyzer 5000 and 8000, Hospital Serum Alcohol Errors
  • Drugs: The Forensic Testing and Pharmacology of Cocaine, Methamphetamine and
  • Psychiatric: Neuropsychiatric Effects of Airbag Deployment and Standardized Field
    Sobriety Tests Neurologic Failure Guaranteed
  • Forensic Evidence: How to Challenge the Scientific Evidence with an Expert,
    Challenging the Scientific Evidence, Pharmacology/Toxicology Principles in the
    Courtroom, Effective Use of Scientific Testimony: Managing Your Expert

Dr Rose’s teaching experience includes being a Course Coordinator / Instructor at the
Chemical Dependency Training Institute, University of Miami School of Continuing Studies.
From 2007 to 2008 he taught Forensic Toxicology at the Florida International University.

Dr Rose performed two graduate research projects on the Intoxilyzer 5000 and 8000 series
of instruments. He has written two book chapters on blood and breath alcohol. Dr Rose also
performed the research used in the Intoxilyzer 5000 Tap Water Motion with attorney Carlos
Canet in Broward County in 2005.
His research has included analysis of urine, blood, blood clots, brain, liver, and placenta for
cocaine, cocaine metabolites, cocaethylene, and ethanol. He is currently involved in the
research of ethanol and its effects on eyewitness memory with Dr. Schreiber and her
research group in the department of Legal Psychology at FIU.

Dr Rose - The Expert: Understanding Human Behavior and
performance – with and without alcohol and drugs

Due to his formal education, training and experience, Dr Rose has been fortunate to work as
an expert in a number of high-profile court cases.
The high profile cases he has worked on include:

  • Rape (State of Florida vs. William Kennedy Smith)
  • Assault and Battery (Commonwealth of Virginia vs. Marv Albert, State of Florida vs
    Jose Canseco)
  • DUI – Property Damage (State of Florida vs. Bobby Brown,)
  • DUI – Manslaughter (State of Florida vs. David Farrall, State of Florida vs. James
  • Trafficking in controlled substances (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA vs $22,474.00 in
    U.S. CURRENCY) This case was groundbreaking as it led to the first Ninth Circuit
    decision to recognize the reliability of an alert by a properly trained narcotics
    detection dog in an asset forfeiture case.

Uniquely Qualified
Dr Rose remains fascinated by the work he does. He is exposed to all aspects of human
behavior in the presence and absence of alcohol, medications, and illicit drugs. His unique
skill set, combined with his extensive knowledge of the complexities of the human body as it
interacts with these substances gives him keen insight into the cases and evidence that he
works with. Each of these cases provides him with another opportunity to research and
learn. Dr. Rose has a unique skill set that is used in every forensic case. That skill set is used
to analyze the forensic reliability and accuracy of the laboratory evidence and ultimately the
behavioral evidence central to the case.

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