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#395750 by calliefrance Thu Aug 29, 2019 9:27 am
These days been a stormy days for me. I just get scammed with money about 1000 US$ being lost. I want to know what do you think I should do next. Well, I've been asked to send money via western union twice and I believe they want me to send money again (latest email said so). But I just reply that I won't. Is it going to be bad/good? Will they try to scare me in this situation? The scammer claim that they are a family from UK who seek expertise to me to become their children's nanny, and they're using a travel agent to help make the process faster. Eventhough a bit different from the usual pattern but the in the end it's the same way. I believe I'm being careless because I never thought scammers exist in a reputable nanny seeker website. Please Help me on this matter.......

#395757 by Arnold Thu Aug 29, 2019 10:18 am
Welcome to Scamwarners. You have been scammed I'm afraid. No genuine employer will ask a prospective employee for money. The scammer is almost certainly not in the. UK, as WU payments can be withdrawn anywhere.
Do not email him again, and report him to the website where you saw the advert. They do try to weed out bogus adverts, but some do slip through.
Can you post the first email, but delete you name and email address please? As I think you may have signed up under your real name, I've asked a moderator to contact you about changing it to something more anonymous.

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