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Hi, everyone......
I talked to him for two months, he said he grew up in an orphanage, his wife died of leukemia for 3 years, and he raised his son alone, now 6 years old
He finally showed the cloven foot, he also said that he would leave the camp, because he very scare and worries his son, ask me to wrote to the general, but I was not deceived, I want everyone to know his means !!!!!!!

Below is my wrote to the general email......

General email:[email protected]

(一) I wrote
To: [email protected]
Subject: Please assist us, he's hurt, please let him go home
Good day sir my name is XXXXX, I am writing on behalf Sergeant Paul Helmer who is currently serving in your camp in Syria , Sir please I am writing on his behalf for you to grant him permission to leave the camp.
He has just told me what has happened there in Syria, sir I fear for my his life I do not want to lose him , I care about him so much, his kid is still very young, sir please grant him permission to leave I am willing to go through the process to save his life no matter what it takes, his life is so much more important .
I hope to hear from you soon sir, I will be very glad if you grant my request, I will be waiting for a reply sir, please please.

Thank you.
These are his details
Name:Paul Helmer
Name of camp:camp grouper
Officer Platoon number:2nd plt co.d 1/161 inf cab, 81st abct
Position :sergeant major

(二) He replied
Good day Madam,
I commend your quick response to my email. it is obvious you are a diligent woman and I am happy to help you on getting Sergeant Paul Helmer out of this camp. I understand your feelings and every woman who loves her man would really want to get him out of a situation like this.Sgt Paul Helmer is one of the most important soldiers we have here but I will let him leave.
Now, you are required to pay an amount of $6,500USD in order to begin the leave process to get Sergeant Paul Helmer out of here. This amount required is for the doctor to file a report that Sgt Paul Helmer is no longer fit to remain in camp . This will be documented and placed inside his file for future purpose. After this has been done, a replacement would be looked for. the money will be sent to one of my NATO operatives.
Reply me so i can provide you with payment details and you have to be fast about it ,i will be waiting your reply,Bye for now .

(三) He replied very urgent
General Daniel Allyn <[email protected]> wrote:
Good day madam,
I haven't gotten any reply from you ,i hope you are serious with the leave camp process for Sgt Paul Helmer?.,i just want to inform you that if you are not serious about it then i will have no option than to send him with the team member to patrol tomorrow morning.,I have to be honest with you this mission is a deadly and safety is not sure but i am willing to help because i feel your pain as a if you know you are ready to continue the process you have to get back to me on time .i hope you understand .Bye for now..

(四) I wrote
Hello Sir! I am writing to let you know that I don’t have any money, I can’t help him.
And I really don’t understand
He fight for your country
Does he have to die go home?
When he was wounded in the war
Why have to pay to leave the camp
It’s makes no sense, and so weird.
Even if he have to pay, why not after he leave pay
Even he leave there, he still is soldier
Why pay first?
Who can guarantee it where are goes?

(五) The last email he replied
Good day madam,
I receive your message and i understand how you feel but you have to understand that he was sent there for a peacekeeping mission and their mission is not yet accomplish so that is why he can't go home now .and the only way for him to leave is to apply for the leave camp process and the money you are to pay is for the necessary document that will allow him leave and the money is not for me the money is for the NATO and the America Army and after the money is paid i will have to find another soldier to replace him there .this might make no sense to you because you are not a military personnel only military personnel can understand this process..I will like to advice you to help him leave with this process for his safety .i hope you understand all i have said .And you have to be fast about the payment so that he can leave the camp as soon as possible.i will be waiting for your reply ,Bye for now .

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