Room for Rent and other rental scams
#397182 by ConcernedCitizen33 Tue Sep 17, 2019 6:08 pm

LITTLE ABOUT ME: My name is Cornelson Stephen James, I was born in France and raise up in California, I'm a 63 year old a

construction engineer, I graduated from the California State University, Fullerton and really love my job. I am very

fully active during the day, I'm an easy going person, very discreet, trustworthy, quiet but very friendly and respectful

of others privacy, I'm clean and tidy and you'll never find my stuffs in common areas.

ABOUT THE APARTMENT: We are looking for someone who can rent a one bedroom apartment, the person must be a responsible,

hard working professional or student with good accountability and integrity . Someone who's kind and enjoys making their

home a comfortable and relaxed oasis to come home to. Things don't always have to look perfect, but general cleanliness

is a must. We hope to find someone who shares our desire to produce a congruent atmosphere wherein the focus is less on

adhering to a rigid set of house rules, but geared more towards kindness, empathy, and common sense..... I lived with my

mother in the apartment, but now she is out of city due to her health(she is suffering from Dementia), she has requested

to live close to her family In Texas for the rest of her life. I have also decided to move out with her and pursue my

dream elsewhere, I can't leave her, she is all i got in my life, i believe she need me most now and more so the big

reason of renting the apartment is to use the money to cover her medical expenses.

LOCATION: The apartment is situated in a peaceful location 2960 Champion Way Tustin, CA 92782
PRICE: $1000 Per Month with all the bills and security deposit is $1000 which is refundable when you are leaving the apartment in good shape.
STATUS: Fully Furnished One Bedroom with living room, dining and Fully equipment in the kitchen.
CONDITION: Minimum stay is 1 month and maximum stay is 4 years (We plan to sell the apartment after 5 years)
MONTH: Starting from any time you arrive to the apartment.
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: To prepare the lease agreement
ADDITIONAL FEES: There is no extra charges
AGREEMENT LEASE: Monthly payment is OK

MANAGED: By me on behalf of my mother, so get back to me if you are really interested to rent the apartment, I will like to know little about you, where you are from and when you will like to move in? Also I'm confidently assuring you that you will be more than satisfied when you move in into the apartment.

Let me hear from you asap if you really have interest in renting the Apartment.


Initial communication was done via text where the scammer asked for my email to send me details of the apartment. Using a google phone number: 6193635492

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